Total Championship Wrestling--Join Today!!!

Total Championship Wrestling--Join Today!!!

Post by Dan Fishe » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

TCW will be starting up soon.  It will be a sim fed using fantasy
wrestlers and TNM 6.2plus; however, to ensure participation, I will
adjust pushes if someone does not send in roleplays.  I will do my part
to make the league exciting; no more simple copy and paste jobs of TNM's
output.  Also, I will be a fed-head willing to work w/ the players.  If
you have suggestions, I will seriously consider them.

        There will be three major titles at the beginning:
1.  TCW World Title-decided by tournament on first card
2.  TCW North American Title-decided by battle royal or royal rumble
(haven't decided yet)
3.  TCW Tag Team Titles-decided by tournament.

        TCW will have 2 cards a week, Tuesday Night Extreme and Saturday
Night Fever.  There will be one PPV a month, the first one's format has
already been decided.  It will be a triangle match tournament!  Never
before done (at least to my knowledge), it will pair the top nine
competitors in a series of triangle matches.  The winners will meet in a
triangle match to determine the winner of Triangles of Terror, who will
get a title shot at the following PPV.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Dan Fisher
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