Austin Talks About WCW Days, Hogan Match, Favorite Match, Goldberg, Nash, Brock

Austin Talks About WCW Days, Hogan Match, Favorite Match, Goldberg, Nash, Brock

Post by Christy Hemme's Forehea » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 04:47:41 reader Ta-Kuan Fuan sent in the following interview summary of
Steve Austin guest-hosting on the McDonald Douglas show last night on ESPN
Among some topics covered and Austin's opinions/responses on different

- He talked about WrestleMania 21 and him being a guest on Piper's Pit. He
looks up to and respects Hot Rod a lot and is actually going to introduce
him at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

- He definitely has a match or two left in him and something wasn't worked
out for this year's Mania, but now it's pushed back and WILL happen at
WrestleMania 22 next year.
He was donating a fridge to the salvation army. He saw a silver van come by
and pick up the fridge, but moments later, the salvation army came knocking.
He got robbed! (There's LA for ya.)

- His favorite people to work with were Ricky Steamboat in WCW and Bret Hart
in WWF. The Rock was also a lot of fun to work with.

- He felt he and Hulk Hogan would've been a clash of styles, but he would've
LOVED to have taken on Andre the Giant.

- His favorite match in his career is the Submission match with Bret at
WrestleMania 13.

- He regrets not being able to have wrestled Goldberg. The timing just never
worked out for them.

- He was drinking Red Bull during the interview and would've brought some
Steveweisers but they were in the refrigerator that got stolen earlier.

- He thinks Barry Bonds should suck it up and stop whining and crying
because he's a 7-time MVP and makes around $20 million/yr.

- He talked about the piledriver from Owen Hart that nearly paralyzed him.
He honestly thought that that was it for him.

- I found it a little surprising that he and Kevin Nash were fairly close
backstage. I never would've guessed.

- He got his break when Hall & Nash went to WCW which opened up some slots
at the top of the card for him.

- He feels that wrestlers should "grab" the ball and run with it. They
should skew a bit away from the scripts and just have fun with it. Him and
Vince just played off each other so well and rarely had their parts written

- He doesn't look down on Brock Lesnar for his abrupt departure from WWE.
Lesnar was pursuing one of his dreams and he wasn't going to slam him for
it. He does understand how the fans felt betrayed by him though.

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