Steppenwulf/Karachel Role-play. Honest Critiques Welcome.

Steppenwulf/Karachel Role-play. Honest Critiques Welcome.

Post by The Unforgiven O » Thu, 12 Aug 1999 04:00:00

This was done with Karachel's handler, Patrick, for the MLW. Any honest
critiques are welcome.

[Deep inside the Temple of the Karachellian Cult. High atop, standing behind a
podium with the emblem of the Karachellian Cult emblazoned on the center,  "The
Voice of Reason" Karachel speaks out to the masses, with Reverend White, and
his two High Priests, Morgan De Sade and Lucifer Hex by his side. The masses
are awe-inspired by Karachel and the way he speaks, their eyes never wavering
from his view. He speaks with an blinding fury, you cannot help but admire him.
Shortly after, he dismisses his congregation. Karachel leaves the altar,
Reverend White, the Altar Boys, and the two high priests follow shortly

[After walking down a long corridor, Karachel approaches his chambers. He looks
to De Sade and Hex, who nod their heads and stay by the door. Reverend White
leaves the sanctum to the Squared Circle Gospel Church, Altar Boys in tow.
Karachel slowly enters and closes the door behind him. However... he is unaware
of what lurks inside. He silently goes to a small desk... before he is

[Hidden Voice] You speak with an admiring tone... He is impressed. However, he
would have thought that you would be harder to reach than what he has gone
through. Steppenwulf has been watching you since first light.

[Karachel looks around, wondering where the voice comes from. Then, in an
almost fluid motion, a very large figure falls from the ground from holding on
to the beams on the ceiling. He goes from his arms in the air, to supporting
his landing on the ground... very cat-like. His back is adorned with tiger
furs, and several animal pelts... and human scalps. He rises, showing his
imposing figure. A man of only six-foot-two, but weighing well over normal...
but his body is well-defined. His eyes look dead-center at Karachel, who only
stands there.]

[Steppenwulf] Allow me to introduce him... HE is Steppenwulf... The Asian
Madness. And like he has said... He has been watching you since he arrived
here, and he is impressed... yet not. Steppenwulf would have expected for you
to be more heavily guarded than this. The two priests behind that door are
exceptional, but could be easily avoided. Steppenwulf's brains could well
outmatch theirs... but it would be close...

[Karachel] I am suitably impressed by your dexterous manner one called
Steppenwulf. It is not often that I am taken aback, or surprised, by anyone
within the confines of my inner sanctum.

[Karachel moves with floating grace to his desk and sits. He scribbles
something on a piece of parchment laying on the desk before him then focuses
the glowing points of blue-steel light upon Steppenwulf, returning his gaze
with equal fervor]

[Karachel] Steppenwulf.... [taps his chin within the confines of his black
robes] Steppenwulf.... yes, I have heard of you. Half-man, half-beast. Very
similar to my lost child, Valtharius. But from what I discern, you have your
brains and wits about you, unlike my bestial child.

[Steppenwulf] A wise assumption... A vast majority of his life have been spent
within the jungles of Asia, hunting and learning the ancient techniques of
warriors and hunters past. Valtharius had the Gladiator Pits of Italy...
Steppenwulf had the entire Asian field, with all due respect to your "lost
child". But, as a hunter, Steppenwulf was forced to keep his wits about, not
only to escape the Claw of his prey... but the hands of those who would call
HIM prey.

[Steppenwulf's hand moves quick, drawing out the shining Khuri Dagger. It's
curved edge softly reflects the dim light within the room. Karachel never

[Steppenwulf] This is Steppenwulf's trophy from one man who would hunt him.
However, he did not approach you to gloat of his apparent abilities, Karachel.
Your name has reached Steppenwulf after he escaped his father.

[Karachel] Escaped?

[Steppenwulf] As he said, there are those who would hunt Steppenwulf. His
father was one. The late High Regent Lord Bernhart Von Steppenwulf ***ped
and attempted to re-socialize him and the girl he protects, Shiang-Li. However,
all the work the High Regent Lord did could not keep the beast away. One look
at his child, the girl he swore to protect... and it awakened. Steppenwulf was
reborn, and none were spared. [softly chuckles] The foolish authorities believe
Steppenwulf dead... but here he is. Which brings me here... seeking your
leadership... your voice of reason to assist Steppenwulf... and the beast

[Karachel] I have much experience with "taming" the inner beast, but as of
late, my own Valtharius felt the madness overcome him. He too has escaped. But
enough of the Mad Italian. [Karachel's eyes dim slightly then become extremely
focused] I would be pleased to assisting you learn the various skills and
techniques I alone can teach. I can help you curb your weaknesses and increases
your strengths. You know I can be a very harsh master.... my techniques are,
how shall I say.... Unique!

[Karachel slowly reveals a skin-like parchment from his robes and a small kryss
dagger and places them on the table]

[Karachel] Standard contract. Standard expectations from both parties involved.
You require my services and I requires yours... however... there is a special
provision in the contract. Should you turn against, or harm, me or any member
of my cult you will forfeit any and all rights to your contract to the MLW. In
other words, I will own you. I will not go through what I did with the Unknown
Soldier. [Karachel leans back and clasps his hands together] He turned to be
none other than Major Victory. But if you happened to witness the Mudslide
Mayhem at On The Road this last Friday, you may have seen Valtharius chewing
the appendages off of Major Victory until that no good, goody-two shoes, Doc
Toxic stuck his nose into matters. [Karachel sits forward his eyes ablaze. The
outline of horribly burnt skin can be seen from the gun metal blue glow] Pah!
Enough of this senseless banter... Will you sign the contract in ***?

[Steppenwulf looks at Karachel, then down at the kryss dagger. Steppenwulf
smiles almost cruely, and holds his Khuri Dagger to his pointer finger... but
looks down at the contract.]

[Steppenwulf] Contract or no, Karachel... Steppenwulf will not tolerate
anything happening to Shiang-Li. If anything happens to the child... there will
be retribution to pay...

[Karachel] And retribution you shall have... and I promise you, no member of
this cult shall harm your child. Not only will YOU have retribution, but ALL
shall have it.

[Steppenwulf quickly slashes his finger, grabs the contract, and writes
"Steppenwulf" upon the parchment. He places the contract in front of Karachel,
who smiles.]

[Steppenwulf] It is done then... Master Karachel. He is your loyal pupil... And
forever more, shall you and your cult have a new reason to be feared. For at
your disposal is the Asian Madness... The Beastial Hunter... Steppenwulf.
[chuckles] Let the world tremble before our combined might... and let those who
would dare oppose us... DIE!

[Fade out.]

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Steppenwulf/Karachel Role-play. Honest Critiques Welcome.

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Well, I'm not really a person to critique things, So I won't. I'll just give a
little comment.

Solid roleplay, Good work by both handlers. I remember Steppenwulf from awhile
back and the part where his father tried to make hik change his ways, Actually
happened. So I thought that was good. I think we will see BIG things from these
two and I wish them the best.

Just my two cents though, Think what you want.

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Steppenwulf/Karachel Role-play. Honest Critiques Welcome.

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I remember Steppenwolf....singing....


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