WWE.com 10.20.03 Regal getting better every day

WWE.com 10.20.03 Regal getting better every day

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Regal getting better every day

by Phil Speer
Oct. 20, 2003  

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. Oct 20, 2003 Although he didn't appear on the
show, William Regal attended RAW tonight, his first time seeing the
RAW Superstars in several months.

"I just thought I'd come to admire the scenery," Regal said with his
trademark English wit, referring to the city of Wilkes-Barre. "It
ranks up there with Vegas, London and Paris. It's not quite on the
level of Hamburg, but it's not far off."

Throughout the day, Superstars greeted Regal and told him how "trim
and fit" he was looking. Regal confirmed that he was feeling great and
is currently tipping the scales at a svelte 228 pounds, his lightest
since he was 20. Last time WWE fans saw him, he was at 248.

"I just feel better," Regal said.

It's been a long, difficult plight for Regal over the last few months.

His last match was at February's No Way Out in Montreal. He was
feeling ill going into that match and continued to get worse in
subsequent days, putting on 40 pounds when fluid built up in his

It took three weeks to determine that the right side of his heart
the side the pumps *** throughout the body -- was not functioning,
causing a buildup. Doctors literally stopped his heart with an
electric shock and restarted it to get it working again.

Although his heart is still not 100 percent, he says it's getting
better every day. Doctors have allowed him to work out, even in a
wrestling ring, although he's still not allowed to wrestle

"Everything works," he said. "It's just taking time to get it right."

When he'll be cleared to wrestle is a mystery; it might never happen,
but Regal is optimistic. In the meantime, the former WWE Commissioner
hopes that he may be able to return to television in a non-wrestling
capacity, or at least a role requiring limited physicality, such as a

He's currently taking medication to strengthen his heart, but the
number of pills he's taking every day has dropped dramatically. He's
no longer on *** thinners, which were preventing him from any
in-ring contact at all.

Today he got into the ring to work out with some of his fellow
Superstars. In the near future, he's hoping to report to Ohio Valley
Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory, so he can begin to get back
into ring shape, just in case he has the opportunity to get back in
the squared circle.