New league looking for experienced roleplayers

New league looking for experienced roleplayers

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ICW 2000
International Championship Wrestling 2000

Welcome to ICW 2000 ! We are a new league that hopes to establish itself as one
of the leaders in
e-wrestling on RSPWF. We will blend hard work and decication to present the
best possible product to our members and our fans! We will keep things simple
because we believe that by having less rules to follow, it will enable you to
have the most fun you have ever had in e-wrestling! Sound interesting? If so
then please read on to find out more about our league and how it will work.

Type of League
ICW 2000 is a booked league meaning we use the Human Judgement System(HJS). If
you give a better effort than your opponent in your roleplays/interviews then
you will do better. This does not mean that you will win 100% of the time but
you will win a majority of the time. The only reason you would lose if you
outroleplay your opponent is to help further an angle. This will also be a
league for original wrestlers only as this is a fantasy wrestling league, so
you will see no Stone Cold's or Ric Flairs.

Every wrestler or tag team is "guaranteed" at least one match a week! We
promise this because we think for you to have the maximum amount of fun then
you need to be active and you need to get matches. After all, it gets hard to
roleplay at times or stay interested if you never get a match or only get one
every two or three weeks right?

Roster Size
ICW 2000 is going to be a small league based on an ECW sized roster. The reason
for that is  because by keeping the roster smaller we can devote our time to
every wrestler on the roster. We want to give everyone equal coverage/ or push,
and make all our e-wrestlers superstars! Our roster will consist of 16 total
wrestlers and they will be as follows.
4 Babyfaces/Good Guys
4 Heels/Bad Guys
4 Tweeners
1 Major Face/Good Guy Tag Team (2 wrestlers)
1 Major Heel/Bad Guy Tag Team (2 wrestlers)
Now when you join ICW 2000 you will start off as what we call a "tweener". A
"tweener" means that you are neither a face or a heel. Why do we start you off
as a tweener? Well, when you first join no one will know who your wrestler is
or what his personality is like, so you have to establish that. To establish
your personality you will have to work extra so you can move out of the tweener
category, and move up to the next level which is either a face or a heel. After
you have established your wrestlers character and moved up to the face or heel
level then your next goal is to become a "featured wrestler". The top 2 faces
and the top 2 heels will be our "featured wrestlers". To explain what a
"featured wrestler" is it's very simple. A "featured wrestler" is both of the
leagues singles champions or the two #1 contenders to both singles belts. Both
of our major tag teams will also be considered "featured wrestlers". Also we
will not just have two tag teams, we will also work on establishing at least
two regular tag teams consisting of two singles wrestlers and occasionally pair
up others.

ICW 2000 is going to be very different in it's roleplaying. Every wrestler is
required to do only one roleplay a week for our "Ravings from Rasslers" show.
"Raving from Rasslers" is a roleplay/interview only show that goes out once a
week on Friday afternoons. The one roleplay/interview that you do for "Raving
from Rasslers" will determine if you win or lose your match for that particular
week. Roleplays/interviews for this show will be due by Thursday night at 7pm
EST. Now I know all of you reading this are thinking one of two things, first
thing you could be thinking is that one roleplay a week isn't enough and the
others are thinking that one roleplay is good because it allows them to have a
life outside of e-wrestling. Well, let me explain why this is good for both
types of people. For those who think one roleplay a week isn't enough thereis a
way to roleplay more than that, the trick is to earn that right by becoming a
"featured wrestler". Featured wrestlers will have an opportunity to do an
additional roleplay/interview that will be included in the card. We put the
extra roleplay/interview in the card to help give your wrestler more exposure
to the fans and as a reward to help further your angles and storylines. Now for
those people who have lives outside of
e-wrestling this is good because you only have to do one roleplay/interview a
week, two maximum.

There will be the "Ravings from Rasslers" card which is for
roleplays/interviews only and will go out on Friday afternoons. There will also
be a card on Sundays called "ICW Conflict" that will contain matches written
with full commentary for every wrestler.

There will be three titles in ICW 2000.
"International Champion" -- Primary Singles Title
"Television Championship" -- Secondary Singles Title
"International Tag Titles" -- Primary Tag Team Titles


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