Comic Con 2nd

Comic Con 2nd

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The second day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today. The
action kicked off with Warner Bros. Pictures showing several titles
and had several stars in attendance. Along with trailers for "Trick 'R
Treat" and "The Invasion" (with a pre-recorded intro by Kidman) were:

(March 6th 2009)
Along with a con-exclusive poster, viewable here, Director Zack Snyder
turned up and confirmed already locked aspects about the film's 1985
period setting and R-rating. The film is relying on mostly practical
effects, except for the Mars and Antarctica scenes which will
pre***ly be CG. He confirmed all the casting talk so far, adding
that Steven McCaddy ("A History of ***") plays Hollis. Crudup as
Dr. Manhattan will be a fully 3D CG version utilising motion capture,
whilst The Comedian character will be seen at various ages - from 19
through til his sixties - all played by Morgan but aged/de-aged
through technology. Snyder wants to include the pirate story, and
they're working on how to fit it in now. They're using the original
artwork as the base for the film's action/visuals, but even though the
sets are stylised it WON'T be like "300" or "Sin City", rather more
like "Seven" with a real world setting. Asked about Moore keeping his
name on the film, Snyder says Moore said a long time ago he wanted his
name not attached but his "deepest hope" is that Moore will watch the
film one day and say "they didn't f**k it up that bad".

Get Smart
(June 20th 2008)
Director Peter Segal and actors Nate Torrance, Masi Oka, Ken Davitian,
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and Steve Carell all turned up to promote
the comedy and kicked it off with an extended five minute trailer.
Amongst the footage we see Alan Arkin attacking the US Consulate
General, Terrence Stamp as a baddie who has sold "nuclear weapons to
twenty unfriendly and unstable dictators", Agent 99 bashing up an
elevator full of henchmen, and Smart flying a jet and vomiting into
the gas mask. Segal says it keeps in the Mel Brooks original spirit,
rather than reinventing or spoofing it, but updates the Cold War
setting for a more modern political environment. Carell says that his
casting was surreal and admits he doesn't think he can be as good as
Adams, only as good as he can for this more modern take which he
describes as a "comedic Bourne Identity" - these people live in a real
world, so it's not deliberately campy. Rock confirms that his new
chracter of 23 works as Smart's mentor. Heime the Robot is in the
film, as is Agent 13 which will be a celebrity cameo.

The first trailer for the film aired, showing off lots of beauty shots
of the Antarctic landscape, frost bitten ***y fingers, people
pulling their way across the ice via rope, falling over in the howling
snow winds and a surprisingly***corpse. Producer Joel Silver,
Director Dominic Sena, author Greg Rucka and actress Kate Beckinsale.
Rucka seems very happy with the film, saying that it includes some
stuff that he wanted to do but wouldn't have worked in a comic, and
cuts out some of the quieter filler. Filming, which took place in
Montreal and Salvation in Upper Manitoba, just wrapped and the footage
is currently being assembled. The character of Lily is not in the
film, her parts have been incorporated into a male character called
Price in order to increase the element of her being one of the few
women on the continent. Beckinsale cracked jokes throughout, an
especially good one about people not groaning everytime she bent down
like they did on "Underworld". Rucka says several drafts of a "Queen &
Country" screenplay have been done, but still no word on a production

One Missed Call
(January 2008)
Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon turned up to promote the horror
remake of Takahashi Miike thriller. An assembly of rough footage
showed off lots of melting faces, a statue of Jesus coming alive, lots
of phones being slammed, etc. Sossasmon confirmed that she and Burns
haven't seen the original yet at the director's request. Burns plays a
cop whose sister is the first victim which leads him to team with
Sossamon (whose friend is the second victim). Burns confirms that
there was talk of a "Confidence" sequel and story beats were worked
out, but the box-office failure sunk that chance.