Comic Con

Comic Con

Post by Mike » Sat, 28 Jul 2007 10:18:07

The first day of Comic Con got underway in San Diego today. First studio on
the block was Paramount with several titles and big stars in attendance.
Let's break it down by film:

Indiana Jones IV
(May 22nd 2008)
A silhouette poster image of Indy and the theme heralded an apparent
satellite link to Steven Spielberg live on the Los Angeles set with the
film's title conveniently lost in transmission. Spielberg says he's
promising this film is entirely for the fans. Ford is sitting next to him in
costume, saying it's great to be back in the "dirty, sweaty clothes". Ray
Winstone sits next to him in big boots, safari souit and a moustache. Shia
LaBeouf appeared in leather jacket, jeans and with beard - obviously floored
by the other three there. Spielberg brought out a chair with 'Marion
Ravenwood' on the back and a surprisingly youthful looking Karen Allen
appeared in costume saying it's great to be back.

Star Trek
(December 25th 2008)
Appearing on stage were several producers, notably Damon Lindeloff and J.J.
Abrams, and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzmann. Abrams, who admits he
was more of a "Star Wars" than Trek fan as a kid, confirmed that production
begins in November and because he was so enamored with the script it is why
he decided to direct. They're still trying to figure out a way of suitably
fitting William Shatner in the movie in a way that's respectful. They're
also still trying to figure out who'll play Kirk, but they confirm that
Zachary Quinto will play Spock. Quinto appeared and said he plans to bring
his own spin on it, but is respectful of Nimoy who approves of the casting
and appeared in person to confirm that he'll put on the ears one more time.
Why do it? "It was logical" plus he heavily praised the filmmakers and the
script in particular.

Iron Man
(Date 2008)
Jon Favreau turned up briefly to promote Saturday's panel, but e***d the
crowd with a screening of the clip. Downey Jr. cracks jokes throughout,
hitting on a Vanity Fair reporter, telling a soldier not to put a photo up
on his MySpace page, and likening the weapons systems he developed to
American imperialism. After a bomb takes out the Humvee patrol he's with,
Downey wakes up in some rundown facility where a doctor reveals that the
metal pod attached to his chest is an electromagnet keeping the shrapnel in
his body from entering his heart. We see the Mark 1 armor fighting a bunch
of armed soldiers in a mine - one guy shoots at it and the bullet ricochets
back, killing him. We glimpse the Mark 3 armor in action and shots of the
actors like Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges. The money
shot is Iron Man rocketing through the clouds, pursued by two fighter jets
and later breaking the sound barrier.

Drillbit Taylor
Judd Apatow introduced the world premiere for the trailer to the Owen Wilson
comedy about a bum hired as a bodyguard for three school nerds. Apatow
cracked jokes about pandering to a Comic Con audience - citing elves and
robots being in the film, the budget being $280 million and Michael Bay
doing second unit.

(November 16th 2007)
Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary appeared to show off the trailer and do a Q&A.
The pair penned the script over several weeks of cheap beer in Mexico in May
1997. They came close to getting it made at least twice before Zemeckis
became involved - production began late 2005 with shooting taking place in
November 2005. The casting of Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Angelina
Jolie and Crispin Glover happened very simply - all the first offers that
went out were said yes too right away.

(August 10th)
An extended clip from the Neil Gaiman fantasy was aired showing off Michelle
Pfieffer trying to obtain the heart of a fallen star (Claire Danes) by
magically creating an inn and getting her to relax before cutting it out
with a crystal dagger - of course, action ensues. Some changes were made
from the book apparently, notably the establishing of the hero character
earlier on in the action. Gaiman says "about 80%" has been conveyed, and the
changes are more for the film format than anything else. DeNiro's part was
slightly expanded both before and after his casting in the role.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
(December 21st 2007)
A Con only poster of Johnny Depp as Todd was revealed. In black and white,
Depp in costume sits in a large arm chair in a rundown house looking
sinister. The one bit of color on the poster is the armchair which is a
bright *** red.

(January 18th 2008)
After the trailer screened, J.J. Abrams quickly popped up to give a rushed
brief about the film. Abrams says the aim is to do a very intense, genuine
"American monster movie" - to give the US a big building destroying monster
in the way the Japanese have Godzilla. Shooting is almost complete, and in
the next six months we'll see a full trailer, more posters and more footage
released. The real title has yet to be revealed though - "Monstrous" is NOT
the real title despite Net reports, neither is the "1-18-08" date. A large
version of the poster was briefly on display behind the podium.

The Spiderwick Chronicles
(February 15th 2008)
The filmmakers showed up and explained that the aim is to do for faeiries
and goblins what "Jurassic Park" did for dinosaurs. They displayed various
artwork of the creatures on the fantasy flick, the FX transitions, and
models for the actors to work with.