WWE in Luxembourg: Undertaker & Batista & Rey vs. MVP & Khali & Finlay

WWE in Luxembourg: Undertaker & Batista & Rey vs. MVP & Khali & Finlay

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WWE Smackdown/ECW house show
October 12, 2007
Luxembourg city, Luxembourg at Arena D'Coque
Report by David Lowie, PWTorch correspondent

This was the first time ever the WWE visited the country of
Luxembourg. Since I live in Belgium and I already had tickets for the
October 13 show in Belgium, I wasn't planning on attending this show.
But a week before the event, there were still tickets available so me
and a friend of mine decided to go check it out.

The show opened when 'Welcome to the jungle' started playing, and the
Fink came to the ring. This was a nice surprise, since he doesn't
appear all that often on TV anymore. He welcomed us all and then
introduced the ECW general manager Armando Estrada. First he dissed
the French and German-speaking people of Luxembourg and added he only
speaks English. Then he went over the most important matches for the
evening and he concluded by saying 'Let the games begin!'.

(1) Jesse & Festus beat Deuce & Domino after Festus hit an F5-like
move. Before the match began, Festus went over the railing and
wandered into the crowd. Jesse had to come get him so the match could
begin. During the match, Jesse got isolated, but shortly after Festus
got the hot tag, he was able to win the match. After the match Jesse
and Festus celebrated in the ring with a fan they invited in the ring.

(2) Chuck Palumbo pinned Dave Taylor after a big boot. Taylor took the
mike before the match and yelled to the fans that they should shut up,
which, of course, made them jeer even louder. I thought Chuck would
win with his Full Throttle, but he bagged the win with a basic big

(3) John Morrison pinned (Johnny) Jeter after he hit his corkscrew
neckbreaker. Since it had been a long time since Jeter had been on TV,
it was quite surprising to see him. I don't think he was using the
first name 'Johnny' (which he used in his Spirit Squad days), but I
couldn't exactly hear the first name the Fink said. Jeter got in some
nice offence, but in the end it was Morrison who got the duke. Jeter
remained knocked out in the ring, and when he got up, he got a nice
round of applause for his good match.

(4) Michelle McCool & Marysse beat Katarina (Waters) & Victoria.
Another surprise was seeing Katarina Waters (who was announced without
her last name) for the first time, and also seeing Marysse wrestle
(who did a pretty decent job). In the end Michelle McCool got the duke
for her team after she hit her signature kick.

(5) Kane pinned Kevin Thorn after a chokeslam. The Fink announced this
match as 'a special interbrand matchup'. Kane got the first huge pop
of the evening when he came to the ring.


(6) Rey Mysterio pinned Chris Masters after a frogsplash. When Rey
went to the ring, someone had a sign 'Rey is gay', which security
quickly took away. In the end Rey hit the 619, then went to the top
rope and hit the frogsplash.

C.M. Punk [artist Jess Hickman (c) PWTorch]
(7) C.M. Punk beat Matt Striker and Big Daddy V in a handicap match.
Striker and Big Daddy V worked on Punk's 'injured' ribs during most of
the match. In the end, Punk was able to kick Big Daddy V from the ring
apron, and then he hit Striker with the GTS for the win.

(8) Undertaker & Batista & Matt Hardy beat M.V.P. & Finlay & Great
Khali. It was surprising to see that Hornswoggle came to the ring with
Finlay. Action packed match which was won by the faces after
Undertaker pinned Finlay with the Tombstone. After the match, the
faces celebrated. Batista was doing the V1-handsign together with
Hardy, which was pretty funny to see. After Undertaker and Hardy left,
Batista remained in the ring celebrating with the crowd.