SeWF: NEW e-Wrestling Federation

SeWF: NEW e-Wrestling Federation

Post by Renee Griffit » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

                  SSSSSS            WWW WWW  FFFFFFFF                
                 S      S            W   W    F     F
                 S                   W   W    F
                 S          eeeee    W   W    F   F
                  SSSSSS   e     e   W W W    FFFFF
                        S  eeeeeee   W W W    F   F
                        S  e         W W W    F
                 S      S  e     e    W W     F
                  SSSSSS    eeeee     W W    FFFF

                  Superstar e-Wrestling Federation

    Welcome to the newest e-Wrestling Federation on the Web !!!

Here's how things will go:
                          * It's ***FREE***.
                          * The first two weeks(Sept. 27- Oct. 11)
                            will be reserved for wrestler registration
                            ONLY(new wrestlers will still be accepted
                          * A tournament will decide who holds the
                            belt in each division(1st 8 or 16
                            wrestlers of each div. will participate)
                          * Starting October 12 there will be daily
                            cards(around 5 matches).
                          * Every 2 months there will be super cards.
                          * The SeWF will have 4 divisions :
                            - HeavyWeight/Light-HeavyWeight;  
                            - Womens;
                            - Tag-Teams;
                            - Juniors(under 18).
                            Each division will have a belt plus there
                            will be a World title open to all ***
                            wrestlers(see DIVISIONS).
                          * There will be no maximum of wrestlers.    
                          * The SeWF will have daily updates, match
                            results and rankings.



        * Each person is allowed a maximum of 3 slots; a single
          wrestler or a Tag-Team equals one slot.(see CREATING a
        * ALL single wrestlers may team up to form a Tag-Team; if the
          wrestlers are not controlled by the same persons, they must
          contact the President(my address is at the end).
        * A wrestler may sneak-attack another wrestler(see
        * A wrestler may request ANY type of matches but both wrestlers
          must agree to the terms(see MATCH REQUESTS).
        * Feuds are usualy between Face/Heel wrestlers; if you wish
          to start a feud with another wrestler, e-mail me.  Feuds make
          things more interesting(see FEUDS).
        * ONLY top 5 contenders for the belt may chalenge the Champ.
        * Champs must defend their title once a month or else he is
          stripped of the belt.
        * Injuries may happen.
        * Rankings are based on points generated by a program.
        * Wrestlers may form organizations; minimum of 4; wrestlers
          may join afterwards(see ORGANIZATIONS).


        HeavyWeight/Light-HeavyWeight: All *** male wrestlers
        Womens: All *** women
        Tag-Team: 2 wrestlers: teams may be mixed and contain ***s
                               as well as juniors.
        Juniors: 13-18; when wrestler turns 19 and has the title will
                        be stripped of it.  Juniors gain points for
                        winning matches which they can add to
                        attributes.(1 point per win)

                       CREATING a WRESTLER

Submit your wrestlers page in the folowing format:

NAME: Wrestlers name; no real wrestler names, only real nick-names.
PLAYER: Your name

FROM: Wrestlers hometown
Ht/Wt: realistic: Male ***:Ht: 5'10"-7'3"  Wt: 200 lbs.- 600 lbs.
                  Women ***:Ht: 5'5"- 6'2" Wt: 120 lbs.- 250 lbs.
                  Juniors: Ht: 5'5"-6'6"  Wt: 130 lbs.- 280 lbs.
AGE:13- 45
DIVISION: division in which he will participate

ATTRIBUTES: Divide points between 6 attributes
           M *** : 35 points
           F *** : 25  "
           Juniors : 15  "

           POWER:        AGILITY:          SPEED:
           STAMINA:      INTELLIGENCE:     SAVVY:

MOVES:Choose 10, double team moves are allowed but both wrestlers must
      have the move.
FINISHING: name; describe it
MANAGER: ??? decribe him if you want one; does he know how to wrestle?
         Take out 2 points from ATTRIBUTES if you want one.
DESCRIPTION: Face, heel or neutral? Faults, qualities, what does he
             wear, what's his music, personnality.
PROMO: Make your wrestler talk a bit.


Submit sneak-attack request in the following format:

ATTACKER: Your Wrestler
VICTIM: Attack who?

                         MATCH REQUESTS

submit in following format:

CHALLENGER: Your wrestler


WRESTLER: your wresler
HOW: how will it start


NAME: name of organization
WRESTLERS: wrestlers in organisation
MANAGER: manager of organization
PLAYER: your name


        If you wish to join or have comments or questions e-mail



SeWF: NEW e-Wrestling Federation

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