NWA TNA 11.24.03 Bill Banks column

NWA TNA 11.24.03 Bill Banks column

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11.24.03 | The Bank Shot with Bill Banks

Busy, busy and busy the three words that best describe everyone at
the TNA offices as we head towards the end of the year. All of us
Jeff Jarrett, Bob Ryder, Jeremy Borash, Tim Welch, Chris Bleschmidt
and myself are on full throttle as the days wind down to what is
typically the busiest time in wrestling, with a much-needed
mini-vacation at the end of the year for some of us.

As I type this, I'm back home in Connecticut for an early
Thanksgiving, joining my family for two days for some turkey and
mashed potatoes. Tomorrow morning at 6AM, I board a Delta flight in
Hartford to fly back to Nashville, where I will immediately drive from
the airport to the editing studio to spend the day working on next
weekend's Xplosion. From there, we'll all be gearing up for
Wednesday's pre-Thanksgiving Pay-Per-View.


Last week's bout between AJ Styles and Abyss was, for me, one of the
most enjoyable main events I have witnessed firsthand since joining
TNA. It seems that whatever match Styles is involved in, he
deliversBIG TIME. The same can be said for the monster Abyss, who is
one of TNA's top workhorses and never lets down. I was able to feature
a number of highlights from their match on Xplosion, but those few
snippets didn't do their match justice, as they went all-out.

After several months of bringing in new faces, it appears TNA is now
putting the players in place that will lead us into the new year AJ
Styles and Abyss being two of them. In addition, I believe superstars
such as Simon and ***, Chris Sabin, Kevin Northcutt and Sonjay
Dutt are ready to shine and become main players in TNA.

These superstars, along with others in our locker room, are just some
of the young and hungry talent that are ready to take control of the
future of this business.


There's not too many "firsts" left in the wrestling business. The
Ultimate X match was one of them, and this Wednesday TNA is proud to
feature another the first-ever "Fan's Revenge Match" with Jeff
Jarrett vs. Dusty Rhodes.

The concept is interesting to say the least, as ten fans from the
Asylum audience will be selected prior to the match to serve as
lumberjacks for the bout. If and when Jarrett goes to the outside, the
fans will have the opportunity to whip the NWA Champion with leather
straps. Never before in this sport (or any other sport for that
matter) have the fans been able to interact with the athletes on this

Think about it has the NFL ever allowed fans on their field during
the game to join the defense in sacking the quarterback? Does the NBA
allow fans to come off the bench to block a dunk from Shaq? When's the
last time the guy sitting behind home plate was invited down to catch
for Randy Johnson?

Some in the wrestling business may question TNA's decision to allow
fans to get this close to the action, but to me that's part of the
intrigue that makes TNA exciting.


One of the things I try to do in this column is give fans a look at
some of the lighter moments in TNA, in particular the locker room.

One of the more popular aspects for the superstars each week when they
arrive at the Asylum is what is known as the "Franchise Coffee Club."

Many of the wrestlers, as well as myself and several of the office
workers, rely on our daily dose of coffee to make it through the day.
I've always been a Dunkin' Donuts guy, but due to their lack of
locations in the south, I'm forced to make due with Starbucks.

One of the main consumers of coffee in the TNA locker room is the
Franchise Shane Douglas, who now makes the weekly trip to the local
Starbucks along with Don Callis to provide the TNA locker room
with their fill of java. What started out as Shane and Don including
an "elite few" in the Franchise Coffee Club has now grown out of
control, as several TNA stars are now begging to be included. In
recent weeks I've had Kevin Northcutt, CM Punk and Chris Harris all
ask to be a part of the coffee club, along with several others. In
each and every case, I defer them to Don Callis, who has become the
Managing Director
of the Franchise Coffee Club.

If it continues to grow, I have a feeling Shane and Don may need a van
to get the coffee back to the arena!


If you've been keeping up with the news here on NWATNA.com, you know
that the new Video on Demand option for our fans is right around the

Here's the deal in the next few weeks, NWATNA.com will be launching
a new area comprised of all of the Pay-Per-Views since the inception
of the company. For a minimal fee, you will be able to watch the TNA
Pay-Per-Views ANYTIME and ANYWHERE from the comfort of your PC screen.

Without a doubt, many in TNA are e***d about this new addition to
our website, as fans anywhere in the world will be able to watch our
Pay-Per-Views with the click of a button (as long as they have a
high-speed connection). This is huge news for our entire international
fan community, who email us en mass each week wondering when they will
have the opportunity to watch TNA.

With this new feature, TNA will in effect be worldwide. We'll be
sharing more news about this exciting venture in the next week or so,
but the buzz surrounding it is already at a fever pitch.

That's it for this week make sure to check out TNA this Wednesday
night live on Pay-Per-View!

Bill Banks