Best of EIW Wed Night [Long, but look)

Best of EIW Wed Night [Long, but look)

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Interested in joining EIW? Is your application being considered?
Well here is the type of matches EIW has. It's long, but worht it.
The long awaited return is here. In less then 24 hours, EIW Wednesday Night
returns to air! To pay tribute, here are 11 of the best Wednesday Night
matches. EIW Wednesday Night debuted in April with a controversial surprise
card. Featured on this was a surprise elimination amtch. LEts take a look.
Ladies and gentlemen, this bout is a survival elimination bout! Introducing
first. (The theme from 2001 a Space Odysey begins.) Accompanied by J.J.
Dillon, The Four Hor***! "Nature Boy" Ric Flair! Mr. Perfect! The Extreme
Tag Team Champions Enforcement and Execution, the team of Arn Anderson and
Extreme Champion, Executioner!
And their opponents. Accompanied down the isle by Keith Hart. Hart Attack!

Heenan: Wait a sec, Hart Attack only has three members? IS Keith Hart gonna
get in there and wrestle?
McMahon: Who Knows? Anything can happen in EIW!!!

Announcer: White Lightning! and his parnters, Payne & Havok, Destruction Inc!
(Payne grabs the mike)

Payne: Now I know what all of you are saying. Theres only three members of
Hart Attack. Your wrong. Introducing our newest member.....Jake "The Snake"

Jake enters and a brawl begins. Flair goes after Roberts, Perfect targets
Lightning and Destruction Inc & E&E go at it. Hart Attack clears the ring
and the crowd goes nuts. After the hor*** stall a bit, the match finally
gets underway with Lightning and Perfect. Lockup and Perfect with an
armdrag. Lightning up and another lockup, this time Mr. P snapmares
Lightning. Lightning gets up and Perfect attempts a hiptoss, Lightning
blocks it, kicks P, bounces off of Perfects head, flips and hiptosses
Henning. Henning right up and into an armdrag, bodyslam and dropkick. A
cross body garners Lightning a two count. A whip to the ropes sets Henning
up for a backdrop, but Perfect blocks it and snares Lightning in the
Perfect-Plex for the count of three. Payne wastes no time in going after
Perfect with punches and chops. Perfect reponds with a dropkick, rolling
snapmare and a few chops in the corner. He tags Anderson, who slams Payne
and Piledrives him. A tag back in for Perfect, who again goes for the
Perfect-plex. Payne blocks the move and small packages Perfect to eliminate
him. Flair comes in and is backdropped. Anderson and Executioner are treated
to the same when they try ot interfere. A brawl breaks out and the remaining
members of Hart Attack pound away on the remaning hor*** in the corners.
They signal and send all three Hor*** crashing together. Jake DDT's
Anderson and Payne Payne-cradles him for a victory. Tag to Jake who goes at
it with Flair. Flair chops Jake in the corner, winds up Jakes arm and is
pulled into a clothsline. Jake hits the ropes..and gets a knee from
Executioner right in the back. Tag to Executioner who works over Jake with
forearms and uppercuts. He drags Jake's leg outside and introduces it to the
ringpost. Tag to Flair who puts Roberts knee on the rope and drops on it. He
atomic drops the knee and then winds up Jake for the figure-four, which Jake
has no choice but to submit too. Havok moonsualts from the top onto Flair,
knocking the wind out of him long enough to garner a three count. It is now
Executioner alone against two guys who want revenge for there count-out
loss. Things don't look good. Havok charges at Executioner and works him
over. A tag to Payne, who suplexes and slams Executioner. Another slam sets
up a moonsault by Havok, but Executioner moves and scores with a swinging
neckbreaker. Not wasting a second Executioner applies the "Death Penalty"
and pins Havok, making it one-on-one.

Heenan: Now Executioner has it. Payne is more used to tag team wrestling
while Executioners Extreme champ.
Schiavone: Never say never Brain

Payne and Executioner duke it out, with Executioner getting the better of
Payne. A slam and another neckbreaker, followed by a kneedrop and a count of
two. Executioner attempts a suplex, but Payne reverses it, and sends
Executioner over the top rope. Payne follows and whips Executioner into the
post before rolling him back in. The Ref misses a Payne-Cradle cause J.J.
Dillon is distracting the ref. Anderson comes down and DDT's Payne, draping
Executioner over him. Keith Hart gets clotheslined for his attemt to stop
this. The ref turns and counts 1-2- and Payne gets his foot on the rope.

Heenan: No! No!

Executioner stands and attempts a figure-four. Payne kicks Executioner into
the corner, and rolls him up for a victory.

Heenan: What!
Schiavone: He did it! He Did it!
McMahon: Payne has done the impossible!

The rest of the hor*** come down and attack Payne while his arm is being
raised. Hart Attack also comes down and clears the ring, before raising
Payne up  on their shoulders for a victory celebration.
That show also had a Bret HArt get a non-title win over EIW World Champion
SHawn Micheals. They had a rematch the next week, and it was a classic! Lets
take a look!
Announcer: It is now time for our main event! (enter Bret, enter Shawn)

This match lasted longer then the previouse encounter. Shawn with a
dropkick, hiptoss, and an Armdrag. Bret gets up and sends Shawn into the
rope. Drop-down, leapfrog, dropkick, hiptoss, armdrag. Bret maintains
control with a hammerlock. Shawn with a snapmare but Bret holds on to the
arm. Shawn runs towards the ropes and ducks at the last second, sending Bret
throat first into the strands. Bret goes down and Shawn covers for a two
count. Bret reverses a whip. Sunset flip by Shawn, but Bret drops to his
knees for a two-count. Shawn hooks his legs under Brets shoulders and brings
him down for a two count. Bret rolls out of it and holding onto the legs,
goes for the sharpshooter. Shawn grabs the foot and pushes Bret down to the
mat. Shawn with a kip-up and flips over Bret for a two count. Bret bridges
out of it and backslides Shawn for a two count. Shawn up and Bret scoops him
up for a backbreaker but Shawn uses the momentum to flip over Bret, goes
behind and roll him up for yet another two count. Bret reverses for a 2.
Shawn kicks out and Bret hits the strands. Shawn witrh a dropdown. Bret
catches Shawn in a Leapfrog attempt for a reverse atomic drop, followed up
by a Hart Attack type running clothsline. 2 count. Bulldog. 2 count. Bret
with a whip ot the buckles. Shawn boundes up to the top and hits a moonsault
and SURPRISE a 2 count. Shawn with a cross-body and a count of...1. Bret
reverses and nearly gets a three. Shawn attempts a superkick, Bret catches
the foot, trips up Shawn and goes for the Sharpshooter. Shawn gets to the
ropes. Bret with a head***and a backbreaker. Elbow off the second buckle
for the two count. Bret sens Shawn to the buckles and charges. Shawn moves
and rolls up Bret for a two-count. Flying headscissors and a forearm sends
Bret through the ropes onto the floor. Shawn goes up to the top turnbuckle
and cross-bodies Bret onto the floor. Bret is rolled in and hit with the
elbowdrop from the top. 2 count. Shawn attempts a splash from the top rope
but Bret moves. Side-Russian Legsweep. Bret attempts a suplex but Shawn
reverses it. A slam and Shawn goes up top again. Bret gets up and hits Shawn
in the gut, dropping him onto the top turnbuckle.

Heenan: I just heard Shawn Michaels recieved a offer to join the Vienna
Boy's Choir!

Bret with a beautiful Superplex. He then sets up the Sharpshooter.

McMahon: This is it we are going to have a new champion.

Suddenly Sunny runs down the isle.

McMahon: What is she doing here?! Get her out of here!

Bret notices Sunny up on the apron and goes to argue with her. She slaps
Bret. Shawn sneaks up and rolls up Bret for the three count.


Sunny runs off. Bret chases here. Shawn dances with his belt.

Schaivone: I am really confused as to what Sunny was doing at ringside!

Heenan: Wait just a minute! Sunny released Madman & Pillman because she felt
they were ready to compete without her. You don't think maybe

McMahon: No I don't. I think Shawn Michaels has higher standards then to
associate with Sunny.
Another clasisc was when the finals of the World Tag Title Tournamnet. A 2
out of 3 falls would settle the score in the Hor*** Destruction INC match.
It caused as lot of problems in the Hor***, which were alter ironed over.
****Announcer: Ladies and Genltemen. This opening contest is the final match in
the tournament to determine the New EIW World Tag Team Champions.
Introducing First. Accompanied by J.J. Dillon. (Perfects theme music
starts). Mr. Perfect. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. The Perfect Team! There
opponents. Accompanied down the isle by Keith Hart. Payne. Havok.
Destruction INC!

McMahon: one has to wonder how the fact that next week in the North American
Title Tournament is going to effect the teamwork of the Perfect Team!

Heenan: Just wait and see. There are no problems in the Hor***.

        The match started with a brawl as Perfect and Flair attacked INC as
they entered the ring. Perfect and Flair backed INC into opposide corners.
They attempted to whip them into one another but Payne and Havok reversed
it. Mr. P and Ric ran into each other, turned and were nailed by dropkicks.
A double colothsline sent Flair over the top rope. Perfect charged and was
also sent to the floor with a double backdrop. INC celebrated in the ring
while Flair & Curt picked themselves up off the floor. When the match
resumed Payne locked Perfect in a headlock. Perfect sent him to the ropes
and Payne hit a bodypress. 2 count. Payne hits the rope and Perfect hits
with a dropkick. Tag to Flair who chops into Payne in the corner. Tag back
to Perfect who snapmares Payne out of the corner. Perfect backs into the
corner and hits the rolling snapmare. 2 count. tag to Flair. Payne reverses
a whip to the rope and backdrops Flair. He tags in Havok. Havok with a
flurry of punches. He hits the rope and connects with a spinning heel kick.
2 count. He tosses Flair through the roeps to ringside and then flips over
the top rope and onto Flair. He rolls LFair inmto the ring and crashes down
with a flying legdrop. Tag to Payne. Payne with a suplex. A head***and a
side-russian legsweep. He hits the rope but Perfect knees Payne in the back.
Flair with a swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Perfect. Perfect with a top rope
dropkick. He picks up Payne for a Perfect-plex but Payne blocks the move
with a small package and a two count. Perfect with a standing dropkick but
the force sends Payne right into his corner. Tag. Havok comes in and
sommersults into Perfect. He pounds perfect with a series of fists. Sends
him to the roeps for a powerslam. Havok goes up top for a moonsault. Perfect
moves and Havok lands hard. Perfect snares the Perfect-plex and the first fall.

Heenan: I firmly believe that the winner of the first fall will be the
winner of the match.

McMahon: Well that remains to be seen.

        The second fall began with a tag to Flair. Flair begins to go to
work on Havoks knee, which he is favoring from landing on. He places Havok's
leg on the rope and drops on it. He argues with the referee and Perfect
takes Havoks leg and rams it against the ringpost twice. Flair atomic drops
the knee. Tag to Perfect who tkaes the leg and does a full front-flip. Tag
back to Flair who winds up the leg and snares in the figure-four.

Heenan: He's got it! New champions!

        Havok screamed in pain but each time the ref asked him if he wanted
to give up he shook his head. He struggled and somehow made his way to the
rope. The ref forced a break. Flair broke, dragged Havok back to the center
of the ring. he stomped the knee again and then set-up another figure-four.
As he twisted the legs into postion Havok grabbed Flairs head and pulled him
into a small package and a three-count, garnering the second fall.

Heenan: NO!

Schiavone: Destruction INC evens things up one fall apiece.

        Enraged Flair stomped the knee and tagged Perfect. Perfect with a
legdrop. A snapmare. Perfect sends Havok to the rope, but Havok blocks a
backdrop with a DDT. Both men crawl to there corner. Flair tags first and
runs in, but Havok tags and in comes Payne. Payne pounds on Flair and sends
him into the rope for a big clothsline. Another clothsline. Flair is
piledrived. Perfect breaks up the pinfall attempt. Payne with a figure-four
of his own. Again. Perfect breaks it up. Payne with a big backdrop. He then
nails Perfect off of the apron. Payne slams Flair, but the ref gets hit with
Flairs feet and goes down. Payne with the Payne-cradle. No ref to count, or
see Perfect hit Havok with a chair on the outside, and then come in and do
the same to Payne. Perfect helps up the groggy Flair. The ref ebgins to come
around. Flair picks up Payne and holds him as Perfect goes up top. A
top-rope dropkick hits Flair when Payne moves out of the way. Havok
clothslines Perfect while Payne rolls up Flair for the 3 count.


Heenan: What!

McMahon: Destruction INC are the New Tag Team Champions!

Schiavone: perfect hit Flair by mistake with the dropkick.

Heenan: Wait a sec.

        Destruction INC hold up there newly won belts with pride and leave
the ring. Perfect tries to help up Flair. Flair pushes him aside. Perfect
tries again but Flair shoves him away. Flair gets up and looks really pissed
off. He starts arguing with Perfect. Perfect tries to explain, but Flair
shoves him. perfect shoves him back. Flair slaps Perfect. Perfect gets right
in Flairs face. Executioner and Arn Anderson run to the ring and pry the two
apart. Arn drags Flair out of the ring while Executioner holds Flair back.
THat same night Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect competed with 18 other men in a
battle royal to determine a World Title shot.
McMahon is in the ring with a mike in hand.

McMahon: Hello Providence! (Crowd goes crazy.) This is it! The 20 man over
the top rope battle royal! Whoever takes this match will face EIW World
Champion "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels (Even bigger pop) this Friday
for the title! Lets get down to business. As I call the competitors name
they will mae their way down the isle! First.

Bastion Booger!
Rabid Reverand!
Jake "The Snake" Roberts!
Arn Anderson!
The Man They Call Vader!
"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan!
"Big Daddy Cool" Diesel!
Mr. Perfect!
The British Bulldog!
Finally. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!

        McMahon goes back to ringside as the action starts with everybody.
But most surprising, the first man eliminated is Mr. Perfect, who is tossed
out almost immediatly by Ric Flair! As Perfect jaws with Flair A number of
wreslters pick up Flair and try to hoist him out, he lands on the apron and
rolls back in. People who fans didn't think they would see go at it did.
Vader and Bulldog traded blows, as did Scorpion and Jake Roberts. Also
surprising were the alliances formed. Bastion Booger and Lava worked over
Dragon in the corner while Diesel and Kevin Sullivan targeted Rabid
Reverand. Vader was being rocked by the blows of Davey. Lava came over and
combined with Davey to clothsline Vader over the top. Then Bulldog and Lava
targeted each other, punching away. Then a couple of elimiantions happened
in short succession. Jake clothslined Reverand over the top. Sullivan was
eliminated by a thrustkick from Venom, while Dragon dropkicked Punisher out
of contention. 5 men already eliminated. People flung fists everywhere.
Mercenary went after Arn Anderson and the two traded fists in the middle of
the ring while Booger slammed Dragon. Diesel and Flair worked over Scorpion
in the corner, before Flair started targeting Diesel. Bulldog suplexed Lava.
Executioner worked over Roberts and Goldust felt up Venom in the corner.
Goldust actually***ed the crotch of Venom's tights! A couple of people
noticed this act and where disgusted by it. Scorpion, Flair, Diesel and
Executioner all pounded on Goldust and dumped him over the top.Then BDC, and
Scorpion tried to eliminate Flair, but Executioner saved him. In exchange
for that, BDC and Scorpion dumped Executioner over the top. Dragon was on
the floor, having been eliminated by Booger. Davey backed up and clothslined
Lava out of the ring, but his momentum carried him over to. Now 10 men
remained. Diesel hit Mars with a big boot, sending him over the top. Venom
and Scorpion worked on Booger in the corner while Anderson & Flair went at
it with Mercenary and Roberts. Deathamaster traded blows with Diesal. Jake
and Mercenary backed into one another. Jake with a series of punches and
kicks on Mercenary, before a short arm clothsline. He set up the DDT but
Mercenary backdropped Jake out of the ring, but quickly followed after
Anderson clothslined him. Diesel Jacknifed Deathmaster. He raised his***
in triumph, and Scorpion dropkicked him, and Diesal was so tall he tumbled
right over the top. Anderson and Flair dumped out Deathmaster and Scorpion
and Venom combined to oust Booger. It came down to Arn Anderson and Ric
Flair vs Scorpion and Venom. Venom went after Flair and Scorpion and
Anderson wnet at it. Venom with a kcik to AA's ribs. A big DDT. Flair backed
Scorpion into a corner and chopped at him. Venom hit the rope and Anderson
caught him with a Spinebuster. Flair tied up Scorpion in the orpes and
teamed up with Arn to pound on Venom. Venom ducked a double-clothsline and
came back with a flying clothsline on both men. He tried to take out Flair
but Arn nailed him in the back with a knee. Flair with a suplex. Arn punched
Scorpion, who was still tied up in the ropes, and then charged him. Scorpion
freed himself at the last split second, pulling down the rope and letting
Arn's momentum take him over. Flair jammed a***into Venom groin and
pitched him over the top.
McMahon: It has come down to Flair and Scorpion. I have to give it to
Scorpion because he hasn't wreslted once alredy and been through the
problems that Flair has.

Heenan: No way. My man Flair is gonna take out this punk in front of all the

Flair turned and was met by a flying headscissors. Scorpion sent Flair into
the turnbuckles with so much force that Flair flipped over them. When he
attempted to run across the apron, Scorpion clothslined him. Flair managed
to hold onto the strand and land on the apron, rolling back in. Scorpion
with a dropkick. He then set up a suplex. Flair blocked the move and
reversed it. Both men tumbled over the top rope.

Heenan: Who Won?

One of the refs raised Scorpions hand. The other raised Flairs. Confusion
ran abound.

Schiavone: I am told in a few minutes we will get a replay.

McMahon: In the meantime lets taek a look at the order of elimination.

1. Mr. Perfect by Flair. 2. Vader, by Bulldog & Lava. 3. Reverand, by Roberts.
4. Sullivan, by Venom. 5. Punisher, by Dragon. 6. Goldust, by Scorp. BDC,
Flair and Executioner. 7. Executioner, by BDC & Scorpion. 8. Dragon, by Booger.
9,10. Lava & Bulldog, by each other. 11. Mars, by Diesel. 12. Roberts, by Merc.
13. Mercenary, by Anderson. 14. Diesel, by Scorpion. 15. Deathmaster, by
Flair & Arn. 16. Booger, by Scorpion & Venom. 17. Anderson, by Scorpion. 18.
Venom, by Flair. 19. ????

McMahon: We are running out of time. I am told the replay is ready. Lets
take a look.

        The replay airs. It shows Flair reversing the suplex and both men
going over the top. It clearly shows Scorpion's feet hitting the floor
before Flairs.

Announcer: Ladies and Genlteman. The Winner of the 20 man over-the-top-rope
battle royal...."Nature Boy" Ric Flair!

Heenan: I told you so. Ric Flair did it. Take a look at the next EIW World

McMahon: We are out of time. Join us next week for the North American Title
Tournament. Goodnight!

Heenan: Whooo!
IRc Flair went on to win the World Title. However he was still forced to
compete in the North American Title Tournament. One of the problems between
Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect was their opposition in the Tournamnet. What a
classic it was.
McMahon: And that takes us to the match this capacity crowd and fans all
over the World have been waiting for. Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair.

Heenan: I have been there since the begining. They try not to show it but
this is tearing the Hor*** apart. There have been arguments. There have
been fights. That entire thing was not the work they have made it out to be.
There really is bad *** between Mr. P. and The Nature Boy. They have put
on a united front. But I know for a fact that both men are coming here to
win and prove they are better.

McMahon: I would have to agree with you there. Do you have any comments Bret?

Bret: I actually have never been a fan of Ric Flair. But I always have and
always will respect Mr. Perfect. This should be a good match, but Perfect is
going to take it.
RA: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a special non-title tournament attraction,
Hor*** vs Hor***! Introducing first. Weighing 243lbs. From C***te,
North Carolina. He is the current reigning EIW Heavyweight Champion of the
World! "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair! His opponenet. From Mineapolis,
Minnesota. Weighing 254lbs. Mr. Perfect!

McMahon: Of course, the World Title is not on the line here. Mostly on the
line is pride.

        The two men stare each other down. A lock up. Perfect with a
armdrag. Both men get up. Another lockup, Flair goes behind and attempts to
roll Perfect up. Perfect holds onto the rope. Another lockup. Flair with a
side-headlock. Perfect sends him to the rope. Drop down, Leapfrog, dropkick.
Flair gets up and is hiptossed. An Armdrag. A side-headlock takeover. Flair
cries out. Flair fights up and sends Perfect to the rope. Drop down and a
hiptoss of his own. Flair with a armdrag into an armbar. Perfect cries out.
Perfect gets up and FLair turns it into a hammerlock behind the back.
Perfect with a snapmare, but Flair holds onto the arm and Perfect goes over
to. Flair drops a knee onto the wounded arm. He picks Perfect up, goes
through the rope and drops to the floor. Flair comes in and chops Perfect in
the corner. Perfect chops back. FLair slaps Perfect. Perfect nails Flair in
the jaw. They begin trading blows.

Heenan: Here we go. Here we go!

        Perfect whips Flair into the opposite corner. Flair flips right over
the top and runs to the other turnbuckle, climbs up, leaps right into
PErfects dropkcik square on the chin. Perfect with a cover. 2 count Perfect
with a snapmare and a chinlock. Flair refuses to submit. Perfect with a
rolling snapmare. A standing dropkick sends Flair flying. 2 count. Perfect
clothslines FLair right over the top rope. He follows him, but Flair
reverses the whip into the barricade. Flair whips Perfect into the steps,
which go flying from the force. Flair rolls in and out, breaking the count.
Flair chops Mr. P and rolls him into the ring. Flair with a back suplex.
Flair drops a pair of knees to Perfects spine. Flair with a delayed suplex,
letting the *** rush to Perfects head before sending him crashing to the
mat. Perfect holds his back in agony.

Hart: It's common knowledge that Perfect has a back injury. It doesn't
surprise me that Flair is going for the back.

Heenan: I can't believe they are going after each other like this!

        Flair hoists Perfect up in a surfboard. The ref coutns and Flair
lets go. He whips Perfect hard into the corner. Perfect falls out of the
corner, agony etched on his face. Flair with a piledriver. 2 count. Perfect
reverses a whip to the ropes but Flair stops short of the dropkick. Flair
drops a knee on Perfects leg. He brings perfect to the corner and rams his
leg into the post repeatedly. Flair grabs a chair, but Perfect moves his
leg, and the steel connects with steel, causing both the chair and Flair to
vibrate. Perfect brings Flair into the ring and small packages him. 2 count.
Perfect applies a haedlock to Flair, who breaks the hold by atomic dropping
the leg. Perect goes down.

Hart: Give Flair credit. He has worked on three different parts of the body,
wearing Perfect down. The arm, the back, the leg.

        "Whoo" cries out Flair, setting Perfects leg on the rope and
dropping on it.

Heenan: Flair is trying to break Perfect's leg! I can't believe it.

        Flair drops two knees on the injured limb, then a elbow. Flair ties
it up and snares in the Figure-four. Perfect screams. The ref checks with
Perfect, and Flair pulls himself up to the top rope for extra leverage.
Perfect cries out and Flair drops, the ref just misses him.  Perfect refuses
to give up. Perfect attempts to turn over, but Flair grabs the ropes,
blocking the move and bringing Perfect back. Perfect tries again, and Flair
grabs the rope. This time the ref catches him and kicks Flairs arm off the
rope, allowing Perfect to use the momentum to turn it over.

Heenan: He can't do that!

McMahon: He just did.

        Flair grabs the rope and the ref breaks the hold. Perfect gets up,
favoring his knee. Flair gets up to and charges at Perfect, who backdrops
him over the top rope. Mr. P. follows and rams Flairs head into the
barricade, then slams him on the steps. Perfect rolls in and out, breaking
the count. The camera gets a shot of a puddle on the floor.

Heenan: Ric FLair is opened up!

McMahon: It appears that way.

        Perfect rolls Flair into the ring.

Hart: yeah Flair is definitly cut. From the amount of *** it looks like
it's deep.

        The *** is flowing from Flairs head. Perfect doesn't let up,
nailing Flair repeatedly on the head. He covers for a two count. Perfect
takes Flair over and repeatedly slams his head into the turnbuckle. FLair
staggers out of the corner and falls to the mat face first. Perfect attempts
a dropkick, but Flair blocks it and slingshots Perfect, whose head connects
with the post. Both men lay semi-conciouse on the mat. The ref counts. He
gets to 8 before Flair rolls one arm onto Perfect. 1. 2. Perfect gets his
shoulder up. Flair chops at Perfect and attmepts a backdrop. Perfect blocks
the move and gets the perfect-plex. The ref counts, 1. 2. Flair kicks out.
Perfect with a reverse rollup. 2 count. Perfect goes for a bodyslam, but
everything gives out and Flair gets a two count. Both men stagger to their
feet and hit a double clothsline. It lloks like both men are out. Flair gets
up, and Perfect rolls him up. 1. 2. kickout. Flair clothslines Perfect, and
puts his feet on the rope, the ref counts but catches Flair. Flair argues
with the ref, and Perfect with a back suplex and a legdrop. 2 count. Perfect
with a bodyslam, Flair cradles Perfect. 1. 2., PErfect turns it over, the
ref begins to count FLair, 1. 2. bell rings.

Heenan: I think Perfect won!

McMahon: it's hard to tell. I think both mens shoulders were on the mat!

Hart: I don't think there is a winner.

Heenan: Who is the winner?

RA: Ladies and Gentlemen. The Referee informs me that the time limit has run
out. The contest is a draw!

        Perfect and Flair both get up. Both are covered in Flairs ***.
FLair is still bleeding profusly. The ref explains what happens. Perfect
walks up to Flair.

Heenan: He is gonna hit him!

        They stare at each other. The cameras catch that they are speaking
to each other. Perfect offers his hand. Flair accepts it and they raise each
others hands. The crowd boos. Mr. PErfects them starts as they leave together.
The grueling 16 man tournament looked like this.

O. Hart
Butcher Boy

Vader                                                           New Champ


By the end of the night, a new champion was crowned. Scorpion, who had
wrestled 3 exhausting matches, faced Brian Pillman, who had a fairly easy
night untill this match.
Final Round: Scorpion vs Brian Pillman. The winner will be the North
American Champion.

Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the final contest of the EIW North
American Heavyweight Title Tournament! It is scheduled one fall with a 60
minute time limit! Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier tonight we began with 16
men. Now it is down to two. One of these two men will become the champion,
the other will have fought valiantly, but will go home empty handed. Ladies
and Gentlemen of the home of the Clagary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
Live from the Canadain Airlines Saddledome! Leets get ready to
Ruuuummmmbbbllllleeeee! Introducing first. A man who was trained right here
in Calgary. A former Cincinatti Bengal. A former Calgary Stampeder. From
Cincinatti, Ohio. Weighing 229 pounds. "Flyin" Brian Pillman. His opponent is a
relative unknown. A man who recently took World Champion Ric Flair to the
limit. A man who tonight went through some of the greatest in the sport to
get to this match. He hails from Scottsdale, Arizona! He weighs 252 pounds.
Scoooorpion! The referee for this match is Jack Doan. Ladies and gentlemen
the waiting is over. The bell will now ring, and one of these two men will
be the first EIW Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooorld!

        The bell rings. The two men circle warily. Scorpion looks tired, but
has a fiery determination in his eyes. So does Pillman. A lockup. Pillman
with a side-headlock. Scorpion sneds him to the roep and hits a dropkick and
a hiptoss. A bodyslam and Scorpion goes for a suplex. Pillman flips out of
it and kicks Scorpion in the stomach, following up with a sunset flip and a
2 count. Scorpion with a series of knees to Pillamn in the corner. He climbs
up and pounds on Pillman ten times. A bulldog and a two count. Scorpion gets
up and hits a flying armdrag roll. Pillman makes it to the ropes for the
break. They lock up again. Pillman with a go-behind. Scorpion goes behind
Pillman and rolls him up, but Pillman reverses it for a