TNA Aired "Hidden Messages" During Their PPV...?

TNA Aired "Hidden Messages" During Their PPV...?

Post by curiou » Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:20:48

Is this kinda cool or kinda lame?


Details On TNA's "Hidden" No Surrender Messages
Posted By Ashish on 07.18.05

Another very strange story....

TNA planted "hidden" messages during the opening of the No Surrender PPV
on Sunday. When the opening is played in reverse, the following messages
are heard:

- Rhino is here
- More are coming to TNA
- TNA is coming to SpikeTV
- Someone will get gored tonight
- Vince fears Jeff Jarrett

TNA producer and former WWE employee Dave Sahadi apparently planted the
messages in the opening.

As reported earlier, TNA has apparently finalized their SpikeTV deal and
it could be announced as early as Tuesday.



TNA Aired "Hidden Messages" During Their PPV...?

Post by Logical Anomaly's Eg » Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:25:51

Well, it at least shows someone is trying to do different stuff
there...sometimes its lame sometimes it works...look at The ROck and
Cena's lame ***that gets over with never know.