(USWA)Now hiring

(USWA)Now hiring

Post by DIE BITCHIE D » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00


>We currently have signed our tenth wrestler and are looking to have our
>first card Friday February 25th.  If your interested in joining in time to
>make the first card come to http://uswalliance.tripod.com/index.html and
>sign up

I ain't believing this guy is bastardizing the once great indy fed known as
USWA for some e-fed.  That's just not right.


Eh.... what lameass geek actually HAS these things?  Oh well... signs to look
for on Smackdown this week:

What's Lower: WCW's Morale or Nitro's Ratings
Thank you Kevin Sullivan
Quit reading my damn sign