Accepting the best!

Accepting the best!

Post by tguzze.. » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

-[GSW] Productions 1998-

This is a paid adverti***t by the Golden State Wrestling league.

Many of you have recieved a message asking you to join the [GSW].  Others may
have read a letter on the fantasy web page as you are doing right now.  But
there are still some who haven't been able to experience the [GSW] yet, for
those of you unaware of what we mean, well, we mean business.  We are out to
hire the best talent on the net, or, people who think they are the best. We
continue to grow stronger everyday anticipating our first card March 7, 1998
at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, CA where we will see many great things.   he
return of Future Warrior (Simon Williams), former NEFW World Champion Smasher
having his first match since being fired from the NEFW.  "Cowboy" Vanity
Malone taking on rival Derek Douglas.  Former DWA champ Equestrian against
former WFRM, RWWF, and current TDWF champ, Omega.  A new look at Jack Vars,
and much, much, more!  Check out the fed for yourself at
We are in talkin gorder with the NWA to form an alliance of feds, we are
setting up tours of the U.S, Europe, Japan, and a major International Tour
where we will have at least one card in every continent of the World.  We have
some great plans for this fed and we would love to have (you)take part in it.
When you want to know what fed will be turning some heads in 98', all you have
to do is sign on to the [GSW]

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