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                             BRAND NEW WRESTLING LEAGUE

Tired of wrestling simulators? Tired of winning against the same people
all the time in other leagues? Looking for something new? Join the IIWA!!

The IIWA is a new wrestling fantasy league based strictly on roleplaying.
Each day there is a newsletter sent out that contains interviews. There
are two cards per week and a PPV once a month. Right now, there are three
singles titles, two of which are vacant. Both tag titles are now taken.
The newsletter is called IIWA Output. The two cards are Tuesday Terror and
Saturday Scream.

In order to do well in the IIWA, as well as any other league, you must
roleplay. Since I do not use a simulator, I decide who wins and loses. I
base my decisions on roleplays, so therefore you MUST send in interviews,
attacks, etc.

Since I believe in creativity and originality, the big rule of the IIWA is
that there are absolutely NO RIPOFFS. Any wrestler that you create must be
original. Finishers can be ripoffs, such as the Diamond Cutter, or Total
Elimination, but wrestlers names MUST be original.

The IIWA homepage is located at
There you will find what info you will need to mail to me in order to be
part of the league.

?Your name
?Your e-mail
?Wrestlers name (Tag Teams give info for each wrestler)
?Wrestlers height
?Wrestlers weight
?Wrestlers gimmick
?Face or Heel
?Manager (optional)
?Descpition of wrestlers appearence (and manager)
?Wrestlers finishing move
?Discription of finisher

Thank you for your time,
President Jim
International Internet Wrestling Association