Johnny Wills (all comments, flames, etc welcome)

Johnny Wills (all comments, flames, etc welcome)

Post by Reid Harris Coop » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:48:34

[We open on a highway with a grayish sky in the background.  A
motorcycle engine can be heard roaring and then it comes to an abrupt
stop as a brake comes down and a black boot follows it.  The camera
pulls up to reveal a gruff man, his face unshaven, his dark with red
and blue highlights is cut spiky, he wears a red leather jacket, dark
denim jeans and of course black motorcycle boots.  He flips a pair of
sunglasses that were covering his eyes and looks towards the camera.
This man is Johnny "The Rider Delicious" Wills and he is on a remote
highway in North America.]

JW: Snot nosed, johnnies come lately, ill informed, badly educated,
miserable public speaking punks.  The whole lot of ya, every single
last MCW athlete from what I can see need to get their poor, talent
less asses over to the farm fed and never poke their head out.  

[Wills pulls a pack of cigarettes out from his jacket pocket.  Slides
a cig out, places it in his mouth, gets a lighter from his other
pocket, lights the cig in his mouth and puts everything else back in
his pocket.  Wills then takes a long drag from his Winston's and blows
out puffs before continuing to talk.]

JW: I'm not kidding here, I come up to Canada.  My old stomping
grounds, back when I managed Karl "The Hook" Waller, good ol top of
North America.  What do I find?  What do I find in a organization
titled Maple Championship Wrestling?  Jokes, just pure jokes.  I don't
doubt all these men are strong, fast, agile, and all that, you have to
be these things to survive in a wrestling ring.  Even the worst
wrestler in the world is tougher than most average men.  I should
know, I use to be the average guy.  I was just a manager with the
biggest arms you've ever seen on a ringside annoyance, distraction and
guidance man.  Yet, I trained and went to school and now I know what
it takes to be a wrestler.  So do most of the jerk-offs in MCW, but
they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone, just keep your
mouth shut, wrestle, win, lose, whatever, go home and let "The Rider
Delicious"***everyone off and do it well.

[Wills takes a long puff on his cigarette.]

JW: Now I'm going to jump on this high way and head up to Canada, and
I am not happy about that.  I'm supposed to be wrestling in this big
PPV for the AIPW, but well, I'm just waiting for the call to come down
and finally take care of that.  Yet, I feel the burning desire to come
up to the cold climate.  I have a burning desire to beat some
Canadians up and anyone who gets in my way.  I'm gearing up to lay
down what I like to call simply "32 Years of Aggression" on the
wrestling world.  Phil Raven, you call yourself "The [Beep]er and the
Shitter of the world", there's only two people who can call themselves
that, Hunter S. Thompson and the President of the United States, not
some snot nosed punk like yourself, but I give ya credit, you're ten
times better than half the slobs on the roster.  Then we got the
soccer boy, Samson, I follow soccer, boy, you're lying through your
teeth, you played for your stinking high school and now that you're a
graduate who wants to wrestle you need to hype yourself to believe
you're some soccer champ.  Just be a good wrestler and talk a good
talk and hope I don't smack the taste out of your mouth.  There's
other punks in this fed and they get in my way, they'll discover what
you learn when you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, they'll all feel Craps~!

[Wills throws the cigarette on the highway.]

JW: I've waited a long time to do more than just guide men to victory,
I've waited a long time to hit a top rope splash and go for the pin,
I've waited a long time to team up with a bunch of sick shits to beat
a poor soul to a ***y pulp, the call is out, the battlefield has
been laid.  We got our good boys like Phil and Read and you got the
sick shits like Alysian and Lord Mojo, but never forget the "don't
give a shit attitude".  If I like you, I'll kick your ass, If I hate
you, I'll kick your ass.  I've waited a long time to kick ass.  A long

[Wills revs the bike and begins to drive away.]

VO: Way too long.

[Fade to black.]

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Johnny Wills (all comments, flames, etc welcome)

Post by Zaphod Beeblebro » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Phil Raven, you call yourself "The [Beep]er and the

> Shitter of the world", there's only two people who can call themselves
> that, Hunter S. Thompson and the President of the United States

I am marking out for this line like a little ***. Nice work.

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