Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling [Part 1]

Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling [Part 1]

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OWC Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling:
"The Beginning of a Legacy"  [Episode #1]
Sunday, June 7th, 1998
LIVE!  From the Rave, Syracuse New York

"Constricter" Chris Copeland v. "Movie Critic" Roman Cartier

"Legacy" Matt Blazer v. "Crackhead" John Roy

Ryan Justice v. the Gatekeeper

"Shark Bait" Danny Sharkey v. "Revolution" Jack Stone

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 Orangemen Wrestling Commission
[The camera quickly fades into the Rave, the local Syracuse, New York, night
This club isn't really at all that big, and fits around three hundred screaming
There is a set of guardrails, making an entrance way going up to the entrance
where odviously, the wrestlers come out.  Then the grey ring, complete with
black ropes lies in the center of the arena with the OWC logo engraved in
orange letters onto the center of the ring.  Next to the ring is a table with
two small monitors, behind
that are Orangemen Wrestling Commission commentators, Max Femmia and Nathan
Liotta.  They stand there, smiling as the camera focuses on them as the
room only audience is screaming their lungs out.  Nathan Liotta then begins to

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Here we are, _live_ on the first ever Warriors of Syracuse
Wrestling, and boy o' boy, do we have a card for you tonight!

MAX FEMMIA -  Oh yeah, the wrestling world will be put on ice tonight after we
show the world what OWC is all about!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  In the main event, it'll be the "Constrictor" Chris Copeland
going into battle with the "Movie Critic" Roman Cartier.   Now that'll be a
match for the
record books as the unrelentless Copeland will look to put an end to the short
of Roman Cartier here tonight.

MAX FEMMIA -  We also got the "Crackhead," John Roy stepping up to the plate as
he clashes with "The Legacy" Matt Blazer.  

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Definitly a matchup that we could dub the main event.  
the former Los Angeles Wrestling Heavyweight Champion has moved into deeper
waters here in Syracuse, New York, attempting to put an end to John Roy.

MAX FEMMIA -  We also got the Gatekeeper, stepping into the ring against none
other than Ryan Justice.   These two grapplers are definitly looking to make a
for themselves here in their debut matches, who will come out on top?  We'll
just have to wait and see, cause only time will tell.

NATHAN LIOTTA -  And who can forget, "Shark Bait" Danny Sharkey going head to
head with "The Revolution" Jack Stone?  That'll definitly be a match that we
may not
soon forget as Jack Stone will try to climb that ladder to the top, but will
Sharkey allow that, or will he be the one making his way up the ladder?

MAX FEMMIA -  Thats all tonight, live on OWC Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling!
So, lets take it to the ring where Carson Bordon is standing.

=/\\ ====//| ==========================
 /               \     \      /          /_____|     Interview with
 |    ||     |      \/\/         //                 OWC President Carson
 |    |___|     |                   /  \                  
 \               /\        _       /     |
=\_______/ =\___/=\___/=\_______| ==========================

[The camera focuses on Nathan Liotta as he slowly walks up the ringsteps and
into the ring, complete with microphone in hand.  He quickly walks towards the
center of the squared circle, and comes to a sudden stop.  The three hundred
standing room only fans scream their lungs out as Nathan begins to speak.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Well folks, here we are, _live_ on the first ever edition of
Warriors of Syracuse Wrestling!  

[Crowd cheers, obviously happy to be in the building.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  To start off the first _ever_ edition of this show, we'd like
to bring out one of the men that made it all possible.  So without further
ado, lets bring to this ring, the President of the Orangemen Wrestling
Commission, Carson Bordon!!!

[The crowd lets out a mild reaction as "Livin' the Life" by the Lox comes on
over the loudspeakers.  The entrance door is opened, and out comes Carson
Bordon dressed up in an expensive suit.  He walks to the ring slowly, with two
officials standing by his side as he makes his way to the ring.  He now makes
his way up the stairway and one of the officials opens the ropes for him as he
makes his way through them.  He then walks up to Nathan and the two quickly
shake hands which brings a huge smile to the face of Liotta.  The two officials
now head backstage as Nathan speaks.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Hello Carson, and as we look at these screaming fans, you
just have to be a happy camper.   What are your thoughts on the grand opening
of the Orangemen Wrestling Commission?

[Carson smiles and then begins to speak into the microphone.]

CARSON BORDON -  Well Nate, I couldn't be happier.  As I look across this
arena and see that these fans are squished in here like bread on butter, I
can't help but let out a huge smile.  [Smiles.]  It looks like Warriors of
Syracuse is a success!

[Crowd lets out a huge ovation for that, Nathan even smiles and then speaks.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Tonight, we got Chris Copeland heading into the warzone
against Roman Cartier.  Your thoughts on this potentially huge main event?

[Carson hesitates for a few seconds and then begins to speak towards the

CARSON BORDON -  Copeland, the rattlesnake, is definitly a force to be
reckoned with here in the Orangemen Wrestling Commission.  We also got, Roman
Cartier who isn't a walk in the park either.  These are two of the toughest
in the sport today, and both looking to make a name for themselves right here
in the
OWC.  I for one, think this matchup is definitly a great way to start off.  

[Carson steps back now, as Nathan begins to speak again.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  You got that right.

[Carson steps forward now, towards the microphone and starts to talk.]

CARSON BORDON -  Then, down the line, we got the true oddity of the OWC in
"Crackhead" John Roy, as he takes on "The Legacy" Matt Blazer.   Jack Stone,
the man that refers to himself as the "Revolution" will also step into the ring
he goes toe to toe with "Shark Bait" Danny Sharkey.  Plus, we can't forget
about the
man known as the Gatekeeper, who will be here tonight to take on another man
could be called an oddity, Ryan Justice!

[Carson hesitates for a few seconds now and then continues speaking.]

CARSON BORDON -  All that and tonight a special appearance by country music
star slash wrestler, Johnny Blue Jeans!  

[Crowd lets out a big pop as Johnny's name is mentioned.]

CARSON BORDON -  All in all, a _terrific_ card tonight.

[Carson steps back, odviously done speaking.  Nathan now gets his cue and
hesitates for a few seconds and then begins to speak.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Well Carson, I'd like to thank you personally for coming out

[Nathan shakes the hand of Bordon, both men smiling.  Carson then speaks.]

CARSON BORDON -  Thank you Nathan, its been a pleasure.

["The Beast" by Twisted Sister  comes on over the loudspeakers.   A look
of shock comes over the face of Carson Bordon as he quickly snatches the
microphone and begins to speak.]

CARSON BORDON -  Hey, thats not my music!  

[The entrance doors open and a shadowy figure is visible.  The crowd quickly
cheers as the shadow steps forward and reveals to be...


[Carson's jaw drops to the mat nearly as the massive monster makes his way
towards the ring slowly, closely followed by his manager and longtime friend,
Little Louie.  He makes it ringside now, and climbs up the staircase and then
steps into the ring, between the top and middle ropes, holding them open so
that Louie may
follow. Tonnage now walks forward to Carson and Nathan, who are standing in the
center of the ring, motionless and nervous.  Carson quickly begins to speak
now, towards the big man.]

CARSON BORDON -  I know who you are big guy.  I don't know what you're doing
here though.  Last I checked, I didn't sign you to no OWC contract, so
therefore, you really don't have any right to be in the ring right now.  But,
I'm not trying to be rude.  I would just really like to know what you are doing

[Carson quickly extends his hand and leans backwards as Tonnage quickly
snatches the microphone out of Bordon's hand.  The big man looks towards the
crowd with a straight, yet intense face, which causes them to cheer like mad.
He then begins to speak.]

TONNAGE - Well well well, what have we here.  Seems as though somebody
started up a new fed, right here in my home state.  And it seems like
somebody forgot to invite the Beast.  I wonder why that is...any ideas,

LOUIE - It's pretty obvious, T man.  A certain phrase comes to mind...
something about lambs and a slaughter, I believe.

TONNAGE - That pretty much sums it up.  After all, why would this Borden
guy endanger the safety of every poor slob he's got working for him by
signing the most awesome force in this sport?  It would take a pretty
sick puppy to set me loose on these hapless little tykes.  Except, of
course, for the cash that'll come rolling in.  People just *love* watching
me work...almost as much as my opponents hate the results.  So what about
it, Borden?  Willing to take your fourty whacks at that precious little
roster by letting the Beast do his thing?  Or are you afraid I'll
embarrass them so badly that they'll file suit?

[Carson is now handed another house mic.  He stands across the ring from
Tonnage, and begins to speak towards him.]

CARSON BORDON -  Is that what you want?  Is that how you want to play the
game?  Then, right here, next week, you can step in the ring with Ryan
Justice!!!  If you win, you'll get an Orangemen Wrestling Commission contract.

TONNAGE - I'm sure this Justice twerp will want to have words with you,
for sticking his pencil neck on the chopping block.  But sure, I'd be
happy to twist him into a nice sheep shank for you.  I just hope you've
got some of that nice Albany cash to spare, and a good profit sharing
arrangement for those ticket sales, because I've got a fine old house to
make payments on, and a pretty red Hummer to keep full with gas.  I do the
best work you'll ever see in that ring, Bordon, but I don't come cheap.

CARSON BORDON -  Then its on!  Next week, you will take on Ryan Justice and if
you win, you'll get the contract, with every little cent you desire.  Now
thank you for your time, I got meetings to attend to.  So, have a nice evening.

["Livin the Life" by the Lox comes back on over the loudspeakers as the crowd
lets out a mild reacton of cheers and jeers.  Bordon steps out of the ring and
leaps off the apron and goes around as the Beast stares him down.  Bordon
then walks out behind the entrance door.   Tonnage looks towards the crowd for
approval, as they cheer loudly.  He then begins to speak, towards the

TONNAGE - Well, I *am* impressed.  Last place I had this many people who
properly appreciated my talent was a little further east.  Like the
Atlantic.  I won't waste any more time out here, simply because I want to
get a good look at the terror in the geek's face before I provide any
more entertainment.  Well, at least until I get him into the ring.  Then,
the entertainment *really* begins...along with the pain.  Have a nice
day, Justine.  It'll be the last one you have in a very long time.

["The Beast" comes on over the loudspeakers now as the crowd cheers
loudly.  Tonnage and Louie now step out of the ring and walk to the back, the
man's hands raised in the air.  The entrance door opens, and he quickly opens
it and the two walk through. The camera now shifts to Nathan Liotta and Max
Femmia at the broadcast table.  Nathan and Max both have looks of shock and
suprise on their face as Nathan begins to speak.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  What a way to open up our show tonight folks!  We've already
got a huge announcement as Tonnage steps into the ring with Ryan Justice,
right here next week.  The OWC hasn't even begun, and already these fans are

MAX FEMMIA -  Yep, now I understand that we'll be taking it to the ring now
for our first matchup of the evening, as Danny Sharkey takes on Jack Stone!

=/\\ ====//| ==========================
 /               \     \      /          /_____|     Double Debut!!!
 |    ||     |      \/\/         //                  Jack Stone vs.  Danny
 |    |___|     |                   /  \                  Written by Kev Riley
 \               /\        _       /     |
=\_______/ =\___/=\___/=\_______| ==========================

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Stone and Sharkey, two of the OWC's finest here, ready to go
to war as they fight to the death, hoping to come out with their hands raised.

MAX FEMMIA -  These two can and will put on a show, I _guarantee_ that.  But,
putting my money on Jack Stone, I have a feeling he'll walk out on top!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Lets take it to the ring announcer, Doug James for the
official announcements.  Take it away Doug!

[The camera focuses on the center of the ring, where announcer Doug James
He patiently awaits his cue, which the cameraman now gives him.  James now
in one last deep breath and then begins to speak, towards the audience.

MICHAEL MORGAN:  Get ready folks, for the first _ever_ matchup in OWC history.
Now, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall and a twenty minute time

[The crowd cheers loudly, then suddenly, "The Four Hor***" by Metallica now
comes on over the loudspeakers.]

MICHAEL MORGAN: Introducing first...  Hailing from Chicago, IL, standing six
feet five inches and weighing two hundred sixty fine pounds, here is ....

[The camera focuses on the entrance door, which opens and out walks none other
than Jack Stone himself.  Stone walks down the aisle. He has on black tights
with "REVOLUTION" Written across the butt, a icy blue vest with "YOUR END IS
NEAR" on the back in crimson red lettering.  He slowly and methodically walks
down the aisle to a mixed reaction from the crowd. ]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  This man sure does look focused.

MAX FEMMIA -  Definitly, he's going to make a fool out of Sharkey here.

[Jack Stone now steps into the ring and goes over to his corner where he
stretches out on the ropes. He then stands posed in his corner ready to go as
the camara zooms in on his face as we see his cold, piercing ice blue eyes just
staring a hold through anyone in there path. ]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  We minus well call Stone the iceman, because thats what he
looks like out in that ring, no emotion whatsoever.

MAX FEMMIA -  Thats definitly the attitude.

[The camera goes back to James, as Stone lays up against the corner of the
Doug now begins to speak again.]

DOUG JAMES -  And his opponent...

["The Rascal King" by the Mighty Bosstones plays over the loudspeakers now.]

MICHAEL MORGAN -  Hailing from New York City, accompinied by Lenny Sharkey,
standing in at six feet one inch, and two hundred and thirty pounds, here is...

[The camera focuses on the entrance door, which is quickly opened.  Out from
behind it walks none other than Danny Sharkey, and his manager, Lenny Sharkey.
Lenny has on a "SAVE THE WHALES" T-Shirt, and a pair of jeans.  Danny is
wearing a
white T-Shirt that has a picture of a shark on it with "SWIM WITH SHARK"
across it.  He also has on a pair of blue cut-off jeans with green knee pads.
makes it to the ring now, as Lenny opens up the ropes for him.  Danny quickly
in and raises his hands in the air to a pretty good reaction.  Lenny now steps
out of the ring as Danny quickly goes to his corner.]

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Both men look in great shape, this match will be a great way
to start off the lineup of matches here tonight.

MAX FEMMIA -  Oh yeah, definitly.

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Senior Official Christopher Burke calls for the bell and Jack
Stone quickly walks up to the center of the ring, followed by Sharkey.

MAX FEMMIA -  And we got ourselves a confrontation!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Looks like words are being exchanged here, and now Stone
quickly shoves Sharkey, Sharkey now shoves Stone back!

MAX FEMMIA -  Now Stone looks upset and quickly runs at Sharkey with a knee to
the gut, and now "The Revolution" quickly shoves Danny into the corner.

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Stone now quickly begins working "Shark Bait" over with body
blows, massive lefts and rights, but Sharkey doesn't look phased!

MAX FEMMIA -  What the _hell_ is up with that?  Sharkey now quickly pulls up on
the top ropes and does a sort of mule kick, kicking Stone away and now follows
up with a massive running clothesline!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Look at Lenny on the outside, he's going nuts!  

MAX FEMMIA -  What a damn retard.   Sharkey now pulls up Stone and quickly
kicks him in the midsection, and locks the arms, double underhook suplex!!!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now "Shark Bait" backs up into the ropes and comes back,
stopping and flying down to the canvas with an elbowdrop, but gets nothing but

MAX FEMMIA -  Stone now rolls out of the way and quickly comes back, kneeing
Sharkey again, and nailing him with an inverted DDT!!!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now Jack pulls Sharkey up again and irish whips him into the
corner of the ring and follows it up with a sort of avalanche and Sharkey is

MAX FEMMIA -  Look! "The Revolution" rips the T-Shirt right off Danny and
begins to ***him with some of the shirt thats left!   Brilliant!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Stone now wraps it around Danny's neck completely and uses all
his weight to literally throw Sharkey all the way across the ring!

MAX FEMMIA -  What strength!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Lenny is now slapping his hands against the ring, trying to
get something going for Danny, will it work?

MAX FEMMIA -  No!   Jack Stone is just too tough here.

NATHAN LIOTTA -  "Shark Bait" now slowly gets to his feet, Stone tries to
finish it off with a lariat but Danny ducks now, dropkick!

MAX FEMMIA -  Now Stone goes into the corner and charges back at Sharkey who
gets back to his feet, Sharkey catches him, powerslam!!!   No!!!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Sharkey covers now!




MAX FEMMIA -  Yes!   What determination by Stone!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now Sharkey pulls up Stone and whips him into the ropes, and
catches him on the week back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker!!!

MAX FEMMIA -  Ouch-ee-wawa!!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  You can say that again!   "Shark Bait" Danny Sharkey covers!




MAX FEMMIA -  Yes!!!  Sharkey can't beat Stone!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now Dannny pulls up Jack Stone again, and quickly slams him
back to the mat quicker than you can blink an eye with a snap suplex!

MAX FEMMIA -  Damnit!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  He doesn't cover though, he's now climbing to the top rope and
now leaps back, moonsault!!!   Stone lifts his knees up though!

MAX FEMMIA -  The stunned Sharkey hops up and down across the ring in pain.
He finally now falls to the mat, and I'm lovin' this!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now Stone gets up up and pulls Sharkey to his feet, he gets
back to back and wraps his arm under Sharkey's chin and drops, STONE CUTTER!!!

MAX FEMMIA -  Sharkey pulls out, now Stone turns around, kick to the midsection
by Sharkey, ACE CRUSHER!!!  




MAX FEMMIA -  Wahoo!   Get em Stone, lets put an end to this retard!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Now Stone slowly gets up, and Sharkey whips him into the ropes
and catches him on his shoulders and carries him to the corner and puts him to
mat with a samoan drop!


NATHAN LIOTTA -  Stone is down and out as Sharkey climbs to the top rope and

MAX FEMMIA -  Woah!   That was amazing!

NATHAN LIOTTA -  Sharkey covers, this _has_ to be it!




NATHAN LIOTTA -  Wow, what a match that was!  Danny Sharkey has come out on top
here in what has to be a _major_ upset!

MAX FEMMIA -  Ah, he got lucky!   Either way, this has been a _spectacular_
card so far!   I'm amazed with the OWC!

Max Femmia, Nathan Liotta, Carson Bordon
and all related names, characters and their
likenesses are copyright and trademark
Kevin Riley Productions (KRP) 1998.