NWA TNA 1.1.04 Bill Banks column

NWA TNA 1.1.04 Bill Banks column

Post by Evad Seltz » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 08:49:55


01.01.04 | 2004 Predictions From Bill Banks' Crystal Ball!

Another year is past us, and 2004 holds so much potential for TNA.
With so much good news just around the corner, without a doubt TNA is
growing thanks to you, the fans. So, as a special New Year treat, I've
decided to look into my special TNA crystal ball and offer up some
predictions for many of the TNA superstars in the year 2004. I've done
many such prediction articles in the past, and some have come true!
So, don't be surprised if my Nostradamus-like powers come true during
the year!

My Prediction: After spending the latter half of 2003 attempting to
regain the NWA Tag Team gold, I've got a hunch Storm and Harris will
regain their form early in 2004 and eventually win back the title.
However, my crystal ball also tells me that no less than THREE major
tag teams will reform - one of which could be a huge shock - to
challenge AMW unlike ever before!

Another NWA Championship reign for the Phenomenal One in 2004? My
prediction is without a doubt, yes! But my crystal ball is conjuring
up more predictions for Styles in 2004! Not only will he end the year
by returning to his "former glory," but someone from his past will
come back to haunt him in 2005...and it's NOT who you think it is!

2004 could be the year he finally realizes his destiny to become NWA
Champion - but he'll win it from someone he never imagined! But, my
crystal ball says his reign will be marred by havoc - mostly from the
team of Punk and Julio! After losing the gold, Raven will face his
greatest threat yet from a new alliance. When it seems as if Raven's
darkest hour is upon him, I see someone unexpected walking back into
his life!

With increased exposure of TNA all over the world, 3LK will have a
golden opportunity to perform live on several popular music television
programs! After a recording contract is inked, I predict success will
go to their heads- and a loss of the NWA Tag Team gold. After the trio
nearly breaks up to chase success in the entertainment industry, I
predict they will return to form at the end of 2004 with a vengeance
to "Do The Damn Thing!"

If you thought NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett caused chaos in TNA in 2003,
wait until 2004! His army will continue to grow into 2004, as he adds
a few surprise members to the fold. With no one to stop him, Jarrett
will think he's got all the answers - until someone "older and wiser"
steps in and finally stops the NWA Champion! And my prediction? Said
savior will have two "men in black" to help him get the job done!

I predict the monster superstar will have a change of heart and fight
the good fight in mid 2004, perhaps joining the likes of AJ Styles and
Raven in the process. With his insanity seemingly under control, could
all hell break loose once again when a "devious diva" attempts to put
Abyss under her spell? By the end of 2004, he'll finally shake the
femme fatale, only to find true romance with another "woman" as
psychotic as he is!