EWrestling Federation

EWrestling Federation

Post by ELindros » Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am the owner of a wrestler named Quezzy in Rose City Championship Wretling
and lately the opponents put up against me have not been very good.  So,the
RCCW is looking for new recruits.  We have been around for a while and it WAS a
simmed fed, however I felt that was why many people were leaving so I talked to
the prez and he has decided to change it to a booked fed.  Here are the titles
that we offer:  
RCCW World Champion
RCCW *** Champion
RCCW Tag Team Champions
RCCW T.V. Champion
RCCW Lightweight Champion

However recently many of our champions have quit so the only belt now occupied
is the World Title.  This means that we may get rid of some of these belts
until we have more wreslters.  The good thing about this though is that any new
wrestlers will have a good shot at winning a title.  Right now we have one card
per week on Thursdays but when we get enough wrestlers roleplaying we will add
a second show probably on Mondays.  If you are interested fill out the
application below.

Email Address:
Your Name:
Wrestler's Real Name:
Wrestler's Nick Name:
Weight (Cruiserweights are 245 or below):
Entrance Music:
Physical Appearance:
Wrestling Style:
Finisher Description:
Setup before Finisher:

Manager Name (if any):
Female or Male(manager):
Description of Manager:
Will he/she interfere in matches?

Three weaknesses of wrestler:
Three strengths of wrestler:
Name anywhere between 20-50 moves that your wrestler will use:

Favorite Match:
You may say what kind of match is your favorite and explain the rules and it
could be added to the kind of matches we have.

Sample Roleplay (roleplays must be 30 lines at the least):