Earl Was Easily the Worst WWE Ref

Earl Was Easily the Worst WWE Ref

Post by curiou » Wed, 20 Jul 2005 15:18:00

Yes, it sucks he's unemployed, but he was easily the worst WWE ref. He
didn't have a good ring presence at all, often got in the way of the
action, didn't look believable taking bumps, and ***ed up more than any
ref I can think of, causing lots of pinfalls to look plain awful and
awkward. Remember how badly he ***ed up Rock/Angle at No Way Out 2001?
The wrestlers had to redo the sequence since Earl ***ed up the count,
and Angle even talks about how pissed Rock was in his book (p. 285):

"...One...two...instead of slapping the the mat for the third time,
[Hebner] stopped his hand, the way he would if I was going to kick out.
Only I didn't kick out. The ref didn't realize this was the
finish....The fans knew something wasn't right. They were booing,
chanting "Bullshit, Bullshit"...[after Angle explains how he and Rock
salvaged the sequence]...[Rock] looked up at the ref and snarled, "Count
the goddamn finish."

For my money, the best ref WWE has is Mike Chioda. He has a great ring
presence, doesn't get in the way of the action, and looks believable in

Lil Naitch and Nick Patrick are pretty solid, too.