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E***MENT !!

Toronto-- Oct. 1998--Bowing to the wishes of its fans The Apocalypse
Wrestling Federation will be moving to a larger venue when the wildly
successful wrestling organization returns to Toronto shortly.

The phenomenal success of the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation is the  talk
of the Canadian wrestling fraternity.  Their August 1998 debut show drew
the largest crowd in a decade and a half for an independent wrestling show
in the Toronto area.  Their follow-up show in Oct.  was also a tremendous

Since their shows the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation has been flooded with
requests from fans and venues alike to move their brand of hard hitting
wrestling action to some  bigger venues.

Ask and you shall receive, says Chris Mulchinock Director and CEO of
Apocalypse Promotions.  One of the things that has made the AWF so
successful is that we listen to our fans.  We are very receptive to their
wants and wishes and our fans have spoken!

And to that end plans are currently in the works to bring the Apocalypse
Wrestling Federation into a series of bigger venues both in Metro Toronto
and throughout  SOUTHERN ONTARIO!!!

As the APOCALYPSE WRESTLING FEDERATION tours more and more world renowned
wrestling SUPERSTARS will join this Canadian success story.

We are now negotiating with some of the biggest names in the wrestling
business.  All of the stars want to be apart of the Apocalypse Wrestling
Federation.  Names that the public will just not want to miss!!.  ABDULLAH
the BUTCHER and JIMMY SUPERFLY SNUKA were just the tip of the iceberg.
The BIGGEST NAMES are YET TO COME!!!, says Mulchinock.

In addition to the larger venues and the independent wrestling worlds
biggest names the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation is looking to debut a
TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT in wrestling promotion in the very near future.  It is
a concept Mulchinock believes will keep the APOCALYPSE WRESTLING FEDERATION
the talk of the wrestling industry.

Our Commissioner Ron Hutchison has been at the forefront of the Canadian
wrestling business for over 15 years.  He sets the standards that others
strive to reach. Not only is he perhaps the most successful wrestling
trainer in the world but  he is also an integral part of the Apocalypse
Wrestling Federation.  When he proposed this radically different approach
to wrestling promotion to our board members everybodys jaw dropped!  I am
not at liberty to discuss this at the moment but Metro Toronto will witness
it very shortly!  We just have to get all of the nuts and bolts in place.

The Apocalypse Wrestling Federation will announce their return showcase
very shortly on this web site!

Wrestling fans are encouraged to write or email the Apocalypse Wrestling
Federation with what they would like to see from the Federation.  By mail
the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation can be reached at P.O. Box 22523, 300
Coxwell Ave., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4L 2A0.  Or by email at

703-8063.  Coincidentally, all of the addresses above can also be used by
fans looking to inquire about Hutchisons Sullys Gym Pro Wrestling Courses.

Names like the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Christian, the Edge, Tiger
Ali Singh and WCWs Johnny *** are former students of the AWF


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