IEA Sunday Night Suplex Showcase results 4/9/00

IEA Sunday Night Suplex Showcase results 4/9/00

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Here are the results for the April 9th card in Viena, Austria!

Sunday Night Suplex Showcase

Match 1 - Giant Anaconda vs. Rage:

    *It get's dark as Giant Anaconda walks to the ring, there's only one
green stroboscope effect light that follows Giant Anaconda. Giant Anaconda
walks over the top-rope, raises his arms and pyros fly off the four corners,
then the lights go back on.*
    *Rage enters the ring with no crowd reaction whatsoever befitting for a

    Rage immediately runs at Giant Anaconda. Giant Anaconda hits a
spinebuster on Rage. The referee calls for the bell to begin the match.
Giant Anaconda grabs Rage by the hair and yanks him to his feet. Anaconda
hits a one handed chokeslam. Rage starts whimpering. The behemoth figure of
Giant Anaconda looms over the fallen figure of Rage. He kicks him in the
head and then delivers a leg drop. Rage clutches his face in agony. Rage is
again yanked to his feet. Anaconda then puts Rage into position for a
fall-away slam. Anaconda holds him in the setup position for a few seconds
while he yawns. Suddenly his eyes light up, he hisses, and hits a fall-away
slam into the ring post.

    Rage is dragged away from the ringpost, and flipped onto his face.
Anaconda climbs the ringpost and lands a legdrop onto the back of Rages
head. The crowd go nuts. Anaconda rolls rage over. Pin attempt. 1 2 Anaconda
lifts Rage to his feet and yells out "You aint seen nothing yet in dutch.
Anaconda hits a chickenwing Powerbomb and slams Rage into the mat with a
deafening thud. Anaconda pulls the hair away from his face, smiles to the
crowd, and traces his finger over the anaconda on his suit. He yells to the
crowd and says in broken English "Hello my name Anaconda. Me kick Rage ass
good!" The crowd start laughing. Anaconda starts getting pissed off and
turns to finish off Rage. Rage hits Anaconda in the groin and then puts
Anaconda in a backbreaker on his shoulder.

    Rage turns to the crowd to celebrate. Anaconda leaps to his feet and
laughs. Rage turns around, horrified that someone survived his patented
move. Anaconda hits the snake bite, a cobra clutch slam. Pin attempt
1...2...3! Anaconda has totally dominated the pitiful Rage.

Match 2 - Jay "Fireball" Clarke vs. Ching Wang Zing:

    *The whole arena goes pitch black as the start of Paradise city plays.
Suddenly a large flare fires up from the entrance way and explodes high
above the crowd and Jay makes his way out pausing to give a long deep kiss
to one of the lucky female fans before he runs down to the ring.*
    *Ching Wang Zing comes down to the ring with no music, no entrance and
absolutely NO crowd reaction.*

    The referee rings the bell. The two wrestlers lock up. Jay manages to
knee Ching in the chest and hits an implant DDT. Pin attempt by Jay. 1..
strong kick out from Ching. Jay and Ching get to their feet. Jay bounces off
the ropes and attempts to clothesline Ching but is met with a dropkick.
Ching runs to the rope and attempts a springboard leg drop. Jay rolls out of
the way just as Ching is about to hit him. Ching hits the mat hard. Jay uses
this to his advantage and places Ching in a figure 4 leglock. Ching starts
to scream in pain as he claws his way to the ropes. Ching cant crawl
anymore. He tries to reverse the hold. Jay attempts to resist Ching
attempted reversal. Ching overpowers Jay and places him in his own hold. Jay
grabs onto the ropes. The referee orders Ching to break the hold.

    The two get up gingerly and start hobbling to each other. Ching screams
in pain as he hits Jay with a spinning heel kick. Jay hits the floor. Ching
picks Jay up by the hair and attempts to hit a haymaker. Jay ducks the punch
and executes a side Suplex! The crowd go nuts as Ching is hurled across the
ring. Jay uses his new found energy to execute a Springboard moonsault off
the second rope. Again the crowd go nuts and start chanting for Jay. Ching
cops most of the impact on his face and is in real pain. Jay places Ching
into a boston crab. Ching is now screaming and powers his way to the ropes.
Ching grabs the ropes and Jay is ordered to release the hold. Ching starts
to get to his feet and pokes Jay in the eye. Jay grabs at his eye in pain
Ching climbs the turnbuckle. As Ching reaches the top rope Jay looks up at
ching. Ching is about to jump, but Jay is too quick and punches him in the
stomach. Jay climbs up and executes a top rope DDT. The crowd at this point
are going wild. Jay yanks Ching to his feet by the hair and tries
hispatented move, the Firestarter, but Ching ducks it. ching grabs Fireball
and nails the Heart Punch. Ching covers. 1...2...3! Ching gets a hard fought
victory and goes backstage to celebrate.

Match 3 - Hades vs. Scheize:

    *Scheize is already waiting in the ring for Hades.*
    *As "headup" by the Deftones hits the speakers, Hades walks out to the

    *DING DING DING*. Hades lunges at Scheize but is taken down with a spin
kick to the back of the knee. Scheize immediately jumps on Hades back and
applies a camel clutch. Hades struggles to his feet. Hades grabs one of
Scheize's arms and whips Scheize over his shoulder. Hades then runs off the
ropes, attempting a guillotine leg drop, but Scheize rolls out of the way.
Scheize then picks Hades up by the hair and drags him into the corner.
Scheize goes to drive Hades' head into the turnbuckle but Hades blocks it
then reverses it. Scheize staggers out into the middle of the ring. Hades
grabs Scheize and whips him off the ropes then goes for a back body drop.
Scheize sees this and slides on the floor beneath Hades and delivers a low
blow. Hades goes down and Scheize makes the cover. 1... 2... Hades just
barely gets a shoulder up.

    Scheize picks up Hades and attempts to whip him off the ropes but Hades
reverses it. Scheize comes back off the ropes at Hades and Hades almost
decapitates him with a vicious clothesline. Hades picks Scheize up off the
mat and whips him off the ropes again, this time for a tilt a whirl back
breaker. Hades makes the cover. 1... Scheize kicks out strongly. Hades picks
up Scheize and whips him off the ropes yet again. Hades nails Scheize with a
huge spinebuster. Hades then picks Scheize up and powerbombs him to the mat.
Hades makes the cover. 1... 2... Hades picks up Scheize. The referee warns
Hades of such tactics. Hades then points to the top rope and the crowd goes

    Hades lifts Scheize up onto the top turnbuckle then climbs up with him.
Hades takes Scheize back down to the canvas with a brainbuster. Hades goes
for the pin. 1... 2... 3... the bel rings to end the match. DING DING DING!
Hades wins via pinfall.

Match 4 - Gado vs. The One:

    *The One makes his way to the ring. He gets in through the ropes and
awaits Gado*
    *The lights go out completely, for several seconds there is nothing but
darkness. A lone violin starts to play it's mellow music, and a large
spotlight resembling a full moon shines on the center of the ring. Gado
rises to his feet in the middle of the light with his head back and arms
crossed. He sniffs the air around him hard, then cracks his knuckles at his
sides, kicks the dirt away from his feet and takes his ready position,
glaring at The One.**bell

Gado and One tie up. Gado whips One into the ropes, and follows it up with a
tiger claw across The One's face. One wipes some of the *** from his face,
***s it, and jumps up. He starts swinging wildly, and Gado easily dodges
his fists. Gado grabs his arm, twists it, and brings his elbow down on The
One's shoulder. He does it again, and The One drops down to one knee. Gado
releases the arm, and kicks him hard across the back of the neck. The One
flops over and grabs the back of his neck. Gado picks him up and whips him
into the corner. Gado starts kicking The One in the chest, then nails him in
the face with a spinning heel kick.

Gado grabs The One and whips into the opposite corner, and The one slams
into it hard, stumbling back out. Gado takes the opportunity, and nails The
One with a running tiger claw and destroyer. This could be it. Gado signals
to the crowd, and starts to set The One up for his finisher. He grabs One by
the throat and lifts him up for the chokeslam, but here comes Gnome and The
Giant. Gnome distracts the referee by jumping up on the apron, and Gado
releases The One as Giant jumps in the ring with a steel chair in his hand.
Gado tries to hit Giant with a tiger claw, but Giant moves out of the way,
and nails Gado in the head with the chair. Gado falls down as Giant rolls
out of the ring and Gnome hops off the apron. The One hooks the leg and
makes the cover, 1...2...3**DING DING DING**

The referee raises The One's hand in victory. He gets out of the ring and
makes his way to the back area as Giant and Gnome get in the ring and start
stomping on Gado. More referees come down to the ring and pull them off of
Gado. Giant and Gnome leave the ring laughing as paramedics run into the
ring to help Gado.

Match 5 - Diabolus vs. Drunken Monkey

    *Drunken Monkey makes his way to the ring, and hops over the ropes and
awaits his opponent*
    *The arena goes dark, and Diabolus makes his way to the ring under a
shower of red sparks. He reaches the ring, hops onto the apron, and flips
over the top rope. He falls to his knees in the center of the ring and lets
out a yell as blue sparks begin to shower down around him.**bell rings**

Drunken Monkey tries to knock Diablous down right off the bat, but Diabolus
ducks it, kicks him below the belt, and DDT's him. Diabolus hops up on the
top turnbuckle, turns around, and hits him with a guillotine leg drop.
Diabolus sits up on the turnbuckle, and waits as DM gets up. He stumbles
over towards the corner, and Diabolus grabs him, and hits a tornado DDT.
Diabolus locks on a figure 4 leglock, and Monkey starts flailing his arms
wildly. DM doesn't give in, and the referee orders a frustrated Diabolus to
release the hold. Diabolus picks DM up
and sets him up for a piledriver, but Monkey wiggles out and reverses it,
giving Diabolus a piledriver of his own.

    Diabolus is quickly up on his feet, and he knocks Drunken Monkey down to
the mat with a spinning heel kick to the temple. He climbs the turnbuckle,
and hits DM with an asai moonsault. He stands on Monkey's throat, ***
him, as the referee is telling him to get off. Diabolus steps off of his
throat, picks DM up, and plants him back down with a northern lights suplex.
Monky is lying lifeless on the mat as Diabolus gets on the apron and climbs
to the top turnbuckle. The crowd erupts in cheers as Diabolus nails the
Shooting Star Press. He hooks the leg, and the referee makes the count,
1...2...3**DING DING DING**

The winner of the match via pinfall, Diabolus.

Match 6 - Ray Wright vs. Sarkkhan:

    *The arena goes black and "Superbeast" starts playing. Yellow lights
flash randomly above the ring with the beat of the synthesizer at the start
of the song. When the power chord strikes to start the guitar playing, there
is an explosion of pyrotechnics on top of each post, with the flames burning
until Sarkkahn enters the ring accompanied by Cactus Funk.*
    *The lights go dim as "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit starts to pound on
the speakers. Ray Wright makes his way to the ring.*

    Both men size each other up for a considerable amount of time but
finally lock up. Sarkkhan puts Wright in a side head lock but Wright quickly
slides out of it and pushes Sarkkhan off the ropes. Wright then takes
Sarkkhan down to the canvas with a shoulder block. Wright looks a little
***y and lets Sarkkhan get back to his feet but, surprisingly, Sarkkhan
seems to be commending Wright on his effort. Both men circle and size each
other up again. They lock up and Sarkkhan quickly over powers Wright,
connecting with a scoop slam. Sarkkhan then drops a quick elbow and goes for
the pin. 1... 2... kickout. Sarkkhan then slaps on a chin lock and the
referee checks to see if Wright is okay.

    Wright wiggles and squirms his way over to the ropes and Sarkkhan makes
a clean break. Wright makes it back to his feet and the men lock up again.
Sarkkhan looks to get the upper hand and goes to whip Wright off the ropes
but Wright reverses it sending Sarkkhan into the ropes instead. Wright
synchs in a sleeper as Sarkkhan comes off the ropes. Sarkkhan slowly fades
down to one knee but Cactus Funk gets up on the ring apron and distracts the
referee. Wright releases the hold and Sarkkhan slumps down to the mat.
Wright heads over to Funk and shoves him down off the apron and Funk crashes
into the protective steel barrier. Wright turn back to face Sarkkhan but is
hit with a spine buster. Sarkkhan goes for the pin. 1... 2... kickout.
Sarkkhan picks up Wright and whips him off the ropes. Wright ducks another
big clothesline by Sarkkhan then comes off the ropes, hitting a spear.
Wright makes the cover. 1... 2... Funk reaches in and
pulls Wright to ringside by the leg.

    Sarkkhan slides out of the ring as Destruction Inc. come running down to
ringside. Funk begins giving the boots to Wright but Sarkkhan pulls him off
and scolds him for his actions. Pain and Edgecrusher then come running
through with a double clothesline, almost killing Funk. Sarkkhan picks up
Wright and slides him back into the ring just as the bell goes to end the
match. The referee has disqualified both wrestlers. Edgecrusher and Pain
pick up Funk and slide him into the ring as well. Both men begin stomping on
Funk. Sarkkhan doesn't move in to aid his comrade. Wright finally makes it
back to his feet and joins into the attack. Finally, Sarkkhan intervenes as
he pushes all three Destruction Inc. members away from Funk. Sarkkhan brings
Funk up to the top rope then hits his patented top rope powerbomb.

    Banshee and JayRok run out of the back stage area and slide into the
ring to a large cheer from the crowd. All 6 men start battling as Bradley
Culver makes his way to the ring. Culver lunges at Ray Wright. Funk gets ot
his feet and spins Sarkkhan around. Funk kicks Sarkkhan in the groin. JayRok
and Banshee throw Pain over the top rope. They then execute De-Construction,
the Banshee's Wail/RokBuster combo. EC rolls out of the ring as Funk tosses
Srakkhan over. Funk and Culver double clothesline Ray over the top rope. All
four D.I. members are booed as they make their way to the back. JR and
Banshee leave otgether, and Culver and Funk leave separately after Wrecking


Giant Anaconda vs. Rage -  Luke Harwood
Jay "Fireball" Clarke vs. Ching - Luke Harwood
Hades vs. Scheize - Jay Babstock
Gado vs. The One  - Mike Nunes
Diabolus vs. Drunken Monkey - Mike Nunes
Ray Wright vs. Sarkkhan - Jay Babstock