Gladiatorial I :The Card; still accepting applications

Gladiatorial I :The Card; still accepting applications

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Here is the card so far for  Gladiatorial  I  happening Feb.10th at the Hartford Civic Center:
Still accepting applications for new wrestlers please if interested email at

The Card:
Masked patriot (World Champ) v. Voodoo Master (Coal Miners Glove Match)
Code RED (Tag Team Champs) v.Replay (Chicago Streetfight/Steel Cage)
Kevin Fiercehart(Arena Champion)v. William Lewis  v. Union Jack
Mr.Big v. Kyle Storm
Panther's Claw v. WildCards
Twin Titans v. Urban Warriors (Submission Match)
Talon v. Harold Harley (2 out of 3 falls)
New Order v. Maximum Carnage
DogFight v. Lawrence Justice
Damien Legend v. Shadowmaster (Falls count anywhere)


Gladiatorial I :The Card; still accepting applications

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|               WAeW                      |
|      World Association of e-Wrestling        |

[The camera shot opens to a studio room in St. Louis, WAeW headquarters.
The camera pans
around, coming to rest on a broadcast booth shaped in a half-circle.
Sitting on the left is a tall
female. She has shoulder legnth blond hair styled fancily. Dressed in
light blue denim jeans and
a WAeW sweatshirt, she smiles sweetly to the camera. This is Kelly
Summers, one of the
broadcasters. To her left is a man looking to be in his late twenties. He
wears black slacks and a
red tee shirt with his brown hair parted down to the side. This is Ronny
Wallace, another
announcer. As the camera zooms in, "Ironman" by Black Sabbath plays. The
view blinks, and
goes black. Suddenly, the screen is engulfed in flame and smoke. As it
clears, the logo

                ##     ##
                ##     ##           ######     ##        ##    ###      ##
                #######           ##            ##   #   ##    ###    
#####       ##      ##
                ##      ##          ######     ##   #   ##    ###      ##
   ##    ##      ##
                ##        ##        ##            ##   #   ##    ###    
##     ##    ##    ##
                ##         ##       ######     ########     ###      ##  
 ##    #####

                                WAeW Rewind Report

                     Wednesday, January Twenty Ninth, Nine*** Ninty Seven

                                Hosted By:
                                                Kelly Summers
                                                Ronny Wallace


[The music ends and the camera fades in. The show is on.]

KELLY: Hello, and welcome folks to the Rewind Report on this beautiful
Wednesday Night. The    
        snow came down hard yesterday, but we're here in the cold to give
ya' all the hot news.

RONNY:Another week to put up with this ***, eh? Shit, working with that
idiot Chris on the      
        cards _has_ to be better than this.

KELLY: Watch that language--kid's are watching! Anyway, we have a few
headlines to get into,  
        so let's get into them now.

RONNY:[sarcasticly] Oh goodie.

Just earlier this week, WAeW Front Office appointed Steve Cape as
under Zach Hyatt's lead. As some of you may now, Steve and Zach worked
together very briefly in the end of 1996 for Roadkill Production's ERWI.
that company was bought out, Zach helped get WAeW up. And now, with
a bright future, the Dream Team front office staff of Hyatt & Cape is back
in town!

Over the weekend, some stress on the part of Aerial Man led to the
of his possible early departure. Executives chose only to say, "Brett
Man's first name] is under going some thoughts on weather or not he is
of WAeW's quality standard. We have assured him, that with effort, he
do well." As of right now, Aerial Man is still on the payroll of WAeW and

*-*-*-* SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR. *-*-*-*
WAeW had been in talks with wrestling legend Serge Annis for weeks now,
and things were looking postive. Yesterday, however, Annis reliquenished
his negotiations and called things off. Citing lack of time, Serge and
parted ways. However, he gave indications to heed a warning that come
the Epitome of Evil may seek out WAeW for some action.

*-*-*-* ANYONE GOT AN ASPRIN? *-*-*-*
For several days, staff have been trying to get in touch with Power, but
thing is wrong. When Power failed to show for a scheduled interview, front

office staff called his local residence. To our shock, Power was in bed
a severe magrine headache. He claims to have been bothered by some loud
noises, something like a drum beat. What does this mean? We shall soon
find out.

*-*-*-* CRADLE OF FILFTH? IF YOU SAY SO... *-*-*-*
WAeW is ready to sign the contracts of the unusual named tag team of
of Filth.Made up of Bobby Harlem and Tel Capone, this tandem looks to be
ready to make the jump from such big time leagues as EWA and WAR right
into the rings of the World Association of e-Wrestling! While these
may be odd in looks, some say this team is _not_ more style than

Submission master Bobby Taylor, led by Mr. Max, has arrived in WAeW. His
no nonsense Italian mafia *** tells anyone with common sense to stay far
away from his devious submission hold, nerve ending P.A.I.N. When he locks
it on, it's see ya later shoulder! Bobby Taylor has arrived in WAeW!
*-*-*-*                                         *-*-*-*

RONNY:[Yawns] Now that stuff was intresting. People already _know_ this
stuff. Who really      
        cares about if Power stubbed a toe, or if WAeW couldn't meet the
money demans of a      
        wrestling legend?

KELLY: I don't know Ronny, maybe...the _fans_ care. Okay, we got an
interview from Punisher        
        to play, so let's roll it.

RONNY:[muttering] Oh boy, I better not blink. Then the thing will be over
before it starts.

[Roll footage]

PUNISHER:I'm getting sick and tired of all the wrestlers here in the WAeW
and their stupid
overconfidence!  First, Lord Nikon, you're talking about how you would
defend the World title
when you win it but I got news for you , You haven't won it and you shall
not win it as long as I'm
you're semi final opponent . I'm not saying that I will beat you , I'm
just saying that You won't win
the title. Second, Lord Foul, You have already began to consider you're
opponents in the final
when you haven't even qualified. I'm sure that Slack has something geared
up for you.Now Lord
Nikon, as far as I'm concerned with this tournament and this Federation,
You're nothing but
another  low down, stinking, self proclaimed King who actually thinks that
everyone respects
him. When I face you in the ring at Febuary, You will find out why I am
Rated and Called, The
Punisher .

[Fade out]

KELLY: Intresting that he should mention Lord Nikon...because as we
understand it, an              
        altercation  between him and Lord Foul the Despiser have led to
"Nikon" finding his  
        roots back in the USA. From what we understand, Nikon the Impaler
lives no more, but      
        Casey Stanfield is here. This idenity crisis may serve Casey well,
but now the            
        complexion of things change. Punisher was preparing for a vicisous
rulebreaker, but        
        now he has the same man, wrestling clean.

RONNY:So...he's facing the _same_ man with the _same_ skills, just a
stupider one than      

KELLY: I can't winth with you, can I? The Heartbreakers recently had a
chance to speak out, and
        let's hear what they had to say.

[Scene opens on the Heartbreak Hotel. Rugged Ron Percy and KO Kid
Kevin Allan can be seen talking to a group of lovely ladies.]

LADY #1: Could you sign my shirt, Kid? You guys are the greatest.

ALLAN: Sure, darling. And I know we are. We're going to prove it too, by
beating the Human      
        Missiles in the first round of the tag tourney. Ain't that right
Rugged Ron?

PERCY: Damn straight. If they're the human missles than we're the Scud's,
cause these guys        
         are going down.

ALLAN: We've worn tag belts before and we'll do it again. Human Missles,
        you've just been deactivated by the living legends themselves, the

PERCY: And won't they just be oh so heartbroken after we end their title

ALLAN: And probably their pathetic careers.

PERCY: We're ready. We've been training hard. Come the tournament, you're
         looking at the winners of the first round.

ALLAN: And we ain't gonna be held responsible for what happens to
        and End. You guys got what should have been our first round bye.

PERCY: For that, we are the Beginning of your end. Punks.

ALLAN: WAeW, get ready to be Heartbroken!!!

[Fade out]

RONNY:Odd bunch, ain't they?

KELLY: I dunno, seem deteminated. Speaking of odd, Sinister Sam sent in
the following tape for
        us to see. Roll it.

[Scene opens on a dark room, filled with smoke. A haunting drum beat
can be heard from somewhere deeper into the smoke. It sounds strangely
The camera works through the smoke and comes onto Sinister Sam, sitting
cross legged on the floor. He seems to be in a trance as he taps out the
meloncholy tune on his bongo drum.]

SAM:What you are listening to, is the Sinister Death March. You'll be
hearing a lot of it in the      
next little while, so get used to it. But don't  be sad. It isn't really a
sad tune for Death is all
around us all the time.  You see, the drum tolls for all. And it would
seem that Mr. Power's time
has  come. Don't cry for him. Save your tears. Because soon, oh so very
soon, the  Sinister One
will be calling on you. When you hear the drum beat, you'll  know you're
time has come.
        The driving force of the WAeW, is Sinister Sam. Power, you will
feel  the power of my
Backbeat. And when you do, well, it'll be all over for you.  It's time to
get Sinister. Think you can
stand it?

[Fade out]

KELLY: I wonder if those drum beats have a connection with--




KELLY:The dru--

RONNY:Couldn't be. Let's hear from one weird dude again, the Phenom.

[The camera blinks on, and fades into a grey skied neighborhood. This
town, is Cherry Oak Hills.
For the most part, the block is full of neat tall, skinny houses,
expensive and fancy. Except for
one. The camera pans down to the last house on the left. What was once a
beautiful house like
the rest, is now a charred burnt black shell of it's former self. The WAeW
camera man, in this
poor incident one Roger Millsbury, walks to the house. He knocks in the
door, but as he does, t
slides open--unlocked. The camera man gulps, and enters the shabby dark
house. He walks
past the small tile kicthen--toasted to a crisp now--and slowly opens the
celler door. Warily, he
walks down the wooden steps into the shadows of the fire. Cherry Oak
Hills, the last ...

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