(PJW) Roleplays 6/05/98

(PJW) Roleplays 6/05/98

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Super Dragon
::::: Super Dragon is walking down a street in Osaka. He is wearing a
black Addias windbreaker, and his green mask.:::::::

Super Dragon- Last night, the fans in my hometown of Osaka got to see a
wrestling classic when Carlos Liger Jr., one of my good friends, and I
wrestled to a time limit draw.

:::::A kid comes up to Super Dragon, with a pen and a notebook::::::

The kid- Super Dragon, your my favorite wrestler. Please sign my

:::::Super Dragon signs the autograph:::::

Super Dragon- Was you in the crowd last night?

kid- Yeah, it was a great match, I wish you would have won the title. I
hope you win the title in America.

Super Dragon- Thanks

:::::The kid runs away in joy as he waves goodbye to Super Dragon::::

Super Dragon- Last night, I came within an eyelash of winning the
Japanese Title, which is, in my opinion, the ONLY title worth
holding.... You see I came here, not to have a great match and put up a
great effort, I came here to win the belt. It has been my dream to win
the title, and that is what I have set out to do.

:::::::As Super Dragon is walking the arena in downtown Osaka can be
seen, and Super Dragon stops and points at the arena.::::::

Super Dragon- As a child, my father used to talk me there every Saturday
night to watch the matches. I used to tell him, "Dad...one day I'm going
to be up there, and I'm going to be the best...... I'm going to be
Champion." Well.... Last night, my father was in the arena when I
fought Carlos Liger, Jr. for the title. He was cheering me on... After
the card, I went to him and I said, "I'm sorry dad..... I couldn't do
it, I tried but I couldn't."

:::::Super Dragon is getting choked up and getting caught in the emotion
of the moment.::::::::

Super Dragon- He told me, "Son, you told me long ago that, you was
going to win the title. I don't want to here you say you couldn't do it.
You can and I'll be with you every step of the way." I'm going to
America to win that belt. I'm not going to get a draw, I'm not going to
lose.... Dad this one is for you

:::::::The screen fades to black:::::::

Jet Jaguar & Takao Nakami
(Camera opens in a large conferance room. The folding metal chairs are
all filled with reporters and photographers. Other photographers line
the walls as well. At the front of the room is a raised platform with a
podium bearing the PJW and NWC banners on the front. Next to the podium
is a table with two microphones standing in the middle. The room is
filled with an e***d buzz amongst the reporters. A hush comes over the
room, however as PJW President Hadi Moditian enters the room. He is
dressed in a simple but elegant dark blue suit with a black tie. He
smiles to the gathered press corps as he walks up to the podium. He bows
to the group, and then speaks.)

Moditian: "Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for coming to
this press conferance. As you all know Pro Japan Wrestling has joined
the National Wrestling Conferance. In a sign of appreciation and
recognition, the NWC has granted a team from the PJW the honor of a
National Tag-Team Title match."

(The cameras flash away as Moditian continues.)

Moditian: "After some consideration, myself and the other members of the
PJW board have decided just which team will recieve that honor. I would
like to introduce that team to you. Jet Jaguar and Takao Nakami."

(Moditian gestures to the door smiling and the camera pans over as Jet
Jaguar and Takao Nakami enter the room. Jaguar is wearing a charcoal
grey suit jacket and dress pants with black shoes and his silver and
black mask. Nakami wears his usual navy blue mask, with a navy blue
suit, as well as a pair of navy blue dress pants, and a pair of black
shoes.They acknowledge the group with raised hands, and then walk to the
podium. Both men shake hands with Moditian in turn, and then bow to him.
Moditian smiles, and returns the bow. Jaguar and Nakami then sit down at
the table.)

Moditian: "We feel that the PJW will be represented very well by this
great team. Now, I will allow you to ask any questions you may have
concerning the match."

Reporter: "How do you feel about recieving this match? Isn't it a great
deal of pressure since you just entered the PJW?"

Jaguar: "Hai. It is always an extra challange when you are representing
your federation. It is a great honor that we have been selected, and we
will do our best to uphold the PJW standard of excellance."

Nakami: "To tell you the truth, I was shocked. We arrived not to long
ago, and we've been given a chance to represent this federation in a ver
big matchup. Sure, there is a lot of pressure going with this matchup,
but Jet and I will do our best, and hopefully we can pull out a

Reporter: "What do you think of your opponents, Aztec Blaze and Redd

Jaguar: "Both men have shown that they have respect for the rules of the
sport, and for the fans. It should be a great contest, a true test of
athletic ability. Purely scientific, and with the best team winning in
the end."

Nakami: " They are two men who I have a tremendous amount of
respect for. Any team that can win those titles gets respect from me,
but a team that can do it fair and square shows me they have a ton of
skill. Although I haven't seen much of these two, I think it will be an
interesting experience tag team against them.

Reporter: "Nakami, Aztec Blaze is reportedly a recovering alchoholic.
Considering your past, do you have any thoughts on this?"

(Jaguar attempts to interject, but Nakami holds up his hand and silences

Nakami: " Well... that makes me respect the man even more. Knowing
that he had to go through the hell that I had to go through, and was
able to overcome his ***ion, and prove to the world that he is the
caliber athlete that is capable of winning a World Tag Team Title shows
that he is not only a great wrestler, but a great wrestler with
tremendous strength and will power. I pray that both he and I will
never be involved with *** again... it's a highly ***ive drug
that can entangle you in a web of hate, depression, and foolishness. I
pray that we can stay clean."

Reporter: "Besides getting this title match, how do you feel overall
about the PJW's agreement to join the NWC?"

Nakami: " I believe that it was a great move by the PJW. Not only does
it give the PJW a bit more exposure on the global level, but it also
gives ever PJW wrestler the chance to matchup against teams throughout
the globe, just as we will be doing very shortly."

Jaguar: "I feel it is a great oppurtunity for the PJW as well. It allows
a wide range of talented athletes to compete against each other, and
creates a greater sense of competition. The National titles are
strengthened due to this kind of intense and varied competition, making
them even more valued."

Reporter: "But in joining the NWC, the PJW's titles were stripped of
World status. Doesn't this decrease those titles values."

Jaguar: "In one sense, perhaps. It is no longer a 'world title', but
with this agreement, it has a chance to be even stronger. In fact, if it
is defended in the regions of the NWC it will be a world title in
function even if it isn't one in name."

Nakami: " I would have to say that Jet hit the nail right on the head
on that one. Sure, the title won't be a 'World Title' per se, but it
will give the champion the chance to defend it against wrestlers from
all over the globe, making the title and even strong title with more
prestige and glory."

Reporter: "Do you have any messages for your opponents."

(Jaguar and Nakami consider this question for a few moments.)

Jaguar: "I would just like to be the first to welcome Pike-san and
Blaze-san to the PJW. I look forward to a great match, and I know I will
give my best, as will my partner."

Nakami: " They seem to be great compedators, and I too would like to
welcome them into the PJW. I would also like to wish them luck in our
matchup, which will hopefully be a fair and even contest."

Jaguar: "We will be representing the entire PJW, and we will take even
greater strength from that. It will be a glorious event."

(Moditian approaches the podium once more)

Moditian: "Thank you Jaguar and Nakami. I know you will make us proud.
Thank you all for coming out. Thank you."

(Jaguar and Nakami rise, and shake hands with Moditian once more, and
then bow to him, and then to the reporters. Cameras flash as Nakami and
Jaguar pose with fists raised in the Team Tiger "salute". The scene
fades to black)

Danny Devo
[Danny Devo takes a break from his workout, I will describe his costume
later in this flash.]

"Yeah! ooh yeah, ooh yeah! I beat Jonathan Witt. WHOO! No, wait. Not
my line. The greatest mid-carder of all time, ba best of em all. Danny
Dee beat yet another man whose name is ranked above me. Step outta da
way, Danny Dee, the man the machine the greatest of 'em all."

[Danny is wearing a pair of sweatpants but has the elastic ankle thing
hiked up to his knees. His shirt has a 'Plasmastics' logo on the front.
Oh yeah, he is wearing those old Addidas imitation white boxing boots
that have those two red and blue stripes on the side.]

"When I came here, the wrestlers were laughing at me. Who is laughing
noW! I earned my respect, and ain't nobody gonna take it away from me,
cuz when ya got something in your hands, ain't nobody gonna take it
away, not from me, Retro danny Dee, the greatest mid-carder of all time"

Chandrasekhar Yoshida
(Fade in: Inside a gym. The gym seems to be in top shape, with state of
the art machinery. In the background we can see various athletes working
out. One of them is easily recognized as Susan K'uang-yin, former WSIW
Pacific Champion. The others are mainly Asiatic or African American.
Sitting on a bench we can see two figures talking. One is a young
Japanese athlete, his long jet-black hair*** down to his shoulders.
He is wearing red training shorts and black wrestling boots. His upper
body is bare, showing the tattoo of a black tsunami wave filled with
stars on his chest. He is slowly drinking from a bottle. The other is
wearing a metallic blue sports bra and shorts. She is the Geisha, Tomoe

Tomoe: "I think it was a decision to our all best, Chandrasekhar-san.
With your skill and our guidance, you shall quickly make it to the very
top in the world, and with the wisdom of my master you shall soon
discover that you will get the respect and financial acquaintances a
world-class athlete of your status should possess."

Chandy: "Yes, Tomoe, I have to admit that my life has taken a very
positive turn since I joined you and your master... say, what are those
pills anyways you put in my refreshments?"

Tomoe: "A special... vitamin, it helps keep your senses sharp and
increase your muscle growth. But let's not talk about such trivial
matters. Your cardiovascular statistics show phenomenal numbers. I
believe the change from traditional meditation or whatever you call
those ridiculous stone age rituals to modern training methods has
increased your capabilities and enhanced your athletic skills. Soon you
will take Japan by storm, and shortly later the entire wrestling world
will bow down before you."

(Chandrasekhar nods, then takes a big gulp from his refreshment bottle)

Chandy: "Your words are very encouraging, Tomoe-sama, but we should
start it step-by-step. I will debut against one Jason Drake..."

Tomoe (interrupting him): "No, Chandrasekhar-san, do not think small
like your ancestors and their pathetic bushido did. Think big, like the
Americans do!"

Chandy (smirking): "Oh, I will. I have big plans. First off is Jason
Drake. How prepared are we?"

Tomoe: "Don't worry, Chandy, it's all under control. You are stronger
than him, faster than him, smarter than him. We've got all the tapes.
Videoclips from his matches. We know him better than he knows

(Suddenly, a figure steps in front of the camera. We cannot see him
fully as his back is turned to the camera. All we see is a small, squat,
African American with wild rasta locks, wearing a colorful Hawaiian
shirt. He puffs a thick cigar but from the current angle we cannot see
his face. Tomoe immediately drops on her knees while Chandy politely

Tomoe: "Master, welcome, and forgive me, I did not see you..."

Man: "No, Tomoe, my lovely. You are Chandy's master now. I have enough
bedwarmers. You may rise and tend the young Ghost, that he may be strong
enough to defeat his opposition."

(Tomoe slowly nods and rises back to her feet)

Man: "Chandy, I see you are making extensive use of our training
facilities... is everything to your liking?"

Chandy: "Oh, yes, Sir, just fabulous. I have never seen such an
extensive gym... it's just... I don't know. It's all like in a dream,
the money, the car, Tomoe..."

Man (sharp voice): "So then... there shouldn't be any problems, should

Chandy: "Well... people start to critizise me for what I said about SJPW
and bushido... see, I don't agree with what became of SJPW management
but it did give me my first pro wrestling opportunity and a lot of
experience... and bushido was my life, it guided me everywhere..."

Man (slowly shaking his head): "Tz... tz... young Ghost, you have much
to learn. SJPW is dead. Do not care about the comments made by drooling
***age fans. What did SJPW give you? Did you have the nice golden
watch? Did you have a red sports car? Tell me, did SJPW or bushido do
all that?"

Chandy (slowly looking to the floor): "No... no, you're right. They
didn't... I... I just feel like a traitor... all my life I aspired to be
a samurai..."

Man: "That you still are, Chandy, more than ever before. You are not a
traitor for abandoning the old ways, no, you are much more! You are a
pioneer! Yes, that's what you are, a pioneer, who ventures into new ways
and uses bushido to live a better life! Chandy, you are braver than
every samurai before you, who were simply too afraid to adapt. That's
what you are, a pioneer! Now, come on, we have to have dinner and talk
business. May Jason Drake be the first in a long row of unfortunate
victims on the way of the bravest samurai who ever lived!"

(Chandy sighs, then slowly nods and gets up. All three leave towards the

Chandy: "Yes... that's what I am... a pioneer..."

(Fade out)