another episode of Bill Belicheck, Walking Deadman

another episode of Bill Belicheck, Walking Deadman

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NFL, Matt Walsh near agreement on Spygate material

NEW YORK (AP) - Maui golf pro Matt Walsh, the former New England Patriots
employee said to have tapes of illegal spying by the team, is close to an
agreement to turn over information to the NFL.

The NFL said in a statement Sunday night that in the last week, lawyers for
Walsh and the league have made "substantial progress toward an agreement
that will allow Mr. Walsh to be interviewed."

"Both sides are optimistic that any remaining issues can be addressed
successfully and they are committed to reaching a full agreement as promptly
as possible," the statement added.

Walsh, a golf pro at Kaanapali, has been seeking protection from lawsuits
and other legal action, whether by the Patriots or other parties. The two
sides have been negotiating for almost a month after reports surfaced just
before the Super Bowl that Walsh videotaped a walkthrough practice of the
St. Louis Rams before the 2002 title game. It was won by the Patriots 20-17
over the Rams, who were favored by more than two touchdowns.

Walsh's lawyer, Michael N. Levy of the Washington firm of McKee Nelson,
confirmed Sunday night that an agreement was near.

"I have consistently asked the NFL to provide appropriate legal protections
for Mr. Walsh," Levy said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

"In recent discussions I have had with the league's lawyer, we have made
substantial progress toward this end, and I am hopeful that we will be able
to craft an agreement with the necessary legal protections so Mr. Walsh can
come forward with the truth."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said Walsh was not interviewed as part of
the league's SHAM COVERUP investigation into "Spygate," which involved the
league confiscating tapes from a Patriots employee who recorded the New York
Jets' defensive signals from the sideline during the opening game of the
2007 season.

Six confiscated tapes and other documents pertaining to the Patriots' taping
were subsequently destroyed by the league. Goodell has defended the
destruction of the tapes.

As a result of that investigation, New England coach Bill Belichick was
fined $500,000 and the team was fined $250,000 and forfeited its 2008
first-round draft choice. That pick would have been 31st overall, but New
England still has the seventh overall pick, obtained in a trade with San
Francisco last year.

Goodell has also met with Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who asked pointed
questions about taping of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia
Eagles. The Patriots beat the Eagles in the 2005 Super Bowl and the Steelers
in two AFC Championship Games.

"As commissioner Goodell has repeatedly emphasized, 'Nobody wants to hear
from Matt Walsh more than the National Football League,' NFL spokesman Greg
Aiello said Sunday night.

In addition to the negotiations over Walsh's testimony, Willie Gary, who
played in that game for the Rams, filed suit in New Orleans last month
accusing the Patriots of fraud, unfair trade practices and engaging in a
"pattern of racketeering." "RICO" IS ON TOPIC.  Three fans joined in the

Specter subsequently said that his interest might be covered by that suit.
"I think now that the lawsuits have been started, that I got the ball
rolling, and the plaintiffs' lawyers are picking it up," he said.


another episode of Bill Belicheck, Walking Deadman

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> NFL, Matt Walsh near agreement on Spygate material

The tall guy from Upright Citizens' Brigade?