I'm not one to bullshit ya, but heres the REAL truth

I'm not one to bullshit ya, but heres the REAL truth

Post by amishe.. » Thu, 28 Sep 2000 10:26:24

Isnt that title an oxymoron?  hmmmm, guess I need to work on those eh?
Well I've been reading and I see where EMCW and other people are saying
that EMCW is so elitist, accepting only the talent that can bring
something to their feds.  Well in every fed that I have been in since I
started E-wrestling, I have made the most of that fed, being very
closely involved in angles and storyline ideas.  All my tactics have
been written so the match writer can just cut and paste if he wishes.
I am at the point in my abilities that I feel that every match that I
want to win, I can.  Problem is that I dont want to win every match, I
want to make the fed the best it can be by helping the younger talent
develop.  In my short career I have taught two seperate handlers the
little details needed for great roleplaying, now these men are becoming
my greatest rivals.  Its stuff like that that make feds great.  Its not
a name, its a life-style.  You guys better watch out, cause im sticking
to my guns, to my fed (because damn, I'm loyal), and I'm gonna help
bring my fed up to the ranks above and beyond that of EMCW.  So watch
out because The Amish-One never lies.


"The Dream" Rick Taylor
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I'm not one to bullshit ya, but heres the REAL truth

Post by Alderran » Thu, 28 Sep 2000 11:30:37


This EMCW fed must rock!  

How can I join?

EMCW-err...EMWC Prez


I'm not one to bullshit ya, but heres the REAL truth

Post by Tha C-D » Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:05:32

This is good and bad.  EMWC, from what I have seen is a very good Fed.  And I
don't think they are driven by 'stomping' another Fed or being 'as good' as
them.  They all do their own things.  Angles, storylines, RP's, etc; are done
by the various handlers because that's what they want.  Their not working off
of trying to topple another Fed.  Maybe their confident in their own Work that
it is the best.  But, I was hesitant to agree that EMWC was "so good" and I got
on the List and their is some really good things coming out of it.  To be
honest, you should just focus on making your Fed the best you can make it, and
not worry about what EMWC is doing because ultimately, their not worrying about
you and when you become one dimensional [trying to top someone else] you kinda
focus more on just beating them rather then enjoying what you're doing.  I
don't know, maybe I'm wrong.  I don't really know.  Just telling you to worry
about your Own Fed.