New Fantasy Wrestling League

New Fantasy Wrestling League

Post by Joseph L. Petr » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Annoncing the arrival of a whole new era of fantasy wrestling...the
Chaotic Wrestling Alliance!  What's so Chaotic about it?  This is the
league that is fully directed by everyone!  Every angle submitted, every
feud suggested, every gimmick thought up becomes a part of the CWA
(though not always in the way you would hope for or expect)

Despite our name there are a couple of rules that need to be followed.  
Most rigerously enforced is the one wrestler per person rule.  I've seen
too many occasions wher a guy brings in a whole army of flat,
one-dimensional characters just to improve his chances of one of them
winning a title.  You only get one shot, so make it count!  Wrestlers
currently in any other fantasy federation are welcome to join, and their
past history will be recognized (provided I am made aware of it)

Though no angle will be turned down, the CWA is aimed at ***
wrestling.  Submissions of dead men or wrestling clowns will be frowned
upon, and the best that can be hoped for for these individuals is jobber
to the stars status.  Also you cannot book yourself to a title, or
specify winning or losing a certain match.  All such decisions shall be
made by "The Masked Commisioner", and all such decisions are final.

You must have your wrestler's profile in to me by May 1st to be eligible
for the first card, "Genesis:  A Star Born;  A Star Reborn",
tenatively scheduled for mid-May, and a shot at becoming the first CWA
Internet Champion.

A list of wrestler profiles will be posted shortly after the May 1st
entry deadline, so please hold of on all angle submissions until then.  
You may have a valet or manager for yourself, but they will not be
present during the match at Genesis.

Get in on the action, join the CWA today!  Where our motto is:

"Let the egos RULE!!!"

---Genesis Press Release---

A Star Born
Genesis will contain only one match, but it is a match like none
other ever fought.  All but one of the competitors of the CWA will do
battle inside of a completely enclosed 15 foot high steel cage, where
they must eliminate all of their competition by pinfall or submission to
become the sole survivor and the true Chaotic Wrestling Federation
Internet Champion!

A Star Reborn
Only one man on the planet is capable of controlling this kind of match.  
A man unilateraly hated, respected, and feared the world over.  The man
who guides the destiny of chaos, the special referee of the match from
hell, the two-time former RSPCW World Heavyweight Champion "The
Heartbreak Kid" Joe Petrow!

What kind of order can be founded on the grounds of disorder!?

The dawn of a new era in fantasy wrestling... Genesis!  Be there!!!

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