Warrior speaks on Fatherhood and Hogan's Tweeting

Warrior speaks on Fatherhood and Hogan's Tweeting

Post by David E. Powel » Sun, 03 Oct 2010 11:19:32

A guy asks:

"Warrior, I have two young kids around the same age as yours. Do you
think that it is a normal development in a man's life to have to give
up so much of ourselves to give our kids the best lives possible that
our own lives begin to fall into a rut from neglect of our own needs?
Is the true measure of a man what he still does for himself or what he
sacrifices for others?"

I really hate to see men conflicted about these things. It's just not
natural. A man should not be confused or wonder oddly about the most
basic things that make for strong peace of mind and a stable life. A
man is not supposed to be struggling with doubts and uncertainties
inside himself.

If males paid more attention to their natural masculine instincts and
thinking for themselves rather than today's emasculated cultural role
models and their sissified opinions and examples, they'd be able to
settle their inner conflicts on their own. Like a man should be able.

It may be normal by today's standards to entertain these kinds of
ideas put forward in this inquiry, but it's certainly NOT by
traditional ones. Traditional standards are what I use and my life
keeps turning out to be pretty damn solid and enjoyable, which gives
me and my family a beautiful peace of mind. The simple, blunt, bold
and no bs attitude of these is all I have to offer. If you want advice
fit for today's low standards, and evidence of its failures, follow
Hulk Hogan on Twitter.

No, of course not, not for one damn second, in any whatsoever, is it
normal for a father to think anything he does for his children is
somehow a bothersome sacrifice or giving something up of himself or
good enough reason to neglect his own needs and put himself and his
life in a rut.

For a father to view the challenging choices he has before him as
burdens instead of blessings, is to be devoted half-ass to performing
his responsibilities as a provider.

And to believe you have to in some way compromise your duties as a man
and father so that you can fulfill your own dreams and desires is
weakness, pure and simple. Letting yourself go all to hell and your
dreams rot is failure, pure and simple.

A father does it ALL -- and he never once whines or complains about
being blessed with the privilege and honor to do so. He doesn't try to
find a way out or around. He wakes each day and simply handles
whatever it is that is going on in his life.

He meet the needs of his reality AND his dreams.

He gives up nothing -- of his beliefs and aspirations (his DESTINY!)
or of the day-to-day demands of providing the needs and security his
family depends on him for.

He does not surrender squat when it comes to what truly matters.
Working on his Destiny matters every bit as much as putting food on
the table and clothes on his kids.

He doesn't entertain any thought that it is impossible.

There are many true measures of a man.

One sure one is that a man gives all of himself to doing ALL of
whatever he has before him in his life to do and he does it without
sitting in his OWN pile of shit, pouting and asking himself, "Why
me?", or without trying to place the burden of doing it or blame for
not getting it done on someone else, especially never his family.

Quit trying to find a way to escape or give yourself a break. Don't be
a V-man. Shut down the pansy-ass inner dialogue and suck it up and
take full responsibility for the life you have created for yourself.

Listen to me. If you believe the only way you can ever go after your
dreams is somehow escape the life you have now, that you created by
your own damn choices, you are only setting yourself up for deeper
resentment and regret.  If you believe the only way to get the job
done will be when there is no more day-to-day shit to shovel in your
life, then you will be shoveling shit till the day you die.

One more thing. A father does not provide the best possible life for
his kids by doing things in his life he finds no inspiration or
enjoyment in just so he can make money to buy kids things, whether
they be toys, fashionable clothes, popular tech gadgetry, the biggest
house on the block, etc.

One day -- not long after the day you buy it -- they will forget every
single material thing you, for basic comfort or luxury, provided them
with. But they will never forget the example you set and the energy
and attitude that comes off of you.

Kids have powerful instincts. You don't have to say anything about how
you feel like your life is in a rut or that you regret giving up on
your dreams or that you wish your life circumstances were different.
Without one word, they will be able to read you like a book and they
will know.

If you are really concerned about providing your kids the best
possible life, set an example for them that they will use to
positively and inspirationally guide themselves throughout the whole
of their lives.

S***your sacrificial, selfless, superficial and conventional ideas.
Find the energy, stamina, self-confidence, self-belief, and courage to
leave behind the things that have you ruining yourself and get out
there and fulfill the unique greatness inside of you.

Your Founding Father of Life Intensity,

Always Believe,



Warrior speaks on Fatherhood and Hogan's Tweeting

Post by Vin Broccol » Sun, 03 Oct 2010 13:11:31

Yawn, another page long of overly worded bullshit.


Warrior speaks on Fatherhood and Hogan's Tweeting

Post by patrick.mccl.. » Tue, 05 Oct 2010 21:55:10

> As far as pro wrestling goes, Warrior is a total ***ing failure. Stop
> taking him seriously.

> --
> Chad Bryant 0 just trying to helpwww.chadbryant.net

> "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then
> you win."
> -Mahatma Gandhi

Wow, actually as far as pro wrestling goes, the warrior was a huge
success. Now as far as actual ability to work in the ring he sucked.