Health Update On John Tenta

Health Update On John Tenta

Post by The Love Child Of Amy Dumas And Adam Feces Copelan » Tue, 05 Jul 2005 02:24:02


John "Earthquake" Tenta posted the following on his message board forum over
at on 6/29:

"Well I'm back from my son's wedding which went great. I was supposed to
start chemo today, however while I was in Florida, the hospital called and
said I was scheduled for a biopsy today instead. Apparently something has
shown up on my last scans. It appears to be 2 centimeters in size but they
are not sure if it's a cancerous tumor or scar tissue since it's close to
where my surgery was done last year. I asked if scar tissue takes a year to
form, and the assistant said yes, it sometimes does. So a biopsy today,
chemo on Friday when I'll also find out about the lung tumor."

Please feel free to drop by his message board with words of encouragement.

On behalf of everyone associated with, we wish Tenta nothing
but the best.


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