APCW: Where the big e-boys play!

APCW: Where the big e-boys play!

Post by Michael Du » Mon, 22 Jul 1996 04:00:00

All-Pro Championship Wrestling is on fire! this thursday we have our
first ppv, called King Of The Hill. on that card, the APCW World
Champion, APCW World Tag Team Champions and the APCW British Commonwealth
Champion will be crowned..

its too late to be part of the ppv, but you can be part of our next tour
and our next ppv called Anarchy In The UK.

so far we have 15 singles and 6 tag teams, plus the infamous
Menendez brothers.. the best e-jobbers in e-wrestling! there is Juan,
Jose, Jorge, Luis, Tito, Chico... and more to come! if you thought the
Dudleys where the greatest thing since sliced bread, try the Menendez

application, or check my new HOMEPAGE at


come on to APCW.. tired of joining feds that are up for 3 months and then
come down? tired of e-feds that have no one participating? i was.. thats
why I started my own federation... in  fact i like it so much,
I am the head promoter!

want a copy of our last show, Saturday Night Rumble, before wanting to

you won't be dissapointed by All-Pro Championship Wrestling. I am an
e-wrestling fan and i love participating, so i guarentee i'll put the time
in to make this fed a success..

quit stalling.. join. its  really simple..

2 world titles, a british commonwealth title, and soon to come..
the Bruiserweight Championship, a one of a kind title!

so what you are waiting  for? if you have read this posting to this
point, you must be interested.

All-Pro Championship Wrestling: Where the big e-boys play!