Habib Mahaummed Zaif [ROLE-PLAY]

Habib Mahaummed Zaif [ROLE-PLAY]

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This is a new gimmick I made up, made just for Sean Cox's fed.  Tell me what
you guys think.  This was an introduction role-play, sort of.  I was kind of
looking for a little bit of comedy out of it.  Latas.

[We are in the offices of immigration, just outside a room where only 3 men are
inside.  Two of them appear to be Immigration Officers, by the looks of their
uniforms.  One looks like an NYC Cab Driver, wearing a ripped up, beige, button
down shirt and gray dress pants, with some pay less shoes on.  The cameraman
goes in the room, to listen in on the conversation.]

Cab Driver(usual Indian guy accent): But listen my friend, I am perfectly legal
here.  You can call my old work, where they tell you that I am legal in this

Immigration Officer #1: I don't believe you.

Immigration Officer #2: What WAS your old driver.

Cab Driver: Oh, my friend, I used to be a taxi driver for the city of New York.

Immigration Officer #2: And what is it that you do now?

Cab Driver: I am a pro wrestler.

Immigration Officer #1: A Professional Wrestler, huh?

Cab Driver: Yes.

Immigration Officer #2: Oh yeah, then what wrestling federation do you wrestle

Cab Driver: I wrestle in the promotion of Liberty Wrestling Association.

Immigration Officer #1: I never heard of them.

Cab Driver: Its a independent federation of the under ground.  Not many are
familiar with it.

Immigration Officer #2: And exactly, who do you wrestle there as?

Cab Driver: I wrestle in Habib Mahaummed Zaif.  The great one who will lead the
Asian Invasion.

Immigration Officer #1: Okay.  What country do you come from?

Habib: I come from Bangladesh.

Immigration Officer #2: How long have you been a pro wrestler for?

Habib: Not long my friend.  I just started.

Immigration Officer #1: How long have you been in the United States of America?

Habib: I have lived in this country for 12 years.

Immigration Officer #2: How long did it take for you to get through training to
become a professional wrestler?

Habib: It took m......

Immigration Officer #1: Will you please stop with the damn wrestling question?

Immigration Officer #2: Well, sorrrrryy.  I was just wanting some info, in case
I decide to become a wrestler.

Immigration Officer #1: Listen you yourself.  Your about 5'7, 165 pounds.  This
man is about 6' and 225 pounds.  He's one of the real small men in wrestling.
That's without mentioning that he looks like a monster, compared to you.  Step
outside the office.  I need to speak to you, in private.

[The two officers step out of the office, as Habib is left alone, sitting on
his chair, at the table.  He turns the chair around, and notices the cameraman
standing there.]

Habib: Aww, my friend, Liberty Wrestling Association send a cameraman to video
tape the everyday life of a Bangladeshi man.  Very good my friends.  I received
notice last night, on TV, that I had a match in about a week.  I got a match
against a man known as Harry Carry.  What a weird and funny looking name, my
friend.  When I step into the ring with you, you will feel the wrath that all
people of Bangladesh have.  The power that is much stronger then all you
American Wrestlers out there.  American Wrestlers can't compare to wrestlers
from outside this country.  Harry, I will beat you with the Hindu Power.  It is
the great power that is possessed by any Hindu alive.  Gishnu will guide me to
victory versus you Harry.  I will win this one for myself, my country, and my
religion.  First, I have to get these immigration mother***es to realize that
I am legal in this country.  Harry, either way, your still not safe.  I can
make 9 promises to you of that.  This interview is over, as I have some
business to take care of.

[As the Immigration Officers step back in the room, the screen slowly fades to
black, as they cut to a Liberty Wrestling Association Promo.]

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