GALAXY for 5/1/95 - House Show Report

GALAXY for 5/1/95 - House Show Report

Post by Shawn Pear » Wed, 03 May 1995 04:00:00

***********************************EWC GALAXY**********************************

RSPE-W Con Card II :  EWC Invasion

Special Guest Poster:  The Electric Youth

(Game players:  HEY!  He had not much better to do til EWF's II, and I know
 of several people who use it as an Internet handle...  *grin*)

I was very happy to hear that the EWC was getting back in the swing of
things just in time for the end of the RSPE-W Con, so I loaded up a whole
bunch of my New York friends and headed over to the Debbie Dome in Merrick
(actually closer to Huntington -- took us FOREVER to actually find the
 thing...) to see how Mike was doing with the EWC.

We get there...  and the line is going around the building...  We find out
they've been waiting for us with a lot of special events and two big title
matches for this house show, and the crowd came out in force...  And who
should we see in line but the ENTIRE Gibson clan...

We schmooze, exchange stories, and get invited to their skybox.  We,
of course, accept.  After talking for what seemed like days about the new
album [and wishing we could talk for several more weeks on it...], the doors
are opened and we are let in.  On the way in, we ran into another old
acquaintance, Daniel Machismo, the youngest of the Machismo's, who was there
to do some *** reporting for RRtR (as well as some scouting for
his big brother =)  Daniel, unlike the rest of his family it seemed, was
a Debbie Fan since her days in Les Miserables, and was very interested in
meeting the family....Diane graciously invited the youngster along,
and he seemed very interested in chatting with everyone.

Diane tells us she has a surprise for us...  And does she ever!!  She leads
us back to Mike himself, who's furiously trying to keep order inside of all
the chaos.  Mike sees us and embraces us warmly as old friends and former
people that he managed [I grabbed Power Force, and even Deborah Ann made it
to the convention.], and we talk for a while.  Deborah Ann and Mike make
plans to get together for the weekend of EWF's II, which should be any day
now.  We don't envy his assignment, and Mike tells us, with a smile all
his own, that his life insurance IS paid up.

Well, Mike basically tells us the reasons for the delays:  We have now found
ourselves to be on the International E-Wrestling Network -- a brand new
network of many of the top federations, as well as many of the up and coming
federations, and we tell him that Andy Friese has been scouting the
competition while coming back from his injury.  Negotiations took up all the
energy of most of the top people in the federations, as well as trying to
figure out how to actually put together a reasonable Summit that can get
out for once.

Just then, Mike gets a stiff shot -- from a pie in the face!!  Yep, Andy
Friese and Mayhem, Inc. jumped him from behind!!  Being of kind spirits, we
all laughed and Mike told us we better get to our seats, because the card
is about to start.

A crowd of about 20,000 -- not bad for our purposes -- showed up on very
short notice for this card, and we started.  We found out through the closed-
circuit feed that they had brought in some contest winners from the EWF Con
to do some commentary with Mach One and Dr. Strange for the first few

The Highway Worker      vs      Johnny B. Annoying

The Highway Worker strode down the aisle to cheers
and fans holding up "Road Construction Ahead" signs.
Johnny B. tried some cheap moves which got the Worker
fired up.  The Worker sent Johnny B. _hard_ to the mat
with a Shoulder Block, followed by the Road Grader.
After applying the Asphalt Clutch, Johnny B. strained
to the ropes after a few agonizing minutes.  The Worker
answered by picking up Johnny B., setting him up for
the Highway, and connecting.  There wasn't much left for
him to pin, but the Highway Worker won with a three-count.

TIME: 3:42                      1 pt.

*1/2.  I never realized a WCW ripoff could actually wrestle better than the
real thing, but this guy still sucked!!  The Highway Worker tried to carry
this match, but you at least need an opponent to do that!!

The Highway Worker has a future.  We know he had some problems with the
current EWC Champ, Max Moose, and we knew that wasn't over.  Falkner came
to the ring [nice pop!], and told the fans about the E-Wrestling Network,
as well as the next main event for TV -- Max Moose vs. Grim Weibaq for the
World Title this weekend.

Then, two guys in "Body, Mind, Soul" T-shirts came down and we got on to the
next match.

Actagon        Vs.               The Dark Cook

::Actagon and his manager, Solaris, enters the ring to the music of
Pantera's "Cemetary Gates"::

        When the bell rings, Actagon holds his hand to the Dark Cook in
friendship, and it is slapped away, surprising and angering Actagon, who
grabs the Cook's forearm and flies over the ropes to the outside with it,
snapping it forcefully on the ropes.  Jumping back on the apron, Actagon
climbs the top rope, and clotheslines the surprised Cook, knocking his
360, and senseless.  Actagon looks down for a second, then takes a seat
on a turnbuckle and waits for the Cook to wake up.
        Solaris is livid.  He jumps on the apron and have's a fit,
screaming at Actagon for allowing his opponent to recover.  The Cook
stirs, and shaking his head to get the cobwebs out, is again knocked for
a loop from a top rope bulldog from Actagon {remember, Actagon was
sitting on the turnbuckle the whole time.}  Jumping back on the
turnbuckle, Actagon then hits the prone Cook with the Titan Drop, a
flying torpedo, only landing feet first onto the opponent's head.
        Actagon winner -- 5 min. -- 37 sec.

* -- Hmmmm...  You knock the guy out, and you wait three minutes for him
to get up??  Let's hope this is not a trend for this newcomer.  He looked
solid with his high impact moves, though...  Match went much too long,
though, so we started talking about the LeiLani Kai tournament as the Angels
of the Night and Female Fury invaded the skybox.

Then, the video wall flared up and the crowd popped hard when a familiar
face -- and one DEFINITELY familiar to me -- came on...

[Scene: A darkened weight room.  A beam of moonlight shines through a
  window on a solitary figure pumping iron.]

[Voice over]
   Some people would give up after extreme punishment

[Clips of a masked figure being piledriven on concrete]

[Voice over]
  Some would call it quits after being around for a while.

[Clips of the same figure in green wrestling in the MBWF.]

[Voice Over]
  Some would call it quits after having his unbroken submission hold finally

[Clip of Scott Johnston breaking the Croc Bite]

[Figure at the weights]
  Yeah, but I ain't NEVAH quit!  Death Croc won't evah quit until *I*
   wanna quit!!  Got dat!  EWC  I gots two words for yah:

   I'M BACK!!  And three more words to y'all:

  WATCH YAH BACKS!!  Now get out, I's got rehab ta do.

[Fade out]

Good to see him coming back, and it's even better to see that he snapped
to his senses a bit.  Let's hope the face turn continues, since he's got
a lot of potential still to create a lot of havoc.

Then, another comment...

[The camera opens on an elaborate free weight gym, complete with
 just about every kind of workout accessory imaginable.  The door
 opens, and "Sniper" Scott Johnston and Brian "DreamMaker" Andrews
 enter.  Both men are dressed in sweats, and the twosome turns
 to the camera...]

        Belmont, you got your shot, and we saw just how "great" the
"most skilled technical wrestler to grace the ring" was, didn't we?
It's a good thing for you the arena lights went out, pal...'cause
*your* lights weren't far behind.  But enough of want
another shot?  You're going to have to earn it...the hard way.

        Here's the deal...Scott wants a piece of you, Belmont, but
he sure isn't the only one.  So, get one of those other pieces of
garbage from the Upstarts, and we'll settle this one in the ring,
in a straight-up tag match...Pure Science rules.  Think you can
handle it?

        And to sweeten the deal...your team wins, you get another
shot at the North American Championship.  Your team loses...four
of the Upstarts face the SST in a match of where *we* set the stips.
Back up those big words, Belmont...let's see what you're made of.

[The two men turn to begin their workout, as the camera fades, we hear...]

        Max Moose?   Man, either one of us could tie that big lug
up in a knot in the middle of the ring...

[The two men chuckle as the camera fades to black...]

Sounds like the champ is in bad need of respect.

We get some more matches for the second half of Mayday Mayhem.

Apparently, they've put two matches on the table for the Upstarts vs.
the SST.

-- A ladder match for the EWC North American title with this Archibald
   Belmont dude against Scott Johnston...


-- Tropical Storm [all three of them] would take on 3 to-be-determined

The SST challenge will make three possible situations for Mayday Mayhem
and before...

I like all these matches -- for it will try and keep Belmont from calling
on his friends, but we all basically conclude that TS had better be ready.

Then, the bell rings and we get a name vs. name match.


One of the infamous "Death Warmed Over" combinations [we seem to think he's
from the original, though, and not from the DWO II] got into the ring for
the first time, finally, as he said.

He may have wished he didn't, for Grundig brought down Grim Weibaq.  Think
Mabel crossed with ...  uhhh...  crossed with something.  The kids LOVE
this guy!!  It takes him 15 minutes just to get to the ring, as security
can't stop the kids from wanting to get autographs.

Two of the fans get trucked down to ringside and plop right next to Dr.
Strange.  The commentary was hilarious -- they kept getting on "Doctor
Strangelove" for that interview with Sly Foxx.

Corpse first hands Grim something -- we're told that was $1,000 for accepting
the match.  Grim accepts, and hands it to a ringside attendant.

The match begins, and it's a very interesting match.  Grim always wants to
try to grab his opponent and playfully pound him into submission.  Corpse,
realizing this, did the classic stick and move...  Stick [no effect] and
move [run like heck!!]...  Anytime Corpse really tried to get involved,
Grim either just shrugged it off or blocked it outright and literally chucked
Corpse over the top rope, then giving his classic "HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH

Then, Corpse gets back in and tries to trip Grim up.  You'd have better
luck trying to trip up the Eiffel Tower.  He then tries to get some sort
of an Octupus hold on him, but Grim is equal to the task.  Problem is is
that Grim isn't quite on his game tonight, and, by the time he's just about
to look like he's going to get on his game, the bell rings and Awful Al
Dasterdly is just happy to get it over with with his man, Corpse, in one

The two wrestlers, and the two managers, shake hands after the draw.

MATCH DRAWN   20:00  No points.

** 1/2  Could've been better, but what do you do to a brick wall??  Max
Moose will try and figure it out next week, I guess.

At that point, the next two participants came down.


Basically, the match was a lot of posturing.  About five minutes of nothing
in, we get a knock at the door.  The ringside attendant presents the check
to Deborah, now made out to a local children's hospital.  (Seems like
Dasterdly didn't put Grim's name on the check, and Grim decided to make
better use of it...)

By the time we looked back up, the match was over and the fans were mad!!
Freddie LaShort had screwjobbed The Surgeon out of one, apparently, as Pudge
won a completely non-descript match with a pull of the trunks!

Winner:  The Surgeon  4:44  3 points.

DUD.  The Surgeon needs work, and Pudge needs to do better, even with a
bad referee...

Intermission.  We go out for soda, and, with Friese around, the fur begins
to fly and we quickly have to usher him back before he starts a food fight
with two security guards, a concessionaire, and a concession stand full of


Hi.....this is Dan Machismo.....EY's friend.  EY decided he wanted to relax
a little bit and watch the final two matches, so he's letting me do the
writeups for these...good thing, too, as the EWC DEFINITELY saved their best
for last at this one.  I know Mara said they liked their action fast, furious
and clean over here....and we got all three in the last match:

"Suicidal" Sean Altman (champ) vs. Ryan Atkinson (challenger)

Before the match, the video wall showed a pre-recorded clip of Atkinson training
for the went something like this:

[The camera opens on Ryan "Ripcurl" Atkinson, standing in the middle of
 a sparring ring, talking with his older brother Key. L.T. Hurricane has
 just exited the gym, heading for the locker room.  Ryan is obviously
 very tired, but still seems very e***d...]

Key:    Well, Ryan, you just got a workout with one of the best
 hit-and-run artists in the business in L.T....that ought to give you
 a feel for what a match with Altman will be like.

Ryan:   Sean...I can't say how much I've admired you or your career.
 But that sure isn't going to stop me from becoming the second Atkinson
 to hold a World Lightheavyweight title!  One other thing...Upstarts, don't
 even *think* about showing up at this one...I can guarantee that you
 won't like the outcome.

Key:    Alright, let's get back to the training.

Ryan:   What?!?  I've run, lifted weights, sparred with you and L.T....
 what *else* have I got to do?

Key:    Well, Altman's known for his big finisher, the "Downward Spiral"...
 we've got to get you ready for it.  The only way to do that is to have
 you spar against somebody with a finisher just as big, so you can figure
 out how to counter...

Ryan:   A finisher just as big?!?  Like who?  Oh, no...

[Ryan suddenly turns towards the door, just in time to see Harry
 "Head-Hunter" Harris enter, dressed to wrestle...]

Key:    You got it!  Time to dodge some top-rope legdrops, so let's
 get to it...

[Ryan groans and turns to face Harry, as the camera fades, we hear...]

Ryan:   Gee, wonder how many other guys have had to wrestle all of
 Tropical Storm just to prep for one match?  I'm just lucky, I guess...

[Fade to black...]


With the end of that, "Hard to Handle" by the Black Crowes started up, and
the crowd popped appreciably....Atkinson was accompanied by Alison Wolfe
and ALL THREE members of Tropical Storm....which the crowd REALLY popped
for (although the mutants booed their fannies off...)

After that, "Down In It" by Nine Inch Nails came on and the crowd absolutely
lost it...Altman EASILY got the biggest mark heat of the night, and even
the mutants to a certain degree were into Altman's style...the local fans
were REALLY anticipating a fast-paced scientific match...and so was I...
guess I've been watching too much of Christopher Monroe in the EWF....

TS headed back to the dressing room once the match started at the request of
Altman, and both men started slowly, feeling each other out with armdrags
and collar-and-elbow tieups.  The big e***ment came about five minutes
in, when Atkinson attempted a whip to the buckle, which Altman reversed and
then followed up with a handspring elbow!!!!  He covered and almost got
the three, but Atkinson kicked out.  Atkinson then slid out of the ring for
a quick breather, drawing the ire of the Mutants, who chanted "NE-PO-TIST"
to Ryan as he stood outside.

Atkinson slid back in, and the next 15 minutes were all restholds.  If I
wanted to watch restholds, I'd rent a Yokozuna/Mabel matchup....or maybe
even an old Electric Youth match from the MBWF....just kidding, Mike
(scribble scribble)

At about the 30 minute mark (and after about five minutes worth of "BOR-ING"
chants) Atkinson went to work with a drop toe hod, followed up by several
elbows to the knee area....this was a deliberate attempt to take out Altman's
knees, a solid game plan...there was a lot of promise in young Mr. Atkinson...
and he may be a titleholder yet..  Atkinson then picked up Altman,
and he went for the Sleeperhold.  For about three minutes Altman was locked in
the sleeper...and he almost went under twice...but a jawbreaker by Altman
broke the hold and got the fans back into it.

As Altman stood up, Atkinson went off the ropes for a bodypress...which
Altman ducked!!!!!  Atkinson FLEW outside of the ring, and Altman, being
Altman...went right to the top....KAMIKAZE CRASH!!!!!  This FLATTENED
Atkinson outside the ring, and referee Mongo Christian was too busy picking
his ear to bother starting a count right away...Unfortunately, Altman landed
wrong as he hit, and had problems getting up as well....fortunately,
Altman made it back in around 8, and helped to bring in Ryan at the 9 1/2
count, so that the match could finish....

For the next twenty minutes, both men put on a wrestling clinic for the fans.
Atkinson got no less than *TEN* two counts, while Altman got five PLUS
a 2 99/100 count after a sunset flip landed a little *TOO* close to the ropes.
Atkinson retaliated with a whip to the buckles and a "Tidal Wave" Stinger
Splash, which he then followed up with the "Ripcurl" at the 51 minute mark.
2 1/2 count.   A DDT and another "Ripcurl"  2 count.  Altman was just BARELY
*** on, and Atkinson was gasping for air as well.  ALL of the fans were
into this match right now

Altman nailed a leg lariat at the 59 minute mark and nailed an in-ring
"Kamakaze" to set Ryan up....then, with all the strength that Altman had
left, he went to the top...>DOWNWARD SPIRAL!!! THE CROWD ERUPTED!!!
1.....2.....2 99/100 as Atkinson kicked out.  One second later, the
bell rang...60:00 TIME LIMIT DRAW!!!!  This is almost unheard of in
e-wrestling, and I'm sure no fan left disappointed!!!  Both men shook
hands at the end of the match, and I'm sure a rematch will be sanctioned,
if I know Mike Falkner.  

But overall, that was a ****1/2 star match in my missed the last
1/2 star for the 15 minutes of inactivity in the middle...that really slowed
down the match...thank god for catering, so we didn't have to wait in concession
lines =)

During the set-up for the last match...they started to go over the
line-up for May-Hem...what they have signed of it.  They also announced
the addition of two new teams to the Iron Man competiton....
the Wolfpack, T. and Big Bad Brandon Wolf, from the JCWF (bet Sly Foxx
will be glad to hear THAT one...), and the Iconoclasts, late of the USeW
and challenging for the EWF title at Interfed Invasion.  Sounds like a
really good show....glad I get comps through my big brother #1, who is
feverishly negotiating to defend here...probably against Kerosine, insiders
are saying over here.....

The last match was the Tag Team Championship match, and it was preceded by
this video wall message from the Savages.


The jungles of Brazil.  Dense, hot, humid, filled with creatures one might
never see in their entire life.  It is also the hunting ground of the
reigning EWC Tag Team Champions of the World; The Savages.  Sangre, Muerte,
and one other, remarkably similar looking, man sit upon tremendous stone
thrones guarded by an army of jungle warriors.  Upon a stone giant in the
back ground lie the tag team titles.

I know many of you have a lot of questions as a result of our actions a few
weeks back at March Madness.

Maybe it was just the fans at that arena but I was shocked by their response.

Look, all we hear about is how much everyone loves our reckless style, how
everyone loves watching us put our careers on the line night after night to
amaze the spectators.  So we just wanted to turn it up a notch.

We were still injured as a result of our Wheel of Torture match against
Animal Instinct-that was without a doubt the most grueling fight in my
life.  Falkner wanted us to just give up the belts, but that's not us.

We've never backed away from a fight and we weren't about to start then.
All we did was take it to the next level.  We brought it outside and used
the tables and the chairs you mutants seem so into these days.

We had our backs to the walls. That match wasn't just about our titles, it
was about survival.  Now looking back we probably took things too far.
We've already apologized to the Irish Invasion and fully agreed to this
weekend's rematch.

We aren't out to end any careers or take anyone out of the sport, that's
not our style.  All we want to do is perform at the top of our game each
night and come out on top.  Come this weekend we'll prove that yet again.

Now others were alarmed by the presence of our cousin after the match.
We've already heard that teams are lobbying against the prospect of another
Savage in the EWC.  Why, are you that afraid of us?

Allow me to formally introduce to you the next man to emerge from our
village to claim a EWC title; Fuego.

Thank you cousin.  I am here to continue the tradition of success that
Muerte y Sangre have brought to our people.  I am here to do it in the
singles ranks, alone, as I've always been in the jungle.  Max Moose, Scott
Johnston, I'm always up for the hunt, but will you be able to survive the

So there you have it.  Now the answers have been provided and the mystery
removed.  This weekend we put an end to this Irish Invasion mess and then
we look to the future; an unknown opponent from another federation.

Bromowitz and William, Machismos, Oni and Blade, Mayhem Inc., it doesn't
matter who it is.  The referee will not get bought off this time we will
prove ourselves to be the best team in e-wrestling today.

One final thing.  Bring back those 6-Man titles; we want them.

The Savages; only getting better.

With that the jungle warriors all lunge forward and block off the camera
lens with the collective mass of their spears.

[Fade to black]

With this, "Rusty Cage" by Soundgarden started up, and despite all the
explanations, there are still a healthy number of boos from the marks involved
in this matchup...the ***s are screaming their keisters off, though,
as Sangre, Muerte and Fuego, the newest Savage, headed towards the ring,
and, once there, await their opponents.

You know what I said earlier about Altman getting the biggest pop of the night?
Strike soon as the opening strains of "The Power" by Snap hit
the PA system, every mark in the house was LOSING IT over the Invasion,
led to the ring by the ALWAYS hormone driven "Perfect" Pamela D., the one
woman that I consider to be prettier than my, maybe I shouldn't
write that...

Once both teams are in the ring, Mike Falkner came down to inspect the ring,
at the behest of both teams, and found everything to be clean and secure.
(Funny anecdote...EY was saying one of the reasons Mike looked overworked is
that he spent most of the evening getting a variety of jungle warriors out of
the rafters, from under the ring, and generally out of the building, and
didn't get much sleep because of it)

The bell rang, and the pace was set by the Savages...they didn't break a rule
all evening, but they hit with the intensity of a ......dare I say it...
tropical storm.  Both of the Invasion, O'Donovan especially, tried to
slow the pace down and work a technical match, but the Savages would have none
of it.  Finally, Kelly just simply went toe to toe with them

The match had a LOT of high spots....O'Donovan looked better than he has in
weeks, taking Muerte to school with several variations of armbars and wristlocks
and armdrags, cumunating in a five-minute long stance in the Leveraged
Wristlock that ALMOST had Muerte submit...Sangre tried to break it up twice
but referee Rich Donaldson would have none of it....Finally, Muerte made it to
the ropes...and tagged Sangre.

The Savages then double-teamed O"Donovan like a well-oiled machine....double
dropkicks, Northern Lights suplexes, and an array of clotheslines and
bodypresses garnered three two-counts.....about 15 minutes in, O'Donovan with
the hot tag to Kelly, who CLEANED HOUSE, finishing up with a DOUBLE ***
SLAM on both Savages.

The high-spot of the match was when the Invasion attempted their "Crunch"
finisher (backdrop-powerbomb) .....but when Sangre went up in the backdrop,
he FRANKENSTEINERED Kelly right into O'Doonovan, sending the "Shamrock" out
of the ring...the entire crowd popped for this INCREDIBLE maneuver.
Then the Savages set up the sacrifice on Kelly (no easy feat for a 6'10" man)
and got the clean three to a standing ovation from the crowd, who respected the
Savages clean victory.  

RATING: ***1/2 stars (* for that incredible "Crunch" reversal by Sangre)

And with that, the evening ended.  I hung out with Falkner and the EWE
contingent at a local pub for a good portion of the evening, and Mike
and I talked shop...he said after tonight, and because of some severe lobbying
by the Next Breed, he is considering replacing the II in the Iron Man
tourney with another team, with the promise of a future title shot at al
later time, in order to settle the differences between the Breed once and
for thing he's considering suggesting, due to the *** nature of
the feud, is a "Losers never team again" style of match, similar to the
Pit Bull/Bad Breed matches in ECW.  He's awaiting word on both teams about
this very controversial stipulation.

But all in all, a very fun evening...looking forward to May-Hem in two weeks.