I'm Quite Fond of Alex Cain

I'm Quite Fond of Alex Cain

Post by The One True Rust » Tue, 16 Aug 2005 13:18:55

Dearest Netizens of RSPW,

I, The One True Rusty, would like to announce that I am quite fond of Alex

Here are some reasons why, for your consideration:

1.)  He likes birds
2.)  He's shorter than you are, so being around him automatically makes you
3.)  His boyfriend is happy...hell....he's nuts over him!
4.)  Get it?  Number 3, I mean, Nuts Over Him....never mind....
5.)  Did I mention the little *** likes birds?
6.)  Look....I gotta be honest, coming up with ten reasons why Alex Cain
*doesn't* need choked is pretty hard...
7.)  He....um.....ah.....damn....he's a little guy so....I guess if you were
to use him in a sport he could be the guy the opponent would fall over?
8.)  He's not employed anywhere which means that you will never have to be
served by him anywhere in any capacity.....ever.
9.)  For the first 28 years of his life the roads were safer....cuz the
little midget bastard didn't get a driver's license until he was darn near
10.) He's a bitter, egotistical little twit with poor personal hygiene, who
***d his sisters, lies pathologically and is totally unbearable to be
around, unemployable and immensely stupid which means, no matter who you
are, there's always someone more irritating than you and that's our little
moron himself: Alex Cain!

So, Alex, I salute you, sort of, and wish you the best or, since you're such
a little fellow, just some of the best cuz otherwise your bitter little
perpetually angry ass might just explode.