Rhino talks TNA, Winning NWA Gold, Why TNA over WWE/ECW, & Much More

Rhino talks TNA, Winning NWA Gold, Why TNA over WWE/ECW, & Much More

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Report sent in by Wrestling Epicenter

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: TNA's "War Machine" Rhino
Date: 6/29/06
Your Hosts: James Walsh, Brendon Brooks, & Ben Benya
Recap By: James Walsh

A few weeks back, just before the big ECW One Night Stand pay per
view, Rhino stayed up past his bed time to join the Wrestling
Epicenter radio program live on air. A very ill James Walsh crawled
into the studio with just enough medicine and Vault to prepare him for
the air joined by Brendon Brooks and we got the skinny on Rhino and

Now that I've been nursed back to health, I had a chance to sit down
and write this transcript. We hope you enjoy and remember to check out
our web site for great new interviews with April Hunter, Zach Gowen,
JD Michaels, Daffney, Goldberg, M Dog 20, and many others all courtesy
of your friends at the Wrestling Epicenter! Transcripts for all those
interviews shall be on the way shortly!

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-- Rhino joins the show. Right off the bat, we ask the question that
was on everyone's mind. "What's the deal with TNA and are you
staying?" Rhino says, "Time will tell." Of course time has told us he
has stayed. But, he gives his reasons to us before he even signed.

-- Rhino saw his contract was expiring and he was contacted and
talking to people from both sides. When it came to the ECW project,
Rhino immediately asked, "Is there going to be a dress code?" When
they said there was, he knew instantly that this was not going to
really be ECW. He jokes saying ECW isn't ECW without the Sandman in a
T shirt and a snot rag*** out of his back pocket.

-- ECW had a renegade spirit. And, so does TNA. Rhino agrees that the
two were very much alike. He says coming to work for TNA is a pleasure
and he enjoys getting out in front of that Orlando crowd.

-- Comparing the WWE to TNA, Rhino says TNA gives the wrestlers the
opportunity to go out to the ring and have the best matches they can
regardless where they are placed on the card and the WWE doesn't
really allow that. Rhino also goes back to the dress code saying you
can be yourself and dress how you want to dress in TNA whereas the WWE
has you playing dress up even when you're not on camera.

-- Regarding his WWE release, Rhino says, "I was going through a
divorce. That was a tough time for me. Plus, WWE... They weren't
really using me. I mean, you go to work and you give it everything
you've got. You leave your family and they don't use you to your
potential. It was just very frustrating for me," says Rhino. That and
a verbal fight with his now ex-wife over his 3-year-old daughter and
if they'd stay in the United States or go to his wife's country of
Germany all lead to him throwing a tantrum and throwing a potted tree
down in a hotel lobby. Vince said, "If it were another place and
another time, things would be different." But, he was made an example
of and was fired.

-- "It may have been the best thing that happened to me," says Rhino.
He is so pleased to work in TNA where he feels he is being used to his

-- "It was an honor," says Rhino concerning capturing the NWA
Heavyweight title. He added, "I just wish it would have lasted
longer!" When asked, he says his goal is to get that belt again and
have a long run with it.

-- Holding a belt to Rhino is a trophy. He views it as an award given
to you for your hard work.

-- Rhino was the last ECW champion. He doesn't understand why that
wasn't used last year at One Night Stand.

-- Rhino thinks the title "One Night Stand" for second show is stupid.
James throws out the title, "Sloppy Seconds." Rhino laughs and says
he's going to steal that from him.

-- Rhino is happy for TNA seeing that they have lasted for so long. He
was looking forward to his match with Bobby Roode at the TNA
Slammaversary pay per view which aired on June 18.

-- Rhino is very serious about what he does for a living. He views it
as a serious job and wants to be taken seriously for working hard. In
that same sentence, Rhino tells us that we kept him up 2 hours past
his bed time. Between Rhino being up late and James trying not to
vomit during the show, it lead to quite a strange energy!

-- We then do a few word associations with Rhino including:

Jasmin St. Claire: Rhino tells a story about when he gored her as hard
as he could... Yes he DOES mean the wrestling move you ***s! Paul
Heyman told him to***her as hard as he could and he did it. He was
afraid he'd kill her but credits her for being tough enough to take

Paul Heyman: "Mad scientist of pro wrestling."

And among others, finally,

Jeff Jarrett: "A piece of shit."

We then close the show with a new cut off the new Animal CD titled
*** New Breed, the song's called "Hell Child." Like a drunken girl
at a party, I'm pretty sure this song is about me!

You can hear this entire Rhino interview including parts not included
in this transcript at www.WrestlingEpicenter.com.

We at the Wrestling Epicenter encourage all of our listeners to watch
TNA iMPACT! every Thursday night at 11 pm, 10 central, on Spike TV. If
you're tired of seeing stale RAWs, McECW, and the black hole of
nothingness that is SmackDown, give TNA a try. Talented young
wrestlers, veterans with the right attitude that can still go, and
even knock outs like Christy Hemme... Try it, you'll like it!

And don't forget to catch us next Wednesday night at 10 pm Eastern
time on www.WrestlingEpicenter.com as we welcome legendary performer
"The Missing Link" Dewey Robertson to the air to discuss his battle
with drug ***ion. It should be great! And remember, watch out for
flying chairs!

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