Flashback Show VII (pre-HH3) pt. 2

Flashback Show VII (pre-HH3) pt. 2

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"Mr. E***ment" Alex Extreme (c) vs. J'ster

Bag of Tricks match

for the UEW Television championship


SUMMER DREAMS '98 (June 23, 1998)

JAM: He might not be in any condition to continue. The referee is checking
to see if he's responding.

[The crowd, once again, rises and looks towards the entrance ramp.]

MM: Here comes Rick Styles again down to ringside!!

JAM: Styles appears to be concerned about the well-being of Alex Extreme,
but knowing Styles, it's probably just an act. He jumps on the ring apron



["Bag of Tricks" by the Henchmen begins to play as J'ster lets go of the
Last Laugh and grabs his UEW Television championship belt off the
timekeepers table. He also grabs Rick "The Ring" Announcer's microphone.]

J'ster: I said I would dedicate this match to two of the men I respect most.
Rick Styles and Professor Payne, no matter where we are right now, I've
always looked up to the two of you as my rolemodels. Now I no longer need
either of you. I'm ready to fight the best in the UEW. And hopefully one
day, I'll battle the two of you! (in his best Alex Extreme voice) But enough
about me, what about you? What do YOU think of ME?

JAM: Rick Styles gives him an approving smile as J'ster walks up the aisle
with his newly won gold!!!


///J'ster defeats Alex Extreme in a Bag of Tricks match to become the NEW
UEW Television champion\\\

JAM: Now Styles is in the ring and circling around Alex Extreme, who is
struggling to get back to his feet.

MM: Here comes KYLE KAMIKAZE! What's he doing? He's booking it down the aisle.

JAM: He slides in the ring and is kicking at Extreme's leg!

[The crowd starts to boo loudly in disapproval.]

MM: Styles has Extreme... KK on the top... SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! OH MY GOD!

JAM: What the hell is going on?

MM: Here come The Suicidal Stallions... they throw a chair in the ring.

JAM: Styles has Extreme up again... KK and Crazy Horse... DOUBLE SPIKE

MM: Here comes Mark R. Rose. I hate that guy... he has this... aura of ego
around him.

JAM: You're just mad 'cus you don't manage the NA.

MM: So?

JAM: Rose is standing between Styles and Kamikaze, quite a trio there.

MM: Wonderful... Rosie's gonna speak. Meanwhile, The Stallions are still
kicking Extreme.

[Mark R. Rose has a microphone and is standing in the center of the ring,
waiting for the crowd to quiet down.]

Mark R. Rose: It may have seemed that the New Alliance was dead! But in
actuality, it was only in hybernation! Yes, there were problems and
confusion, but nothing we couldn't work to OUR best interests. Although in
retirement, it became necessary that I take a direct approach in bringing
back the stable which dominated the UEW for so long!! A long-term plan was
unfolding and tonight, the plan meets it's culmination! The men in this ring
right now brought the most success and respect to the name "New Alliance"!
Tonight, the New Alliance once again takes its place as the premiere stable
in the UEW, along with one more member to be revealed later tonight!

MM: Watch me jump for joy...

[Rose hands the microphone to Rick Styles and then walks over towards
Extreme, who's a ***y mess due to the Stallions. Horse holds Extreme in a
camel clutch and Rose starts to kick towards his head. Bronco then lays a
kick in as well.]

Rick Styles: It seems you can never take the New Alliance low enough that we
can't bounce back! For months the system has been manipulated in order to
make sure we all ended up exactly where we wanted to be! To make
this happen, however, trust was needed! (Looks towards Extreme) AHEM!!
(Places a hand on Kamikaze's shoulder) Now, THIS is a man I can trust! This
is a man who knows the definition of the word "Stable". Alex Extreme, when
you confided your turncoat ways to Kyle, you went to the wrong man! The ruse
is over! It was played to perfection, as were you! Now, let's let them all
in on it, Kyle!

[Styles hands Kamikaze the microphone, who gets a huge round of boos.
However, there are a good number of "Kamikaze worshippers" bowing down to KK
in the audience.]

Kyle Kamikaze: For a while, I had my doubts as to the status of the New
Alliance. I had a weary feeling similar to when Jeff Matthews was in the New
Alliance. Mr. Rose, Rick and myself got together to talk over the
situation. We knew there was a traitor, but to discover who he was, we had
to break up the New Alliance. By seeing how each member would act, we can
easily determine who was really New Alliance and who was the traitor. This
also streamlined the New Alliance into a more elite unit. We eliminated the
weak links. Those links served their purposes in the past, but they are to
be remembered, for they were loyal members of the New Alliance. We made huge
sacrifices to do this. Rick and I played the part of bitter enemies. We
sacrificed titles and title
opportunities to fully expose the traitor. We knew that there WAS one, we
just didn't know who. I guess we should have realized it was you, Alex. It
just made sense. We had to know for sure, so we faked another break-up to
expose. We had to be certain that we were 100% positive. You fell right into
our trap
hook, line and sinker. It was so easy to get you to admit it when you
thought that Rick Styles was set to double cross me. You decided to play
both sides down the middle to see who would give you the best deal. The only
problem was that there was no deal to be made for a traitor. Just how did
certain people make it to the ring at REVENGE? Someone had to help them or
leak information to certain people. That someone was Alex Extreme. He was
jealous that he didn't get an Ultimate title shot. He has always been
jealous of Rick and myself. This goes back even to the WLW.

[Styles places the mic back to his own mouth as The Stallions dump Extreme
out of the ring.]

Rick Styles: It's now all in the past though, Kyle! Alex, consider this your
pink slip from the stable that MADE YOU! Enjoy your trip to the hospital.
Stay out of our way, and you won't get another. Now, it's time
for us to get back to business!! And tonight's business involves the
Ultimate titles, the acquisition of the 5th and final member of the team,
and then, the UEW as a whole!! Tonight IS the night of the NEW ALLIANCE!!


[The camera fades, and cuts back to Josh Taylor and Kevin Diamond at the NAZ

Josh Taylor- That night of SUMMER DREAMS '98 truly was the night of the New
Alliance. Not only did they brutally attack Alex Extreme and stab him in the
back, they also turned on Nick "The Nighthawk" Leshenn, Jeff "Madfox"
Matthews, Magnus Colby, and The Explosion before the night was done. In
fact, the events of SUMMER DREAMS led to the creation of both The New

Kevin Diamond- Unfortunately for us, Alex Extreme was able to recover from
his injuries and eventually drive both J.D. Carter and Nolan Brown out of
UEW. Extreme also went on to wage war with his former stable, the most
vicious war UEW has ever seen...and possibly the most brutal battle of all
is coming up when he faces the "Black Knight"!

Josh Taylor- Alex Martinez has promised Extreme that he has never in his
life, experienced the kind of pain and agony that he will endure during the
Ultimate Death Match at HOLIDAY HORROR 3. And Martinez has the power to back
up his claims, as we will see when we show you the first UDM held later in
this past summer.

Kevin Diamond- As far as J'ster, he rejoined the NA soon after and then
flip-flopped the title with New Defiance arch-rival The Mercenary in early
fall. He held the TV title until recently when he lost it to current champ
Johnny Glamour in a four corners elimination match.

Josh Taylor- And the subject of Johnny Glamour brings us to our next set of
flashbacks. "Mr. Sincere" was one of the 16 participants in the original
Colby Cup tournament, held in the IWC. Glamour, along with future UEW stars
like Marcus "The Misery Machine" Manson, Nevermind, Future Shock's Rick
Wright, "No Gimmicks Necessary" Al Robertson, and The CandyMan were among
the participants in the first Colby Cup tournament.

Kevin Diamond- It's no coincidence that all these guys had their breakout
year following the tournament. Three of them held UEW titles at some point,
and the other three have come within inches! A half-inch either way, and the
Manson/Nevermind/Glamour trio would be in possession of all three UEW
singles titles! Not bad for the new Organized Chaos.

Josh Taylor- A bunch of then-unknowns got their chance to shine one night,
and shine they did. Let's take you back and show you some of what happened
during the first Colby Cup tournament.


[Marcus "The Misery Machine" Manson vs. Drew Mahony]

BOB ORTIZ:  Introducing first...

(Once by Pearl Jam blares over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  He is the leader of the Circle of Death... hailing from parts
unkown... standing at 6'7 and weighing in at 285 pounds... Marcus the Misery
Machine Manson!!!

(Manson wears black boots and black tights.  The tights have CoD in red on his
right thigh.)

BOB ORTIZ:  And his opponent...

(Eye of the Tiger by Survivor blares over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia... standing at 5'8 and
368 pounds... Drew Mahony!!!

(Mahony wears black baggy pants with World's Best on one leg, adn Fighter on
the other.  His fists are taped.)

TS:  Mahony may be the bigger name here in IWC, but I assure you that Manson
is a big name around the world.

RS:  And he is making a name for himself rather quickly here in IWC.  Of
course tagging along with Magnus Colby will do that for you.

TS:  I assure you, Manson could stand quite well on his own.  Manson should
win this one quite easily I think.

RS:  Not if he is going to try and wrestle this one by the book as he has said
when asked about the Cup.

TS:  Yeah well, we'll see what happens.  Besides, I think Mahony is looking
right passed Manson and into the second round.  

RS:  That would indeed be a mistake.  

*ding ding ding*

TS:  Well, we are underway now.  Let's see what happens.  Manson looking to
lockup and Mahony comes right towards him and rather than locking up, throws
an uppercut.  

RS:  Manson just did get out of the way of that one.  Mahony will be able to
get away with closed fists in this one.  That could work to his advantage.

TS:  Mahony throws another punch Manson's way and Manson again backs out of
the way, but he is now backing into the corner and Mahony is not backing off a

RS:  Mahony now raining punches on Manson who is trying to cover up as Mahony
just swats away at him.  Manson is in a bad situation.  

TS:  Manson starts to stagger and Mahony quickly grabs him and ddt's him!!!
Mahony wasting no time.  He covers him.



RS:  No.  I thought he had him though... Manson is in trouble quickly in this
one.  Mahony all over him.  He's now setting Manson up for a piledriver...

TS:  No wait.  Manson blocks it and stands up and back body drop!!!  Manson
runs into the ropes and comes off with a clothesline just as Mahony was
getting back to his feet.  

RS:  Mahony knocked off of his feet.  Manson now quickly over to the corner
and comes off the top with a flting clothesline.  Again Mahony is off his

TS:  Fujiwara arm bar by Manson!!!  Some of you may know this move as a code
red or a pain killer... Mahony is in pain.  What a move by Manson... he's got
it on the right arm of Mahony and that should take away that devestating right
hand of his.

RS:  Manson showing his great technical knowledge.  Mahony dragging himself
over to the ropes... the ref is asking Manson to break the hold...

TS:  Manson just laughs and shakes his head.  There are no disqualifications
folks... he does not have to let this hold go.  

RS:  And now Mahony just rolls off the apron.  He falls hard to the outside,
but it does break the hold.  Mahony grabs the legs of Manson and pulls him
under the bottom rope.  Manson in going to get a lesson in fighting outside
the ring.

TS:  *laughing*  Don't be so sure.  Mahony attempting to irish whip Manson
into the corner.  Manson puts on the breaks and instead it is Mahony who goes
head first into the post.  Manson picks him up and atomic drop again sends
Mahony into the post.

RS:  Oh my.  Manson is vicious!!!  He is grabbing a chair and he whacks it
across the back of Mahony.  Mahony seems to be in a lot of pain.

TS:  You ain't seen nothing yet baby.  Manson going to town with that chair
driving it down across the head, neck and back area of Mahony.

RS:  Mr. Black is now coming out from the back.  He's got a chair as well and
he is running to ringside trying to help Mahony before it's too late.

TS:  Colby is up!!!  Colby cuts off Black's path to the ring.  Magnus is
daring Black to hit him and Black starts to and then thinks better of it.  

RS:  Colby is signaling the back to comeout and escort Black back to his
dressing room.

TS:  Manson folds up that chair and now he ddt's Mahony onto the chair.  
RS:  What a trap by Manson!!!  I gotta hand it to him.  Mahony dealing with an
unkown here tonight and Manson lured him into a trap.

TS:  Manson rolls Mahony into the ring.  Manson gets Mahony back to his feet
and throws him into the ropes.  Heart Punch by Manson!!!

RS:  That's it. Mahony gets beat at his own gameplan.  Manson just lays on top
of Mahony.  The count...




TS:  And that's one win for my favorite... Marcus Manson.  

BOB ORTIZ:  The winner of the match... Marcus the Misery Machine Manson!!!


["No Gimmicks Necessary" Al Robertson vs. "Next Generation" Rick Wright]

BOB ORTIZ:  Introducing first...

(Zero by Smashing Pumpkins blares over the PA)

BOB ORTIZ:  Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... standing at 6'3 and

weighing at 224 pounds... Al Robertson!!!

(Robertson wears knee-length tights and an IWC t-shirt to ringside.  He

removes the t-shirt as he awaits Wright's entry.)

BOB ORTIZ:  And his opponent...

(So Whatcha Want by the Beastie Boys blares over the PA)

BO:  Hailing from Albany, New York... standing at 6'1 and weighing 231

pounds... the Real Deal Rick Wright!!!

(Wright wears black pants, white boots, and a white t-shirt to ringside.)

TS:  This is a match between two of the smaller guys in the Cup.  There is

quite an interesting contrast in this match.  Robertson is the more

established IWC wrestler, but Wright is the much more experienced wrestler.

RS:  I gotta think that that knowledge will help Wright find a way to

outwrestle Robertson for the win.

TS:  You may very well be right.  We are ready to get this thing underway...

we'll find out shortly.

*ding ding ding*

RS:  The two men step to the center of the ring and lockup.  Wright now gets

Robertson into an arm lock.  Robertson throws him into the ropes to get him

off the arm.  

TS:  Wright comes off the ropes and leap frogs ove Robertson.  He comes off

the ropes again as Robertson drop down.  Robertson back up and hip toss's

Wright who locks that arm bar back on.

RS:  Wright's arm lock on Robertson and momentum sends Robertson flipping over

and onto his back.  Nice move by Wright.  He is a very talented wrestler.

TS:  So I have heard.  Wright now up to his feet and drives his knees down

into the arm of Robertson.  Wright now helping RObertson to his feet and he

throws him into the ropes.

RS:  Sleeper by Wright!!!  Robertson is in trouble... no Robertson revereses

out of it and throws Wright into the ropes and catches him in a sleeper of his


TS:  Wright drops down delivering what vaguely looks like a diamond cutter.

That stunned Robertson.  Wright up quickly and locks Robertson into a front


RS:  Wright lifts him up and delivers a brain buster!!!  Robertson finding

himself in trouble quickly in this one.  And he realizes it and rolls to the


TS:  Wright with a slingshot to the outside and Robertson sort of catches him

on his shoulder and drops Wright on the ring railing.

RS:  What a move by Robertson!!!  Wright quickly finding himself in trouble.

Robertson grabs a chair and slams it down across the back of Wright.

TS:  Wright is in trouble!!!  Robertson now sitting that chair on the mat...

what's he going to do???  Robertson lifting Wright up for a gorilla press

slam... Power bomb delivered on that chair.

RS:  That was the move Al is calling the Annhilator.

TS:  Hmm.  That's what Colby calls his finisher.  Wonder how he feels about


RS:  Robertson now has this match well in hand.  He picks Wright up and rolls

him back into the ring.  

TS:  Robertson gets back into the ring and helps Wright to his feet and throws

him hard into the corner!  Robertson hits Wright with a *** spinning heel


RS:  Wright is in big time trouble!  Robertson comes into the corner and he

lifts him placing him onto the top turnbuckle.  He's headed to the top.

TS:  Superplex on the way.  No wait.  Wright Holds on but he shoves Robertson

who falls backwards.  Wright jumps off quickly now with an elbow drop.

RS:  Where is this flurry of action by Wright coming from?  He was out of it

just moments ago.

TS:  He's wrestling on instinct alone now.  Wright gets Robertson into a front

face lock and ddt!!!  Great move by Wright.  He has turned this thing around.

RS:  Wright now dropping an elbow into the back of Robertson.  A few stomps to

the lower back by Wright.  He is really working on that lower back of

Robertson now.

TS:  Wright rolls him over and is locking in the Texas cloverleaf... small

package by Robertson!!!  The cover...



TS:  No.  Wright kicks free.  He gets back to his feet and as Robertson gets

to his feet he grabs him and sets him up for a dragon suplex.  Big suplex and

again Wright is in control of the match.

RS:  Wright helping Robertson up and setting him up for a pile driver.  Lifts

him up and drives him down hard into the mat.  Wright well in hand now.

TS:  He heads back up to the top and delivers a flying elbow drop.  Robertson

is in all kinds of trouble.  The cover by Wright...




RS:  No!  Robertson just did get a foot on the ropes.  Wright is livid.  He

thought he had him.  

TS:  He quickly gets his emotions back in check though and he is dragging

Robertson over into that corner.  He rolls to the outside and lifts the leg of

Robertson and slams it down into the mat.

RS:  Wright now picking up that left leg of Roberton and drives it hard into

the ring post.  Robertson is in trouble now.  Wright pulling one leg on either

side of the corner and what's he doing?

TS:  Ringpost figure 4!!!  This is totally legal in a match like this.  Wright

just lays back in it and Robertson legs are holding up all the weight of


RS:  He's going to snap the leg of Robertson right in half!!!  But, Robertson

is fighting it.  Wright just laying back.  The pressure on the left knee of

Robertson has just got to be intense.  

TS:  Wright now finally lets the hold go.  Robertson is just grasping that

left knee.  Wright now rolling back into the ring and he drags Robertson into

the middle of the ring.

RS:  Figure four on the way... no again small package by Robertson!!!  


TS:  Only a one count.  He just couldn't hold him.  Wright now really starting

to get frustrated.  HE slams his hands down into the mat.

RS:  He just can't believe that Robertson is still putting up this much of a

fight.  Wright to his feet and he gets Robertson up as well.  He is going to

throw Robertson into the ropes Robertson applies the breaks... and instead

throws Wright into the ropes.  

TS:  Wright comes off and Robertson plants on his right leg and delivers a

*** superkick with his left.  Wright goes reeling into the ropes and bounces

off again.  E-cutter by Robertson!!!

RS:  That was that supper cutter again from Robertson.  Wright is out cold.

Robertson is now on the mat clutching his left knee.  That took a lot out of

him too.

TS:  Robertson finally has the presence of mind to drape himself on top of

Wright.  The cover...




*ding*  *ding* *ding*

TS:  Robertson is victorious, but he sure doesn't look like it.  Robertson

tries to stand up but that left leg just doesn't seem to want to hold his

weight anymore.  


early CandyMan vs. Nevermind, plus other "Before They Were UEW Stars"
clips...in part 3