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Posted by Chris Kaufman on 08/31/2009 at 05:08 PM

- Paul sent the following: On last night's episode of HBO's hit series True
*** a clip of John Cena vs Jack Swagger was shown.

- WWE's shop website has released a new Undertaker "Original Deadman"
t-shirt and new basic t-shirts for The Miz and John Morrison.

- It will be WWE Day at Cellular Field in Chicago, IL on Wednesday,
September 9th as the Chicago White Sox take on the Oakland A's. WWE
Superstars Tommy Dreamer, Hornswoggle and Matt Striker will be appearing.

- WWE developmental Diva Angela Fong, who is expected to be Lilian Garcia's
replacement on RAW, is backstage at RAW today in Detroit, Michigan.

John Cena revealed that he was a big driving force behind WWE going "PG" in
an interview with Sporting News Radio on Saturday.

Cena said that he was outspoken for his views initially, but felt strongly
that it was the right direction for the company to stay consistently family

- According to an article by The New York Post, WWE has begun to attract an

>> increasingly female audience. The article states that college-aged female
>> viewers were up 34%, 25-34 year old viewers were up 13.7% and they are up
>> 23% with women over 50 years old. The article also says that "lust" is a
>> determining factor, because "These guys all look like body-builders
>> instead
>> of just big guys." WWE is also planning an apparel line, new toy lines
>> and
>> other branded products targeted at females to take advantage of this new
>> trend in viewing. The article also mentions that the new "softer WWE PG
>> rating" has helped attract new sponsors like 7-Eleven and Pepsi Max to
>> the
>> company.