{UWA} Weekend Spotlight part 2/2

{UWA} Weekend Spotlight part 2/2

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TnT: Thank you Mike...

PROMO: Crusher Stevenson  v.  Malibu Mike

Rex Roseman: IIWF my A__!!! Why don't those baffons just try to come
over here and compete with such talent as Chad "The Specimen" Blake. I'm
disgusted even hearing about that federation. Let's get on with the UWA.

TnT: Good idea. The next matchup that we will be looking at will
determine who gets the International Title shot against Lord Zero next
week at Summer Showdown. The number one contender Crusher Stevenson
takes on the number two contender Malibu Mike.

Rex Roseman: Now we all know that I despise the Fearsome Foursome. And
Crusher Stevenson just happens to be a member of that pathetic group of
Chad Blake wannabees. So I'm going to have to go with Malibu Mike on
this one.

TnT: Lets hear what the both of them have to say about the match.

                        Malibu Mike w/ Sara

(Malibu Mike is in a grocery store picking up food. Sara is behind him
in a cart. They see the camera and begin to speak)

Malibu: Yeah, get the Skim Milk also.

Sara: ok.

Malibu: oh hello. Yes I just heard about Crusher. He talked about
respect and blah blah blah. Yes Crusher, I did f--- you over but it was
on accident, if Lordzero didnt move out of the way I would have hit
him...dont' blame me. None of this s--- would have happened if Lordzero
could just have stayed in his own business. But oh well, shit happens.
Sara, get the cereal.

Sara: what kind?

Malibu: oh, how about Honey bunches of oats.

Sara: alright

Malibu: And to give you a news flash Crusher it is my business in that
match..you see I should have been there and that Title would have been
mine by now...but once again dont blame me it was Lordzero. I really
don't care if you guys are allied or not.... but im just saying that I
dont need a stable....im not a *** like the LOD and need someone to
interfere in there matches to get a win. Like Lordzero!

Sara: You want some Dr. Pepper.

Malibu: Sure.

Sara: Diet

Malibu: of course

(Malibu looks down at his slim stomach and abs.)

Malibu: Maybe not, lets go with Regular.

Sara: huuuuuu?, your kidding.

Malibu: Nope, I want to live on the dangerous side.

Sara: If you insist

[She puts the Dr. Pepper case into the cart.]

Malibu: ACtually if I recall Lordzero made a personal visit to my house
and asked me to join UWA and the Legionn. Well I joined UWA and was
about to join LOD but I discorved I can't trust any of them so I plan to
go solo for now.
For final words, Crusher, this Sunday is the time I will become
victorious and I will go to Summer Showdown and beat Lordzero one way or
the other.

(Fade out as Sara grabs a pack of Tampons and puts them into the cart)

                           Crusher Stevenson

(Fade into the Fearsome Foursome Training Facility in Chicago,
Illinois.  Inside lifting weights is Crusher Stevenson.  He is only
wearing a pair of red Champion shorts and a pair of Nike shoes.  Crusher
is working out in a fury of a pace, no resting at all.  The camera moves
in closer to him as he stops his workout.  He sits up and begins to

Crusher Stevenson:  Tomorrow night Malibu Mike, that little smug look on
your face is gonna be beaten right off!  You ask how that chairshot
felt??  Was it like this??

(Crusher grabs a chair and BASHES it over his head repeatedly)

Was it that hard??  Was it like that Mikey??

(Crusher launches the chair half way across the gym.)

I'm not mad though Mike.  Anxious is more of a word to describe how I am
feeling right now.  Anxious to break you in half.  Anxious to give you
the payback you rightfully deserve.  You wanna mess in my business?
Well you better be prepared for the reprocutions of your actions.  You
shouldn't even worry about the International Title right now, you have a
bigger problem on your hands.  A problmem that can end your career in

(Camera moves in close to Crusher)

There's no turning back now Mike.  It's time for payback.  PREPARE TO BE

(Camera fades to black)


Rex Roseman: Like I said, Crusher won't be crushing nothing tomorrow
night. Unless he hits himself over the head again. It seems as if he
can't control his actions and that will come back to hurt him. As for
Malibu Mike goes; I can see that his salary isn't quite up to par with
mine. Or else he would have someone other then himself doing his shoping
for him.

TnT: Shall we get out your contract and show everyone just how much you

PROMO: Big Butch Thornton  v.  Chad "The Specimen" Blake

Rex Roseman: Did you say something about Chad Blake

TnT: No.. I said...

Rex Roseman: Well thats what I heard. Tomorrow night is when "The
Specimen" beats the ***out of Big Butch Thornton and then struts on
into Summer Showdown to take the Heavyweight Belt from Suicide.

TnT: I believe that most people would have to disagree with you Rex. Big
Butch is on an incredable streak as of late and he has no plans on
letting Chad Blake break that streak.

                         Chad "The Specimen" Blake

[It's another luxurious day at the Blake mansion, as Chad "the Specimen"
Blake has finished another grueling workout. As his lovely valet ERIN
hands him a towel, the camera follows Blake as he heads to the sauna.]

"You know, Erin, as utterly ANGRY I was at our little betrayal last
week, you know, I'm feeling pretty damn peachy. Not only am I the
BUFFEST, TUFFEST and RUFFEST player in the UWA, and for all you lil'
tadpoles who are trying to get in the game on my behalf -*** my boots
and I'll think about it!  Not ONLY that, but now my crowing glory in the
UWA is about to happen...my title shot with SUICIDE!!!!!
Suicide, you have ducked me, and avoided me and pretended not to know my
existence for way too long! But now, as your sunset is in full view, and
your final fate can be seen in my bulging pecs and garnite abs, Suicide,
how much of a sham has your career been? How quickly will your
self-opinion be SHATTERED and DECIMATED after I Speciplex the belt away
from your grasp? It will be a sight to see: all of the UWA fans shelling
out the big bucks to see their greatest athlete assume the position only
he can fill. I'm glad this is taking place on a pay-per-view as THE MAIN
EVENT, where I belong and will be in for a LOOONNNNG time to come.
So, Suicide, watch as I make that Thorton twit regret he ever hired that
masked goon to take me out! In fact, Thorton, I'm sick of dwelling on
you!! My future is MADE in the SHADE as Suicide takes his fall and I
take his mantle! For Thorton, Suicide and whoever the hell that masked

[Chad and Erin head to the sauna as the camera fades....]

                         Big Butch Thornton

(Scene opens into O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.
It's a noisy place as it is the world's busiest airport.  Walking in a
hurry with a medium sized black duffle bag is Big Butch Thornton.  He is
wearing white long sleeved No Fear t-shirt, blue jeans, and black
boots.  He finds a seat to sit down at and puts his duffle bag on the
seat beside him.  He begins to speak....)

Big Butch Thornton:  One day away.  One day away from stepping inside
the ring with the self proclaimed "Specimen", Chad Blake.  There's no
way out Blake.  No restraining order is gonna stop me.  None of your
ebonics speaking friends are gonna stop me.  NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM

(An old lady sitting across from Big Butch Thornton grabs her cane and
hurries away, scared of Big Butch Thornton)

Hehehe.  Blake, I know you want that UWA World Title more then
anything.  But you'll have to wait another F'N day!!  The oppurtunity to
kick your ass and get a shot a Suicide in one night is too good to pass

(Walks over to the Magazine stand, picks up a Sports Illustrated, and
buys it.  He sits back down beside his duffle bag.)

The months of talking are over.  It's time to PUT UP or SHUT UP!!!  Come
Sunday you better have all the ammunition loaded and ready because I
have a warehouse full of whoopass I'm gonna unload on your carcass.
Chad Blake.....LET'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

(Butch picks up his duffle bag and his magazine and heads to the plane
as the camera fades to black.)


Rex Roseman: HAHAHA!!! Who is that overgrown ogre kidding. Chad Blake is
going to give him a lesson on the fundamentles of wrestling. And if that
Masked Avenger decides to show up again, who was hired by THornton I
might add, I will have to personally remove myself from my seat and
escort him back to the locker room so Blake doesn't have to kick his a--

TnT: Hired by Thornton. Ya.. .right! Butch won't need any help
whatsoever disposing of the specimen fair and square. But if you want to
jump in the ring then it's fine with me.

Rex Roseman: That's not what I said.

TnT: Whatever be the outcome, it's sure to be one heck of match. And
tomorrow's Sunday Night's Main Event is going to be a great card so
don't forget to tune in. For Rex Roseman, I'm TnT, See you tomorrow

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