WWE.com - NYC's own Dudley Boyz can't wait to return to MSG

WWE.com - NYC's own Dudley Boyz can't wait to return to MSG

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NYC's own Dudley Boyz can't wait to return to MSG

by Phil Speer

The Dudley Boyz always love performing at Madison Square Garden, but
they're especially looking forward to the RAW live event there on
Friday, Dec. 12. It'll be the first time that Bubba Ray and D-Von have
competed there since they began hailing from New York City.

"Dudleyville is a very real place that the Dudleys are proud to be
from," Bubba Ray said, referring to their previously announced

The idea of Dudleyville USA dates back to ECW. It was a place from
which all the Dudleys hailed and there were Dudleys many in ECW at
one time or another, in addition to Spike, D-Von and Bubba.
"Dudleyville is a place for everybody who felt they'd been
shortchanged in life," D-Von explained.

But after 17 Tag Team Title reigns, the Dudleys recognized that they
can no longer be considered underdogs. So, they decided to be from New
York City, which is the real-life hometown of both Bubba and D-Von,
who are from Queens and Brooklyn, respectively.

Growing up, both future Superstars would go to WWE events at the
Garden as often as possible. Bubba was sitting in the front row for
the much-heralded Snuka-Muraco Steel Cage Match. D-Von remembers
attending events headlined by the Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude, and
another main evented with a Cage Match between Hulk Hogan and the Big
Boss Man, when Hogan suplexed Boss Man off the top of the cage (a move
they also did when they squared off on "Saturday Night's Main Event").

"I remember sitting at the top of the Madison Square Garden, hearing
those people roar, I mean literally for 5-10 minutes," D-Von said.
"Big men had just never done that before."

At the time, Bubba and D-Von could only dream that they'd one day get
that sort of reaction, at the Garden or anywhere else, for that

But over the last few years, since arriving in WWE, their dreams have
become a reality. Already, the Dudleys have enjoyed some of their
career highlights at the "World's Most Famous Arena."

At Royal Rumble 2000, for instance, they battled the Hardy Boyz in a
memorable Tables Match, which paved the way for the incredible Tables,
Ladders and Chairs Matches that those two teams and Edge & Christian
would have beginning at that year's WrestleMania. (That match wasn't
called a TLC Match, but it basically turned out to be one.)

Although the Dudleys did not win the Tables Match at Royal Rumble, the
battle helped them solidify their stature in WWE, and prove that
they'd be here for "more than just a cup of coffee," unlike some other
teams that had come over from ECW. In fact, just over one month later,
the Dudleys defeated the New Age Outlaws to win the WWE Tag Team
Championship for the first time.

Six Tag Team Titles later, D-Von and Bubba Ray were forced to go their
separate ways due to the brand extension. But in November 2002 at
Survivor Series, also held at the Garden, they made a surprising
reunion, and the crowd went into a frenzy, much like they had in the
days of Hogan-Boss Man in a cage. This ovation may have been even

D-Von calls that reunion, and the reaction it received, his No. 1
career highlight.

"If I was to die the next day, I would have been happy, satisfied and
content," he said, adding that he pops the tape in and watches it
literally every time he comes home. "To this day, I still get goose
bumps." They're currently enjoying their second World Tag Team Title
reign since reuniting.

D-Von can't wait until WrestleMania XX, which is March 14, 2004 at the
Garden. "Talk about a childhood dream," he said. There's only one more
event at MSG between now and then: on Friday, Dec. 12, when, for the
first time, it'll be New York City's own Dudley Boyz on the card.

"We look forward to seeing all the WWE fans at Madison Square Garden,"
Bubba said, "where you know anything can happen."

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