Brock Lesnar Gets Ass Kicked, Then Retires From UFC

Brock Lesnar Gets Ass Kicked, Then Retires From UFC

Post by ~ u » Sun, 01 Jan 2012 22:47:36

After the UFC 141 main event, Brock Lesnar claimed he is done with the
UFC and is officially retired.

Referee Mario Yamasaki gave Lesnar every chance to recover, but after
he did little but cover up, the bout was halted at the 2:26 mark of
the opening round.

Today was all about bad intentions, said Overeem, who promised to do
the same to the current champ. It was a nice K-1 body kick.

Junior Dos Santos is next. I promise you guys that.

After the fight, an emotional Lesnar addressed the crowd and addressed
the speculation.

Ive had a really difficult couple years with my disease, said
Lesnar. And Im officially going to say this is the last time youll
see me in the octagon.

Here is a recap from our UFC 141 report: Referee Mario Yamasaki is the
third man in the cage for tonights scheduled five-round main event
and heavyweight title eliminator. Lesnar bounces on his toes to begin
as Overeem crouches and approaches with caution. Lesnar wades inside
and ducks under an overhand right. Overeem hops away from a Lesnar
single leg but hes cut above his right eye. Stepping in, Overeem
lands a solid knee to the body, then shoves him into the fence. More
knees up the gut land on Lesnar and the ex-UFC champ is composed but
moving backward. Lesnar is throwing single left crosses and gets
jacked with another big knee. A kick to the liver sends Lesnar to the
floor, covering up. Overeem stands over his crouching, covering
opponent, socking Lesnar with heavy right hands until ref Yamasaki
steps in. The TKO finish comes officially at 2:26 of round one.