Benoit Story: Warrior speaks on Hannity & Colmes, says WWE drug tests are a ruse

Benoit Story: Warrior speaks on Hannity & Colmes, says WWE drug tests are a ruse

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 The man known as The Ultimate Warrior, born Jim Hellwig, was
interviewed on "Hannity and Colmes."

Sean Hannity asked if steroids are rampant in pro wrestling. "Oh,
steroids are used throughout the industry all the way through. It's
easier to point out the guys who aren't doing steroids than are. I
don't have a stupid button on me you can push to get stupid. I can't
hide what my eyes see." He asked if he ever used steroids and if there
is such a thing as roid rage. Warrior said yes, and he's been open and
candid about it. "There's a difference between use and abuse," he

Hannity said any use is abuse if you don't need it for medical
reasons. Warrior said, "There are sacrifices pro athletes choose to
make to succeed at the business they participate it." Warrior said
regarding roid rage: "Roid rage for me is a pie in the sky theory
that's thought of by people who have no business discussing the frame
of mind of an elite physical athlete."

When Hannity interrupted and said that's not the point, Warrior said:
"No, the point is you're saying taking steroids is bad. I don't think
it is. I'm all for personal freedom. This is your program. You get to
talk all the time. Give me a chance. I'm all for personal freedom. I'm
not on a cruisade to abolish pro wrestling or all professional sports.
I'm tired of having my intelligence insulted and tired of having the
integrity of positive mentoring ***ed all the time."

Hannity said he thinks any use is abuse. They got combative. Hannity
said: "This guy killed his wife, his son, and himself, and we're
looking for answers." Warrior interrupted and said, "Back up a second.
I'm not going to make excuses for this monster."

Holmes asked, "How widespread is use in the WWF?" Warrior said, "The
drug test is a ruse. It's an artiface specifically designed for the
sensationalized, high-profile tragedies when people come forward and
they make reasonable allegations that the talent is using ***. It's
this simple for me. For me to believe that the drug tests on the live
bodies are legit, I have to believe all the autopsies on the dead
bodies are lies."

Holmes asked about the number of deaths in pro wrestling - 60 under
age 45. He said people who died were "rotten on the inside." He cited
classic bodybuilders who took steroids are still alive. He said they
approached steroids from a wholistic approach. "Wrestlers take
steroids so they can look healthy on the outside, but they do
everything else that makes them rotten on the inside. The autopsies
that reveal they have enlarged hearts and enlarged organs other organs
that have been affected by the steroids, that's the reason why -
because they don't live healthy lives overall." He said Benoit losing
control and snapping would be better attributed to presription ***.

Warrior said he knew him, but not well. He said he's always surprised
when people commit these types of heinous crimes. He said he doesn't
think roid rage is the reason for the monstrous acts he committed. He
said there's no excuse whether it was due to raising a child with
disabilities, stress with his wife, steroids, or other prescription
***. Holmes said you can't ignore all the factors and say steroids
aren't part of it. Warrior said there are many pro athletes who retire
and say seven or eight out of ten use steroids, but what about those
who aren't pro athletes on steroids. Hannity said they're asking
legitimate questions. He said, "And I'm giving legitimate answers. No,
I do not think so." As he began to talk about Mark Furman speaking
about the case, they ran out of time.

WK ANALYSIS: The bolded quotes above are among the best quotes by
anyone yet this week in terms of cutting to the chase. As for the
rest, it was something less than great, and in some cases I strongly
disagree. Fun segment with the combativeness, but as usual with these
cable segments, there's just not enough time to really deal with the
nuances and complexities of this issue. Where did that line about
"positive mentoring" being assauled all the time come from? That line
wasn't presented here out of context; there was no context.