CP Irvine Says Sorry About Closing Day

CP Irvine Says Sorry About Closing Day

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  I feel so horrible, so positively destroyed, so lifeless over what happened
 Sunday that I have not been myself yet, and I don't know what will snap me
 back. I feel***d of my personality, really, and feel that I have let my
 friends down and wrecked a lot of my reputation. I haven't felt this bad over
 something in a long time, and it only adds to what has been a hellish year for
 me. I didn't have the heart to get online until today, and even now it pains
 me to read about Sunday, as if I have excluded myself from something so
 special to me.

   Let me explain.

  First off, I'M NOT GOING TO FLORIDA. What happened Sunday so blew me away
 that the trip fell apart, and this Friday, instead of riding Chang, I'll be
 sitting on my bum and feeling awful. BUT I MAY BE GOING TO FALL CON NOW.....

   As many of you know, my parents accompany me to parks quite a bit. They are
 both in their mid-fifties, and yet they still enjoy the parks and coasters
 100%. I enjoy having them along, suprisingly, to some of you, and we usually
 have a fantastic time. Since closing day at Cedar Point is a tradition, they
 did accompany me on Sunday. My mom had not been feeling well to begin with,
 and I had the feeling that she was going to make the day difficult, so I left
 with some trepidation. (Next year, after Sunday's events, I will be going to
 parks mostly by myself. I learned a steep lesson that my methods don't pair
 with those of my parents as much as they used to. I'll probably go to the RRC
 Con by myself, and possibly even my Big Coaster Trip to the coast. It's a
 shame, but things have changed too much)

  I was up before the sun again, and since I was to meet with The RRC Last Ride
 Team at Raptor at 11:30, I had to be on the road at 7 AM. Everything went
 smoothly, and we were all soon in the Coaster Mobile and headed down the road.
 Since I am four hours from the park, I go through a good part of Michigan on
 the way down, and I go down I-75 all the way to Ohio. Leaving my hometown of
 Bay City, MI, I pass through Saginaw, then Bridgeport, Birch Run, Clio, and
 then to Flint and beyond. (I will be moving to Ann Arbor soon, BTW, so I will
 be much closer to the park) The ride down is pleasant, and not at all long.
 Whether it's me or a parent driving, or no matter who isn't or is with me, I
 have no problem in getting down to the park, and happily listen to 89X and
 CD's, making the trip just one big prelude to fun.
   Today I was not driving. I was in the back seat, listening to my CD's, and
 even though the morning was foggy, it was nice. There was no one on the road,
 and the fog actually looked beautiful. We passed Bridgeport, and at about that
 time I turned on one of my favorite CD's, Fluke's "Risotto," and flicked on my
 favorite track, Kitten Moon, which is eight minutes long. It may have been
 after Bridgeport; it was around there. I comfortably laid my head back, closed
 my eyes, and decided to get some rest for my eyes for the big day.

   As Kitten Moon neared its end, I suddenly heard a sound that resembled
 closely someone dropping a honeyrock melon on the floor; the moist "thflunk"
 as it splits open would fit this sound well. We were the only ones, really, on
 I-75, and the first thing that came to my mind was the something was wrong
 with our car. My eyes flitted open, and I quickly asked, "What was that?" to
 my dad, who was driving. He plainly said, "There's been an accident," and at
 that moment, I leaned to the left to witness one of the most horrible sights I
 have ever witnessed in my lifetime.
  Ahead of us, a car was traveling. It was the SAME as mine: White Buick Regal,
 1990, two-door, burgundy interior. My dad had said that he had seen this car
 pass us on the left about five minutes back. This Regal was about a quarter
 mile ahead of us, in the middle lane. To the right, in the farthest lane,
 traveled a large shuttle-type vehicle, much like the ones the Cedar Point
 Resorts utilize, except somewhat bigger. As I swerved my view to between the
 front seats, I saw a complete explosion of vehicles. The two merged, blowing
 car parts into the sky like a volcano erupting, and smoke billowed from both
 vehicles. Mere moments later, we passed by it; the first car to pass by it,
 the first people, closest people to see the accident.
  The Regal had landed across the middle lane cleanly, while the shuttle veered
 off the road into the shoulder. The vehicles were still moving as we passed by
 on the left. The shuttle bus's left side was demolished, leaving a gaping
 swath where there was once tire and fiberglass, and steam and smoke issued
 from this side. But the bus itself wasn't that bad, and there was a good
 possibility that anyone inside was hurt, but not seriously. I even had the
 impression that the driver drove the bus to the shoulder, so evenly did it
 match up with the side of the road. I couldn't see inside the bus, since all
 the windows were darkened, so I have no idea what could have been the
 population inside the bus. My guess is that there was only the driver, so
 early was it. Who would be on a shuttle bus on I-75 at 7:30 AM? In any case,
 the shuttle was basically OK. People could get out, and if they were wearing
 seatbelts, they would probably walk away with bruises and cuts but not much
 more. It was a substantial vehicle, and it didn't seem to get damaged much by
 the collision.

   The Regal, on the other hand. I can barely begin to describe what I saw. The
 entire top of the car was sawed right off. Completely. There were no supports
 for windows, no remanants of windshield or other glass. It was as if the car
 had been made a convertable, instantly. The right hand side of the car did not
 simply exist anymore. It was as if a giant animal had bitten off the right
 hand side. There was HALF an engine. No tires, no doors, no metal, nothing.
 Just a gaping skeleton. Parts of it had blown completely away, covering the
 highway in metal and plastic. Strangely, no glass was to be seen. We had been
 mere seconds from the car, and if we had been perhaps five seconds closer, I
 would not be writing you this post. I'd most certainly, from what I saw, have
 been up in the Great Amu***t Park In The Sky since Sunday morning. There was
 NO DOUBTING this fact. We passed by the still moving car, and the backend, a
 duplicate of my car's, still had lights flickering in it.

  But what I will never, ever, for the rest of my life, forget, is what I saw
 as we passed it completely. I looked back. I wish to God Almighty that I had
 not looked back; I pray someday I will forget what I saw. There was a double
 of my car. Made to be a convertable, it sat there motionless, and the left
 side of the car was basically untouched. There, in all frank, stark reality, I
 saw that there was no sign of human life in that car. In the driver's seat was
 nothing. Back seat, nothing. It was as if someone had snapped fingers and
 transported whomever was in that car out instantly. There was NOTHING. I will
 never forget seeing that maroon headrest standing ***ly up in the air, with
 no head against it, of the driver's seat. There was no one on the road,
 either. But I had looked back. And what I did see proved there was life once
 in that car, but it was no more. I saw life reduced to mush, to put it
 frankly, (Sean, I didn't tell you this); as if someone had been put through a
 grinder. Anyone, anything that was in that car, anywhere, was now dead.

   I turned away, screaming to everyone else not to look, and started crying
 unconsolably. We pulled off a mile ahead at the Clio Big Boy, and I piled out
 of car, burst in the doors, and just started crying hysterically. The
 waitresses immediately called 911, and they said they already knew. I could
 not get over what I had just seen. I have seen many horrible things in my
 life, including my dad laying on the floor within minutes of death and visibly
 so in that state. But this was so utterly raw and morbid that I could not bear
 it. I couldn't believe that we had seen this person pass by, in his/her last
 five minutes of life, and in front of my eyes I watched life end, just seconds
 away. (I can barely type this out) I felt so nauseated that I spent a good ten
 minutes in the bathroom sobbing desperately. After a cup of water and some
 talking it out with people, I felt ready to get back in the car again.
   My father has been to Vietnam. He's seen things that would make my sight
 mere cartoons, so he admirably handled everything. But my mother did not. She
 began feeling empty and horrible, and the feeling escalated as we continued
 on. Ambulances, police cars, and other such things went by on the other side
 of the road for a good halfhour. She became silent and distant, and didn't
 speak once for the rest of the trip. I sat there, stunned. I didn't listen to
 any music, and felt more than once that I should go home. But I was
 determined, no matter what happened, to make Closing Day the success I had
 planned. I had made out name tags for the Last Ride Team, and we'd be doing
 RipCord. And RRC Takes Over Exy was to be my triumph for the year. No, this
 had to happen, no matter what I encountered along the way.

  So I spent the rest of the trip trying to recover. It wasn't until Exit 6A
 that I started to feel whole once again, and I turned on Prodigy to try to
 bring myself to. Not a word came from my mother's mouth. We hit the Causeway;
 soon the parking lot. Out of the car, into the park. I needed to buy my
 Passes, some shirts, and such for my upcoming Florida trip, but that could
 wait. Again, not a word came from my mom. I was to meet Sean and Daryl at
 Raptor at 11:30, but I was slightly late from the accident. I waited by
 Byardia for a good 30 mins, and saw no sign of them. I then headed back to Exy
 to meet up with everyone else, hoping that Sean would be back there. As I
 passed by

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CP Irvine Says Sorry About Closing Day

Post by Colb » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00


> For those who did not get to see what Cp did for the RRCLRT on Sunday
> missed something great. She had made these VERY cool stickers with our
> names on them and they had a pic of Magnum on them.  Me , Daryl and
> Colby had some people that asked us about the RRCLRT. I am sure this
> will take off soon.

Well, crap!  I guess it's true that I'm always bound to forget to
include something in all of my TR's that really should have been in
there, and in this case, THIS was it!  The stickers were a nice touch;
there were many comments on them, and many silent stares.

I too thank CP for what she said about me.  Although we only met about
two.five weeks ago, it feels like it's been a lot longer.

Looking forward to next year!


CP Irvine Says Sorry About Closing Day

Post by Sean Flahar » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

True, Sunday was not as fun as I wish but this has nothing to do with Cp
Irvine.  The day was just too busy.  The highlight of the day was the
Rip Cord by far. I  can't wait to do this again.  I did really felt bad
that Cp did ot get to join us for the last ride on Magnum.  Sometimes
things have to happen for a reason.   I have also been to CP and not
ridden a thing and had to leave.  I know how it feels.  Next year will
be even BETTER!!!  The R-R-C Con will be the best!  For those who did
not get to see what Cp did for the RRCLRT on Sunday missed something
great. She had made these VERY cool stickers with our names on them and
they had a pic of Magnum on them.  Me , Daryl and Colby had some people
that asked us about the RRCLRT. I am sure this will take off soon.  
  CP might be closed for the season but you can still go to some other
places.  You HAVE to go to the Fall Con. We will have to have a R-R-C
meeting somewhere so anyone that has not heard  Cp's trademark scream
can hear it.  Power Tower Daryl will be there as well, so are alot of
others like Dreadlock Jim,  Jerry Flemming,  Dave A. (i think),  and a
whole lot of others.  I am going to the IAAPA event so if it is true
about the 300 ft skycoaster being there, and it is working, you can bet
me and CP and whoever wants to join us will be on it.
  I thank Cp Irvine for the nice words she has said about me.  It really
does mean alot.  The last ride on Magnum was not the same with out you
(insert group hug here!!).  I hope to see all of you at the Fall Con in
Florida. Montu is calling my name and I have to go back and see how it's
doing.  L8R!!!

 Next year :  The R-R-C Con!!  GET READY!!!!