Coaster Tunnels list, revised yet again

Coaster Tunnels list, revised yet again

Post by Paul R. Tupaczews » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 21:04:14

Compiled by Paul R. Tupaczewski

Thanks to Steve Sullivan, Will Johnson, Kevin Hollenbeck, Edwin Green,
 Keith Murray, Rendell Bird, John Downing, Paul Asente, Mark Mangieri,
 Eric Griswold, Cheri Stead, Rob Davis, Eric Breault, Tom Maglione,

 Mike Palmer, Nick Ridley and Sharon Crichton.

State Ride                Park                      Comments
----- ------------------- ------------------------- ----------------------------
CA    The Giant Dipper    Santa Cruz Boardwalk      Between station & lift
CA    Big Thunder Mtn RR  Disneyland                Several
CA    Demon               Paramount's Great America Between station & lift,
                                                      after 2nd loop
CA    Giant Dipper        Belmont Park              Between station & lift
CA    Matterhorn Bobsleds Disneyland                Several
CA    Psyclone            Six Flags Magic Mountain  Between station & lift
CA    Revolution          Six Flags Magic Mountain  Through hillside
CO    Cyclone             Lakeside Park             Extremely dark
CO    (Mister) Twister    Elitch Gardens      
FL    Big Thunder Mtn RR  Walt Disney World         Several
FL    Kumba               Busch Gardens Tampa       Under station
FL    Space Mountain      Walt Disney World         Re-entering Earth atmosphr.
FL    Star Liner          Miracle Strip             Dragon tunnel
GA    Dahlonega Mine      Six Flags over Georgia    
GA    MindBender          Six Flags over Georgia    5' long
IL    The Demon           Six Flags Great America   Cave facade w/marquis lights
MO    Thunderation        Silver Dollar City
MO    Zambezi Zinger      Worlds of Fun
NV    Canyon Blaster      Grand Slam Canyon         Two right before station
NV    Desperado           Buffalo Bill's            First drop goes underground;
                                                     several others
NY    Dragon Coaster      Rye Playland              Turnaround w/dragon glowing
NY    Jack Rabbit         Seabreeze Park            Helix on return run
NY    Viper               Darien Lake               Part of helix at end
OH    Adventure Express   Paramount Kings Island    Well-themed mine ride
OH    The Beast           Paramount Kings Island    540 degree wood, plus
                                                     several others
OH    The Beastie         Paramount Kings Island    Short, at bottom of 1st drop
OH    Magnum XL-200       Cedar Point               Several short steel
ON    Dragon Mountain     Marineland                3 tunnels, total 1000 ft. -
                                                       most in the world
ON    Mighty Canadian     Paramount Canada's        Enclosed helix at end
         Minebuster          Wonderland
PA    Blue Streak         Conneaut Lake Park        Between station & lift
PA    Jack Rabbit         Kennywood                 Turnaround
PA    The Phoenix         Knoebels Amu***t Rsrt.  Turnaround
PA    Sky Princess        Dutch Wonderland          2' long
PA    Thunderhawk         Dorney Park               Between station & lift
TX    Batman - The Escape Six Flags Astroworld      Just before last turn
TX    Mine Ride           Six Flags over Texas      Under a pond
TX    Rattler             Fiesta Texas              Through cliff-face
TX    Viper               Six Flags Astroworld      Enclosed first drop
UK    Big Dipper          Blackpool Pleasure Beach  Between station & lift
UK    Big One             Blackpool Pleasure Beach  Short, at end
UK    Grand National      Blackpool Pleasure Beach
UK    Nemesis             Alton Towers              Several short
UK    Roller Coaster      Blackpool Pleasure Beach
UK    Vampire             Chessington
UK    Zipper Dipper       Blackpool Pleasure Beach  Goes inside Space Invader
VA    Anaconda            Paramount Kings Dominion  "Underwater" on first drop
VA    Grizzly             Paramount Kings Dominion
VA    Loch Ness Monster   Busch Gardens Wmsburg.    Helix within man-made hill
VA    Rebel Yell          Paramount Kings Dominion  
WV    Big Dipper          Camden Park               Third turn

* Note: Yes, I know - Ontario and the United Kingdom are not states, but I'm
  going for brevity here. I apologize to Canadians and Britons alike.