Drive-Ins near Parks [Part 4]

Drive-Ins near Parks [Part 4]

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Hi folks.

The following is the 4th of several
posts listing drive-in theaters that are located near amu***t parks.
is a great website and resource.  It was created (and I presume is
still maintained) by Kipp and Jennifer Sherer.  Their website provides links
to other drive-in related websites.

These posts are a 1st draft, as this list is a 'work in progress.'  Some of
drive-ins listed may have closed for good.  Some drive-ins that were thought
to have closed may in fact have reopened under new ownership.  I'll edit the
list if/when someone notifies me of an inaccuracy or change.

Important:  PLEASE try to contact the drive-in (by phone or website, if
available) before finalizing any plans... I wouldn't want any of you driving
out of your way only to find that the theater is closed.

Also, please understand that mileages cited between amu***t parks and
drive-ins are only *approximations.*  In general, I tried to limit listings
to drive-ins located less than 45 miles (or so) away from the amu***t

The list is way too long for just one post; therefore, I've broken it up
into several parts.
Part 1 covered Alabama, Arizona and California.
Part 2 covered Colorado, Connecticut, Florida and Georgia.
Part 3 covered Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky.

This segment (Part 4) will cover Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Minnesota and Missouri.  Parks in other states will follow (in alphabetical

Amu***t parks listed might not be the *only* parks near a particular
drive-in.  Please forgive me if I didn't list your favorite park.  The parks
that are listed, were selected solely for their name recognition and
geographic location... park names and links to their websites should not be
miscontrued as a commercial endor***t of any kind.



Saco Drive-In
969 Portland Rd.
Saco, ME
(207) 284-1016
*12 miles southeast of Funtown
*1 screen, opened in 1939!
*operates May-Sept.



Bengies Drive-In
3417 Eastern Blvd.
Middle River, MD
(410) 687-5627
*45 miles north of SFA
*1 screen, opened in 1956
*operates April-Oct.
*reportedly has the biggest screen on the East coast
*hosted the 2001 Maryland Film Festival
*was the drive-in featured in John Waters' 1999 film 'Cecil B. Demented'



Tri-Town Drive-In
3 Youngs Rd.
Lunenburg, MA
(978) 345-5062
*2 miles west of (sniff) Whalom Park

Leicester Twin Drive-In
1675 Main St.
Leicester, MA
(508) 892-4400
*52 miles east of SFNE
*2 screens

Please note that the Southington Twin Drive-in, located in Plattsville, CT,
is located 'only' 46 miles south of SFNE)
Southington Twin Drive-In
935 Meriden Waterbury Rd.
Plantsville, CT
(860) 628-2205
*8 miles south of Lake Compounce
*2 screens, opened in 1954
*operates May-Sept.



Getty 4 Drive-In
920 E. Summet Ave.
Muskegon Heights, MI
(231) 798-2608
*less than 10 miles south of MA
*4 screens
*operates April-Sept.
*6/19/01 article in The Muskegon Chronicle indicated it is/was the last
drive-in op. in western MI.  The property was sold to developers...
(residential).  2001 was to be the drive-in's final year of operation;
HOWEVER, "...if all 75 lots of land next to the drive-in are not sold by May
1, 2002, the theater may stay open for another year."



Cottage View Drive-In
9338 E. Douglas Rd. S.
Cottage Grove, MN
(651) 458-5965
*29 miles east of Valleyfair
*1 screen
*link to local news article:

65-Hi Drive-In
10100 Central Ave., NE
Blaine, MN
(763) 780-3063
*33 miles north of Valleyfair
*1 screen
*link to local news articles:

Vali-Hi Drive-In
11260 Hudson Blvd. N.
Lake Elmo, MN
(651) 436-7464
*37 miles northeast of Valleyfair
*1 screen
*operates April-Sept.
*link to local news article:



Twin Drive-In
291 E. Kentucky Rd.
Independence, MO
(816) 257-2234
*5 miles south of WoF
*2 screens

I-70 Drive-In
8701 E. Hwy 40
Kansas City, MO
(816) 861-0500
*10 miles south of WoF
*4 screens

Please note the following is also located in the Kansas City metro area:
Boulevard Drive-In
1051 Merriam Ln.
Kansas City, KS
(913) 262-0392
*12 miles west of WoF
*1 screen, opened in 1954
*operates March-Oct.
'world's first digital drive-in'

Sunset Drive-In
1601 Church St.
Aurora, MO
(417) 678-6609
*34 miles northwest of SDC
*1 screen, opened 1951
*operates April-Sept.

North Twin Drive-In
9425 Lewis & Clark Blvd.
St. Louis, MO
(314) 867-6600
*30 miles northeast of SFStL
*2 screens, opened in 1948
*operates May-Oct.

Coming next:
Part 5
Nevada, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina