New pictures on gboro

New pictures on gboro

Post by A Usenet P » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:25:11

I've put some new pictures on, all taken by the lovely and
talented Rendell Bird:

mb-dipper1.jpg  Mission Beach Giant Dipper, showing the first drop
                (that's me in the back car!)
mb-dipper2.jpg  Mission Beach Giant Dipper, from the *top* of the first drop
        (These both show the wonderful curve on that drop quite well.)
mm-batman1.jpg  Batman at SFMM
mm-batman2.jpg  Gate to Batman at SFMM
gotham.jpg      Entrance Gotham City, with Batman in the background, SFMM
viper.jpg       Viper at SFMM swooping around into the station

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