Full Throttle - No OTSR?

Full Throttle - No OTSR?

Post by Dave Althoff J » Wed, 19 Sep 2012 12:12:01


>> I think Tamar Fellner illustrated the futility of that concept.

> When Tamar Fellner head, I believe that was a case of an enthusiast
> event and restraints were purposely not in proper place.  Too bad she
> at least didn't have the seat belt on. It was documented that the seat
> belt was not used and most riders had little or no restraint by lap
> bars.

All true.  But you missed the point.

She was in the last seat of the train.

There was another rider sitting next to her...that is, there were two
riders in the last occupied seat of the train, in accordance with the
"safety" rule under discussion.

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