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I got my middle school writing folder back this month and found a
short story I had written during 8th grade.   I did not visit Cedar
Point prior to this piece and in fact I will be making my 1st trip to
the park the last week of July in only 30 days!!
Trapped In Cedar Point
by Keith Iorio
Orginally written: Fall 1996
Typed and minorly revised: June 1999

        "Are we there yet?" asks Katherine.  "No, we're not, so shut
up and read your book," answers Mike.  This kind of conversation was
going on for hours in the Spencer family car as they were traveling
the 8 hour journey from New York, to Sandusky, Ohio.
        Mike is a four*** year old and is very e***d as her and his
family head to Cedar Point.  Mike has dreamed about going to Cedar
Point for about two years.  The amuesment park holds the record for
most roller coasters in the world in one place.  There are 12 of them
there.  Now Mike is staring at pictures of the Magnum XL-200 he
printed off the internet and listening to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones CD
at the same time.  The Magnum XL-200, the steepest coaster in the US,
is what Mike is planning to go on first.
        He is in 9th grade, his first year in high school.  As his CD
runs out he rumbles through his stuff looking for another one.  He
finds his favorite book The Firm which he is reading for the second
time.  He also finds a math text and remembers he is suppose to be
studing for his final, that is next week.  He brings up the excuse he
can't read in the car when his sister Katherine says "Aren't you
suppose to be studying?"
        Katherine is 11 now but will turn 12 nest week.  Mike likes to
think that there is a 3 year difference, but he just turned 14.
Anyway Kathy, her nickname, is a brain genius, typical annoying little
sister in Mike's thoughts.  All she does is read books, and she hates
roller coasters.  The only reason she is coming is to make his trip
more miserable.
        In the front passenger seat is Kathy and Mike's father, Peter.
He is slumped over and sleeping.  He hates long car rides and
especially being the passenger.  Driving is Kelly, Peter's wife.  She
keeps hitting him with a map trying to get him to wake up and give
directions.  This goes on for another hours before the family pulls
into a road with a huge sign reading CEDAR POINT AMUESMENT PARK AND
RESORTS.  They hear screams as they turn down the street to the
resorts.  As they pass through the main enterance, the Demon Drop can
be seen operating.  The Raptor and the lift hills of the Mantis, Blue
Streak and Magnum are stared at my Mike who can't wait to ride them.
As they continue to the Sandcastle Suite, their hotel, they pass Soak
City and the Ripcord.  Peter mutters "You're not going on that".  Mike
is shocked as they ride right under the Magnum XL-200's track.  He's
fascinated when the coaster swoops down the 60 degree hill.
        Finally they park the car and get out.  Mike runs into his
hotel room, throws his bag on his bed and asks "can we go to the park
now?" without even looking around.  After pacing  for a half of an
hour, Mike's family finally walk through the gates and into Cedar
        The first ride is the Mean Streak, a wooden coaster built in
1991 for the park.  It is a fast, intense, rickety ride only Peter and
Mike go on.  Kathy and Kelly ride Snake River Falls, a giant water
flume ride instead.
        For two hours the family goes through half of the park.  They
ride the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Wildcat, Mantis, Iron Dragon and the
        "So what are we riding next?" asks Mike impatiently.  "Don't
you want to go on that really tall one?" questions Kelly refering to
the Magnum.
"The Magnum? I was going to save that for last."
"You'd better go now the line is short and it looks like it's going to
Mike looks and she's right.  Lake Erie is raging and the sky is
growing dark.
"Anyone coming?" Mike asks.
No Volunteers.
        They eye the track that is almost invisible towering in the
sky.  They can hear ***y screams and then see the coaster dive from
the clouds and watch it ascend back into a second hill.
        Mike waits on line for 20 minutes then gets into the front car
of the white train.  Almost immediately the car is jerked and starts
to pull up the tallest hill Mike's ever seen.
        Because of the fog at the top Mike can't see anything.  He
looks up just before the cars drop.  There is a crack of thunder and
sudden down pour as the sky breaks open.  The coaster rushes down the
drop and hits 73 miles per hour.  The rain feels like pellets against
Mike's face.  The second drop feels as steep as the first.  Miek trys
to enjoy it, but the rain is too harsh.  He is blinded by lightning.
He enters the first tunnel, but then in another flash  he is being
whirled in a circular motion.  The track goes back into the woods.  In
another minute he is feeling the bumpy way back to the station.  The
lift hill is swaying back and forth.  Mike realizes this is the last
ride of the day, maybe forever.  He sees a blinding light, it isn't
the station just another tunnel with spotlights.  Finally he reaches
the station.  He gets out.  There is no line.  Everyone left for cover
including the ride operators.
        Mikes runs out but can't find his family.  Lightning had
struck the Mantis lift hill.  The coaster looked on fire.  He starts
yelling "Peter, Kelly, Kath!!".  He then realizes the water is up to
his knees.  He notices people climbing up the structure of the Gemini
trying to escape the rising waters.  He is more scared then on the
        He finally finds his family on top on a gamestand.  There, the
person who runs it is using the intercom to report news.  He yells
"Water spouts are surronding the pennisula and causing serve flooding,
the parking lot has water levels waist high and the lagoon is rising
rapidly.  The Mantis roller coaster is on fire."
        This left little choice for the people in Cedar Point.  The
middle and outer parts of the park were flooded waist deep.  Mike as
hurries to his family, he looks up at the Magnum just in time to hear
metal breaking.  He realized if the wind didn't let up the 200 foot
hill would topple.  For all day and part of the night the Spencer
family clung to the gamestand as the storm didn't let up.
        According to reports the 503 people still in the park 11 were
already dead.  The Blue Streak and part of the Magnum have collasped.
The lagoon region which held the Corkscrew, Iron Dragon and Mantis
roller coasters was almost underwater.  Mike could see the lift hills
of the Iron Dragon and Mantis though and they looked charred by
        The storm let up when the people still alive were 490.  This
included the Spencer family.  The water was a little above waist level
when the storm stopped, 11 hours after it started.  The sun eventually
came out and it was fianlly over.
        The worst storm ever to hit the Lake Erie coast of Ohio was
that year, Junne 1997.  500 people died.  13 of these deaths were at
Cedar Point, where people were crushed, electricuted and downed.
Among the survivors were the Spencer family.
        110 million dollars was reported in damages.  The most badly
hit was the pennisula of Cedar Point.  The park remained closed the
rest of the 97 season and reopened in spring of 1998.  The Matnis and
Blue Streak roller coaster did not survive the storm but attractions
were rebuilt in there place.  A new bigger stand-up coaster was built
on the Mantis sight and it was known only as the acronym
TCWTFCM(TCFKAB)OS which stands for  The Coaster Where the Former
Coaster Mantis (the coaster formly known as Banshee) Once Stood.
        In the Blue Streak's  place a new ride titled TRAPPED IN CEDAR
POINT came in 1998.  It sitmulated the horror of the storm.  This 20
minute break through water/roller coaster ride put you through the
worst part of the storm when the water was waist high and things where
collasping all around you.
        The ride was the greatest sucess since the Magnum XL-200
opened in 1989.  Later that summer the Spencer family took their
second trip to Cedar Point and went on Trapped In Cedar Point, the
Magnum and others.  Of course it was nothing compared to the real

I orginally got an 85 on this piece and now do I only realize how sick
it is that they made a ride out of a disaster.  Oh well hope you

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DAMN        all i can say is enjoy your trip in july, it should be a little
better    :-)

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