NJ Coasters opening

NJ Coasters opening

Post by Bill Fig » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 21:11:13

Boy, this sounds like a "new-be" question but I am scheduled to go to
Atlantic City for a work users group on April 10th.  I have only been to
the south New Jersey shore once and am interested in seeing for myself what
they have available in the way of parks and coasters and how it is all
situated.  I know the answer to my question but I will ask it anyways.
Will any of the parks be open on the weekend then?  

        Bill "what a dump time to visit NJ" Figie


NJ Coasters opening

Post by Barry K. Swank, Jr » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 01:41:16


>The area of Atlantic City dosen't have coasters ( I don't think they do),

 Yes they do.. One. It's the Tivoli Plunge at Tivoli at the Trop World ***.
>and Seaside to the north has a few coasters, and Wildwood South of AC is
>building a new Invert, in witch i would like to hear is anything is being
>done on it!! =) well, your probally better off going later in the year
>(they probally aren't open yet) if possible.



NJ Coasters opening

Post by ROZZ » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 11:30:58

In AC they have a fairly new pier with a ride called the SKYCOASTER. Its
not a roller coaster but you have to take the plunge on this one. Your our
put into a harness and than lifted up a cable. You are face down and pull
your pin when the attendent does his count down. It is a must.
The ride wasn't doing any $$$$$$ volumn last year because of the fear of
this type of ride and AC mosty is a middle age crowd and older type that
would not be in shape to ride this thrill. It is just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
Wildwood has the SEA SERVANT which is a great Metal Coaster.
If the weather is nice they might be open on the weekend.
Also check out Six Flaggs Great Adventure in Jackson NJ about an hour
away. They have some great coasters including the BATMAN.
Seaside has a great carosel and also a carosel shop with minatures and
books & more.


NJ Coasters opening

Post by ROZZ » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 11:31:10

Sorry about the cut off John Rozz 203-265-9796