Endangered Parks & Rides / Preservation Efforts - HELP NEEDED!!

Endangered Parks & Rides / Preservation Efforts - HELP NEEDED!!

Post by mamoos » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 01:06:50

Hello everyone!

For an upcoming project I am compiling a list of rides that have
on-going preservation efforts or parks that are in danger of closing.
I am also looking for organizations who engage in preservation
efforts.  This is not a "wish list" but rather a list of on-going
efforts by organizations such as ACE, Conneaut Preservation Society,
etc.  Therefore I don't think Miracle Strip's Starliner and Myrtle
Beach would qualify unless there is an organized effort to save them.
Same for Americana/LeSourdesville Lake.

This is the list I have thus far...have I missed anything?


Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake
Leap-the-Dips, Lakemont


Arnold's Park
Camden Park
Conneaut Lake


ACE Preservation Fund
Conneaut Lake Preservation Society / Blue Streak Challenge
Leap-The-Dips Foundation
The IGL Maritime Museum / Arnolds Park

Thanks for your help!

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