CP TR: June 21-24

CP TR: June 21-24

Post by Duane B. Cahi » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Getaway day.  Always bittersweet.  The night before, Karen asked me to
wake her at 6:00 AM to go for a walk on the beach.  Well, when 6:00
rolled around, she wasn't feeling quite as ambitious.  We got up at
8:00, and the girls put on their swimsuits to hit the beach.  They
spent 45 minutes or so looking for seashells, but coming up with mostly
shell chips and rocks.  A few small snail shells were as close as they

Got back to the room at about 9:15, and packed the suitcases for the
trip home.  Today would be spent at Soak City, so one bag was
designated the "beach bag" for the things we'd need there today.

I took the suitcases and cooler out and packed the trunk.  Not
surprisingly, it was much fuller than it was when we left home.  The
only two things I was leaving the Point with less of were money and
clean clothes <g>.  We checked out and then met my mom and Ruth at the
pool for coffee.

Last night, we had invited Brian and Cindy along to Soak City, and told
them we'd call them in the morning.  I forgot to call until 10:00 AM.
I think we woke them up, and they asked if we'd wait until they got
checked out before heading over.  The girls wanted to swim NOW, so we
told them to go ahead and jump into the Breakers pool for awhile.  At
11:15, Brian and Cindy came down and we all headed over to Soak City.  

Soak City has been at Cedar Point for what, 6-7 years now?  This was
the first time I had been there.  As water parks go, it was top notch.
We found a spot for our towels, and took off.  Cindy isn't real big on
anything water-related, so she took Michele and Lexi over to the lazy
river.  Brian, Karen and I had to hit the waterslides.  We told the
girls to meet us at 1:00, and we'd decide whether to stay longer.  It's
a long drive back to Harrisburg, so we'd evaluate our options at 1:00.

Well, we hit darn near every tube slide and body slide in the park in a
little over an hour.  As the day progressed though, lines continued to
get longer and longer.  When we started, I don't think we waited more
than five minutes for any of them.  And some of the best airtime I
experienced on the entire trip was on the speed slides.  

After several rides, we went over to Eerie Falls, a new tube slide that
is totally enclosed.  As we approached, several people were getting out
of the entrance line.  We asked someone, who said the ride was closed.
No one said why, and I can't imagine what the problem was.  Karen had
never been to a wave pool before, so we hit that next.  It was OK, but
I've been in much better wave pools with bigger waves.  I like Disney's
Typhoon Lagoon concept where different sessions have different wave
heights so there's something for everyone.

After about 10 minutes, we noticed Eerie Falls was open again, so we
got on immediately.  It's a weird feeling not knowing where you're
going, especially the first time through.  There are a couple of
openings in the enclosure, so you see light ahead and think you're at
the end of the slide.  As it turns out, it's a waterfall, just to get
you a little more wet...

Headed over to the Zoom Flume next, the big tube rafts which seat
several people (up to 800 lbs worth -- that's per raft, not per person
<g>).  Now the lines were starting to get longer, and we waited about
15 minutes to get on it.  15 minutes is about my maximum wait for any
water slide, so that was a once and done.  It was getting closer to
1:00 now, so we went back to the towels and met up with the girls.  

Of course, the girls wanted to stay longer.  Truth be told, so did I,
but the pragmatic side of me said we should get on the road.  Every now
and occasionally, I refuse to listen to my pragmatic side, and in
retrospect, I'm glad I didn't.  We agreed that we'd meet again at 3:00,
and then go home.  

I tried something called the Lily Rad.  It's basically a bunch of round
foam/plastic disks, about three feet across.  They're linked together
underwater, but float somewhat freely.  The idea is to cross the pool
without falling in using only these pads.  There is a rope bridge above
you to hang onto if you like.  Well, I like to think I'm fairly
athletic, but I just didn't have the knack for this.  I fell in three
separate times while Lexi and Michele made it to the end.  You can bet
that I heard about that all the way home.  

Soak City has two "lazy rivers", where you can float along in an inner
tube in a current that takes you in a circular pattern.  Each one takes
about 10 minutes for a circuit.  The first I tried was Renegade River.
This one includes waterfalls throughout and the last section before
your exit has waves.  I was floating along at one point quietly when I
thought I felt my tube gain speed toward an oncoming waterfall.  I
heard giggling and looked back to see Karen and Brian pushing me under.
 It was too late to do anything but duck, although I did manage to grab
ahold of Karen and take her under with me.  It's like the generals told
the troops in WWII, "If they're going to take you out, make sure you
get at least one of them".  (At least I thought I saw that in a movie

The other river is a more tame "Main Stream".  This has no waves, and
the waterfalls are much more gentle.  At 2:30, I took Lexi over and we
made two circuits before meeting up with the group to head out.  It was
3:00, and everyone was there, and by this time, ready to go.  A trip to
the showers to change clothes, a round of goodbyes to the others (who
were going only as far as Pittsburgh) and by 4:00 we were on the road.

To me, one of the saddest sights is Cedar Point in my rearview mirror.
The girls kept looking out the back window all the way up the causeway
until the space spiral dropped out of sight over the horizon.  The
drive home was pretty uneventful.  Oh, and without going into day five,
there IS one thing CP-related thing that I did on Wednesday.  I called
the Breakers to make our reservations for next year. <vbg>

Hope you enjoyed the report 10% as much as I enjoyed the trip,