Post by MMayhe » Mon, 22 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Okay, okay...lets all chill out a second.  I have a way
to make this easy on everyone.  The paper ads are out
and SFMM is promoting Superman as,
"100MPH . . . The Fastest COASTER On The Planet!"

Now...I must agree Superman IS a coaster, and I also
think Shuttleloops are also coasters.  However, I also
agree Six Flags is CHEATING a little by finding a ride that
can break all the Guiness records forever, or at least until
someone is willing to build a REAL coaster that is 400feet
tall instead of haunting around the 225 range.

It is time from everyone, ACE included, to recognize a NEW
genre or style of coaster, as we now recognize coaster designs
as Woodies, Steel, Suspended, Stand Up, Inverted Looper, etc
I think it is now time to cut and paste a little bit to create a new
offical type or even two.

FIRST:  We elimate the style title "Shuttle Loop" except to refer
to the one actual ride design that it was coined for (Monty Revenge,
Tidal Wave, etc)  Boomerangs should no longer be considered
Shuttle Loops, but should go under the standard Steel Coaster
catagory from now on.  

SECOND:  This is easy, we all agree that FREEFALL's are NOT
COASTERS, but we also should all agree that they are close
cousins of course.  This fact will become moot as Six Flags
replaces all of their FreeFall rides with Superman rides.
(just watch, Freefall will be removed from SFMM by '98 if not sooner)
Not to mention, other parks will buy Super Freefalls (Hellivators)

THIRD:  We coin new offical catagory titles, I sujest
Launched Coasters will cover "Superman: The Escape" and
all future versions as a way to allow Superman to actually be
termed a COASTER, but NOT a "Roller Coaster".  This should
keep the purists happy, while allowing Superman access to
the title of being a "Coaster"   Launched Coaster will also cover
Shuttle Loops, like Monty's, and the new Outer Limits rides
which are also Launched Coasters, as well as EuroDisney's
Space (Discovery) Mountain as well.  

FORTH:  As long as we are on the subject, lets add another
catagory.  HEARTLINE coasters, like the TOGO Heartline ride
that already exhists somewhere as a prototype, I think.
But in 11 months, the first (I think) full scale model will be running
in Las Vegas at New York New York.  Note: B&M or Vekoma
Inverted Loopers are NOT Heartline Coasters.

Now, that wasn't too hard, was it?  
Think about it, wont you?
Then we can all just get along.

Superman: The Escape
Speed record holder for the fastest "Launched Coaster" at 100+Mph